Saturday, June 30, 2012

US Olympic Trials: Mens Gymnastics Day 2

The Road to London

5:51 Legendre is killing it on FX. Sticks all over the place. That was the best he could do that and he goes out with a huge bang.
5:49 Danell is going to the Olympics and Yin is bowing down to him! He then proceeds to pic Yin up haha
5:48 Danell just put honey on his hands for P-Bars. He is World Champ on this event and will want to end strong. Now he looks discombobulated too!
5:46 Congrats to him on sticking that last past, but all of the sudden, he may not be a lock for the team
5:45 Oh no, huge tumbling error for Jon-got crooked and fell way off his center! He is having some mental issues here
5:45 Horton is looking a little flustered here...let's hope he comes back to us on FX
5:44 A 16.000 is pretty huge from Jake Dalton!
5:42 Fantastic FX for Jake Dalton...he did all he could do!
5:36 Orozco showed signs of cracking on that P-Bar routine.Uh oh, he's grabbing his thumb and Kevin Mazeika looks nervous
5:35 Mistake for Orozco on P-Bars, but I missed because NBC went black for a second :(
5:33 A little wobbly at the end for Chris Brooks but good routine still
5:32 Brooks is pounding the heck out of that floor
5:32 "Falling on Pommel Horse was not good" Tim on Chris Brooks #duh
5:25 Huge skills on High Bar from Horton! He is exhilarating to watch! Uh oh, didn't go over the bar but it appeared not to phase him and he stuck.
5:24 Leyva watered-down his vault and hopped back. Probably didn't get a good enough block off the Vault
5:23 Leyva needs a solid vault to take the lead.
5:22 Nice High Bar from Jake Dalton...I'm looking forward to seeing him on Floor
5:19 It's great to see Sender make a comeback...but  he just came off the Horse
5:15 Amazing height from Chris Brooks on high bar. Awesome dismount. This guy is the happiest one in the arena I think!
5:14 Wow big stick from Orozco on his vault!
5:12 Naddour on PH...must have had issues. A little messy with some leg separations and a little out of control.
5:11 Sam Mikulak is probably a better alternative that Naddour for the team. He can go up on more than one event
5:08 Sam Mikulak on Pommels. This IS his shot at the Olympics!
5:03 Huge PBar set from Dalton, he's not losing points anywhere
4:58 Brandon Wynn is a freak of nature on Still Rings
4:57 Not great from Chris Brooks on PBars...but he's happy!
4:57 15.350 on Rings puts Orozco in front!
4:54 Orozco is like a statue up there on Still Rings!
4:50 This Men's team is so unified! I love that about them. Much more than the women
4:48 Very strong from Horton on PBars and Chris Brooks is out of control screaming for him!
4:46 Their is a sense of calm for Danell on Rings today, nice swing and great stick!! Yin is out of control!
4:43 Leyva fluff, Orozco fluff...very nice to know their backgrounds, but let's get back to routines
4:40 I am just so emotional today!
4:37 16.350 is gigantic for Chris Brooks on Vault!
4:35 I love the handstands and intricate work from Ruggeri
4:33 Chris Brooks is looking so serious and I love the fauxhawk. Great vault, slight hop. He is thrilled!
4:33 Orozco is swinging a great set of Pommels!
4:32 I love watching John compete, he is so focused. That is necessary for Pommel Horse.
4:30 Dragulescu vault for Legendre...awesome off the table, but nearly fell backward off the mat
4:29 Buscaglia is killing it on High Bar, really aggressive
:26 Vault is a big one for Horton...let's stick this one. Huge hop forward, but awesome height and speed
4:26 Yin is freaking out over there, he'll be great on TV in London
4:25 Horse is big for Danell. He'll definitely go up on this in London
4:24 Awesome vault Dalton!! 16.350
4:19 "Danell Leyva continues to live under his towel"
4:15 Chris Brooks on SR (what a cutie!)-he's looking a little shaky to me up here, seems unsettled. But I really like that dismount
4:13 Orozco is the perfect All-Arounder...he has no weaknesses
4:10 Orozco HB-amazing blend of releases and intricate pirouetting work
4:10 John Orozco feelingsy fluff...blah blah blah let's see routines.
4:07 That double-double from Horton was huge. He will anchor the US team on Still Rings in London and probably make event finals.
4:06 Horton has become the best US man on Rings...this is the biggest routine for him. I love how these guys yell and support each other. STUCK!
4:02 Leyva on floor...very focused today. Those rollout skills really scare me to death. Uh-oh, fall out of that press
4:00 Yes Danell on high bar! Those releases are unreal, he reminds me of Liukin.What a great routine to watch!
4:00 Come on NBC let's get this started!

