Tuesday, October 11, 2011

2011 World Gymnastics Championships: Womens Team Final Tweets

Here is a compilation of many of the live-tweets from the arena to commemorate this amazing night of Gymnastics!

7:53 WOOHOO GO USA!!!! @CMemmel
7:53 Raisman mounts with a 1.5 to double Arab. Double piked Arabian. triple full beautiful - sticks it. double pike -- I think USA just won! @USAGym
7:48 Wieber FX: 14.766 Raisman needs better than a 10.584 to give the United States its third ever World Team title! #USAGym
7:47 Wieber FX: dbl dbl easy! wow. 1.5 thru to triple! triple turn spot on. 2.5+front lay clean, small hop, toes went oob. Dbl pike. awesome! @gymnastike
7:45 14.566 (5.90/8.666) for Maroney on FX. Wieber is next, the Raisman will bring it home. @gymnastike
7:42 Maroney USA-3.5 twist very high! Crowd clapping, 2.5 front full, 1.5 to dbl tuck took is straight up and down @dmoceanu
7:39 US needs to score 39.916 on FX to catch Russia. That's a 13.3 average. @nrarmour
7:37 Russia has silver unless USA has huge problems. They won't go below that, though. @BTOgymblog
7:35 I'm liking Komova for Olympic champion. These setbacks at her first Worlds might MOTIVATE more serious training leading up to London. @GymCoaching
7:33 Agreed // RT @icoachgymnastix: Komova psychologically out after beam. Not fighting after stumbling back after first pass. @Double_Front
7:32 Big stumble for Komova on double arabian mount on FX @Double_Front
7:31 Since Maroney didn't make FX finals, I hope she gives a good performance today. @Double_Front
7:27 US has 135.413, Russia at 132.263. That's a 3.15 lead going into final rotation. @gymnastike
7:24 Ponor Floor ... Best routine of the day, so far. It's got everything. ... Couple of landing deductions. @gymcoaching
7:24 Dementyeva BB: quite the foot shuffle save after swtich leap+back tuck, but she made everything else. rnoff, bhs triple a tad shy @gymnastike
7:22 Komova 13.866 on beam @theallaround
7:21 Ponor is doing a nice routine on floor starting with a quad turn to a popa and a nice double layout. @USAGym
7:18 Was doing a back handspring series and dropped off on last one. Don't think Russia can recover from that, not when already trailing. @nrarmour
7:16 Ishina BB: front aerial+bhs lay. wobble on side somi. good side aerial. leg loose on switch ring. Stayed on. Komova is next @gymnastike
7:13 A 15.033 for Wieber gives US 135.413 points. Your turn, Russia. @nrarmour
7:12 I love that if the USA wins, it's because of their performance, not because of someone else's missed performance @intlgymforum
7:09 A 14.866 for @Aly_Raisman @nrarmour
7:08 Aly Raisman is a machine--completely unfazed by the pressure. Super solid beam routine. Only two tiny wobbles and a small step on dismount @Double_Front
7:08 Not a lot of emotion from @Aly_Raisman as she leaves podium. Like, "Yeah, that's what I expected to do." @Nrarmour
7:06 Raisman BB: punch front solid. bhs lay 2 ft. punch pike+lay stepout. switch 1/2+back pike. switch+back tuck. Lturn. Excellent Patterson! wow @gymnastike
7:05 Vega BB: 14.833 @USAGym
7:04 What in the world... Tan Sixin completely botched her 1st tumbling pass. Hit her face and crumbled to the floor on rndoff bhs. oh no. @gymnastike
7:01 Vega BB: swtich 1/2 stop. side aerial. f aerial+bhs lay. front tuck. swich+back pike. switch ring. bhs bhs dbl pike great! @intlgymnast
7:00 Marta Karolyi is hunched forward peering on from the stands as Team USA begins beam. @intlgymnast
6:59 Jordyn and Team USA Hit Uneven Bars...Leading Russia after two rotations. @JohnGGeddert
6:56 Team USA hit all their UB sets, they're on a roll tonight. I think they'll run away with it barring any unforeseen mishaps. @dmoceanu
6:55 Team USA is still on top after 2 with a huge 90.681 over Russia, 89.187 @gymnastike
6:52 So that gives US 90.681. Russia with 89.197. @Nrarmour
6:51 And that why Gabby Douglas on US team. Toe-on full on into pirouette Tkatchev and connected immediately to Pak salto on low bar. Uh, huge. @nrarmour
6:49 Score for Wieber 14.766 (6.30/8.466). Oshima of JPN scored 13.10 on FX @gymnastike
6:48  Oksana Chusovitina VT - rudi, wild legs. Not as nice as prelims. 15.333
6:47 Wieber UB: wieler kips. shaposh+free hip+full turn+ overshoot. blind full tkatchev. double layout small hop. Another hit! @gymnastike
6:45 Vega's score was 14.366 @intlgymnast
6:44 Let's see if the judges will be consistent with the E-scores on bars. @intlgymnast
