Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Dance Moms: October 5th Live Blog

11:00 See you all next season! I'll try to keep up with Dance Moms in the off-season and let you know all the gossip!
10:59 No rest for Abby's dancers because she is "taking the gloves off next season". But wait, where were the gloves this season?
10:57 So how much do you want to bet that Lux is a one-hit wonder?
10:56 Aww yay Chloe, she looks so good in this role!
10:54 Melissa can "be happy Maddy didn't get the lead" all she wants but this was just such a great moment for Chloe
10:53 Yet another great McKenzie aside: "these directors are like Abby, they yell a lot"
10:52 If Melissa gets upset every time that Maddy doesn't get a part, she should not be in this business
10:50 And it's CHLOE!! I love that they said she has "that special something that is working for the video" and not that she looks the most like Lux
10:47 If Maddy doesn't get this part, we know that she, Melissa, and Abby will be going OFF about how it was about "look" and not "talent"
10:45 Okay shut it Maddy, we get that you have confidence but not everybody has that all the time dear
10:44 I love that Nia knows she won't get the part because of her look and just goes for the death drop; also she is so well spoken so props to Dr. Holly
10:44 I'm sure it is mostly to be blamed on editing, but Maddy is just obnoxious tonight
10:43 I'm going to be honest, I was expecting this season finale to be much better than it is
10:42 Wait, her name is Lux? Obviously Chloe looks most like a mini-Lux
10:41 Great McKenzie moment: "I just cry sometimes, it's no big deal"
10:40 Maddy just got the attitude going when she said "I filled in because I can dance with anybody"
10:38 I love that Abby just told the boys to make her girls look good because "that is their job" and then she goes on a tirade about how the boy needs to be 6 inches taller than his partner
10:37 Those costumes are bomb....OMG look at the little boys how cute!
10:31 I kind of agree with Melissa that there are no rules in this's cut-throat
10:30 Acting is amazing therapy, isn't it Chloe?
10:28 Of course Maddy is getting a private rehearsal with Gianna, duh
10:27 Seven just told Melissa that Maddy has "talent" but didn't come right out and say she has "the it factor".....dun, dun, dun
10:22 Melissa is a little delusional when she says that it's "obvious" that Maddy will get the lead if it is based on dance. Chloe is just as good a dancer technically, but she gets blocked when it comes to performance
10:21 The salon trip was cool because it gave them a chance to actually be kids
10:18 So watching Mackenzie dance with that 20-year-old guy is just creepy. It was slightly less awkward with Chloe because she is tall for her age. Is that weird that I said that?
10:17 Is this choreographer 12? Also who else loved the way that Maddy's chin went up when they said one dancer would be the star
10:16 Cute suggestion Abby...I definitely saved some of the auditions numbers from my better auditions
10:15 They picked Abby's girls as an "all girl dance group for a new pop star".......okay so that's not staged at all.....nice going Lifetime
10:14 I love that Mackenzie is not even paying attention at all lol
10:09 Well of course they are doing "their tricks" for the improv section
10:08 Auditioning definitely teaches you to develop a thick skin & you have to love yourself because they aren't always going to like you
10:07 Oh dear, I know all too well about cattle call auditions; ps why isn't this episode 2-hours?
10:06 So that wasn't hip-hop Abby, that was jazz, maybe "street jazz" if you're lucky
10:05 Mackenzie's asides are just so funny and candid, it's so cute when she talks about Abby
10:03 Thinking of Abby doing hip hop is just so disturbing
10:00 Here we go...season finale....I'm sure all "you know what" will break loose

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