6:42 Nabieva UB: She's last up. shaposh+pak right into stalder full. shaposh 1/2. jaeger. full in. Good routine @gymnastike
6:40 Mitchell Floor. Sweet full-in pike. Best FX so far. @GymCoaching
6:39 Komova's bars routine was gorgeous, small hop on landing. Gets a 15.566. @nrarmour
6:38 Russia's Nabieva is up on bars now. does Shoposh and Pak toe shoot to half nice yaeger and tkatchevto full twisting double back @USAGYm
6:36 Komova RUS--is forced to wait for TV. @intlgymnast
6:35 Ponor just hit a nice set on beam for Romania. @USAGym
6:34 At Worlds ROM on Beam is usually money in the bank. Racea hit. But a bit rushed, I thought. @gymcoaching
6:31 USA totaled 46.815 on VT and are 2.4 points ahead of Russia(44.499) in 1st. 3 Japan 43.499, 4 China 43.132 @gymnastike
6:30 USA is marching to bars ... go Team USA @USAGym
6:28 14.666 for Nabieva on vault @theallaround
6:24 A 14.666 for Nabieva, which gives Russia 44.499. Puts them 2-plus points behind States. @nrarmour
6:22 Nabieva VT: high yurchenko double twist, legs just awful in the air. @gymnastike
6:21 Racea--ROM--hit with just one time she clipped the low bar with her foot--13.00 @intlgymnast
6:19 Komova nailed her yur dbl! Clean and fabulous. @dmoceanu
6:18 14.80 for Afanaseva. Komova is next. Likely will stick to the DTY @gymnastike
6:18 Afanasyeva STUCK DTY with some bent legs. @BTOGymBlog
6:17 After 1st half of 1st rotation: 1. USA 46.816, 2. Japan 43.499, 3. China 43.132, 4. Germany 41.533 @BTOGymBlog
6:13 Tan UB: tkatchev. great pirouetting. Jaeger from el. pak. muscled up handstand after toe shoot. great double front dismount, knees together @gymnastike
6:12 USA VT total - 46.816! more than a point higher than last year TF @Insidegym
6:10 Huang finished very well with a stuck double layout-- @IntlGymnast
6:09 Maroney, USA VT - one of the best Amanars we've ever seen! so high in air, beautiful rotation and a stick! wow! @nrarmour
6:08 Maroney, USA VT - one of the best Amanars we've ever seen! so high in air, beautiful rotation and a stick! wow! @InsideGym
6:07 Yao--CHN--Bars--Did a great routine with all the variety of skills you could ask for--14.433 @Intlgymnast
6:06 Wieber's score was--6.5/15.833 @intlgymnast
6:05 Now Wieber--Yurchenko 2 1/2--Amanar--Nailed it with just a small lift of one leg! @intlgymnast
6:04 Very nice Yurchenko double by @Aly_Raisman. Great height, stuck landing. Gets a 14.95. @nrarmour
6:03 Aly Raisman USA Yur 2x...nice form in air... nice confident salute after as well... little things! @InsideGym
6:01 Team USA & Russia start on VT in Olympic order. Nice way to start meet. CHN/ROM on UB, Aussies and Japan take on BB. GER/GBR on FX @dmoceanu
6:01 US starts on VT along with Russia. China and Romania on uneven bars. Still can't believe China put He Kexin as THIRD alternate. @nrarmour
5:56 Naddour and Chris Brooks just came in to watch the women. And China's head guy, Lu Shanzhen just walked in.@nrarmour
5:56 Women's Team final begins! Judges marching out. Japanese family waving a Romanian flag. How cool is that? @dmoceanu
5:54 Call me crazy, but I always thought thunder stix were self-explanatory. @nrarmour
5:54 John Geddert is out on the podium getting the USA tape measure ready for vault. The officials are lined up ready to march in. Almost time! @gymnastike
5:52 Women's Team Final rotation 1: USA & RUS on VT; CHN & ROU on UB; JPN & AUS on BB and GER & GBR on FX @officialFIG
5:51 The Japanese announcers are explaining to the crowd how to use Thundersticks. I predict a good loud competition @GymExaminer
5:45 15 minutes until LIVE coverage of the Women's Team Final begins at http://www.universalsports.com Go Team USA! @USAGYm
5:43 Lied about the power nap. If you've paid for the @unisports_gympackage, You can watch the march in that's happening currently on there. @IntlGymForum
5:42 Women's Team Finals 20 minutes away! Insiders, are you awake?! @InsideGym
5:39 Pretty elaborate opening ceremony happening now. Smoke, lights, japanese drummers. 35 minutes to go time @gymnastike
5:38 It's getting quite enchanting as the band begins with smoke covering the floor and a video of gymnastics legends... @intlygymnast
5:36 Opening ceremonies have begun inside the Tokyo Metropolitan Gymnasium. New tonight is a huge blown up world globe. @Gymexaminer
5:33 35 Minutes... Must... Stay... Awake... Once it starts I'm sure I'll be fine, but I'm struggling until then! @intlgymforum

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