Friday, June 29, 2012

US Olympic Trials: Womens Gymnastics Day 1

The Road To London

Day 1 Standings:
1) Wieber 61.700
2) Douglas 61.400
3) Raisman 60.300
4) Price 59.600
5) Ross 59.400
6) Finnegan 59.050
7) Maroney 58.300
8) Dowell 57.250
9) Baker 56.150
10) Vega 56.000
11) Sacramone 30.700
12) Li 28.600
13) Liukin 28.500
14) Bross 27.350

10:57 Ali's whip always scares me on pass #1, I remember when they cut that in team finals at Worlds to save the OOB penalty
10:57 Ali has the highest start value on floor, let's hope she doesn't go out of bounds
10:56 Uh oh Kyla sat down that Amanar. Shouldn't be a huge factor because she wouldn't be asked to vault in team finals
10:55 That was a good floor set from McKayla. She  just showed Martha she can go up on two events in London
10:54 Very locked landing on that first pass for McKayla...her crooked tumbling really scares me
10:52 Gabby is just thrilled with herself...good for her!
10:52 I can't watch Gabby's vault...just a tiny step forward
10:51 Gabby is so freaking muscular!
10:48 Dear Lord Jordyn is on tonight and we know she can be even better!
10:47 I think she just got a little help on that "out of bounds" there but if anybody deserves the benefit of the doubt it's Jordyn
10:46 It's Wieber time on floor. We love this Zumba music!
10:44 Elizabeth Price has been the major standout of this team; she may be in that Olympic conversation right now
10:42 In what world are Bill and Donna Strauss "wonderful people"?
10:39 Oy why did Tim & Elfie have to bring out that heinous velcro board?
10:33 I love Kyla's Phantom routine...I know I'm in the minority; that was a solid set from her
10:28 Gabby just said "Martha-put me up on floor in team finals"
10:27 Gabby makes those jumps out of passes look great; the girl just sells the heck out of this floor
10:27 Let's see which Gabby shows up on floor here
10:25 Just the slightest of hops from Jordyn on beam, that was as close to a stick as you can get
10:24 Some missed connections and some pauses, Jordyn looks tentative on beam
10:24 I love that Jordyn is wearing Red, White, and Blue
10:22 I just love Sabrina, what a sweet little thing. Step out of bounds though
10:16 Alicia is getting up there in age, but let's see her go out with a bang
10:15 Alicia's mount continues to scare the shit out of me, but them again she continues to do it10:14 Totally crooked in the air on that last pass
10:13 Sarah is the sweetest little thing this side of Sabrina Vega; I'm so happy to be seeing some floor routines
10:11 Very uncharacteristic bobble from Ali, almost fell off the beam on that one
10:10 Get it Ali...let's hit this beam set; that part where she lays down on the beam reminds me of ASac
10:08 In Rotation 2: Finnegan won Beam; Wieber won bars
10:04 Not a good day for WOGA at all
10:03 Rebecca jammed her feet into the mat on that dismount and ate it.
10:02 Uh oh, off the beam on a blind landing skill for Rebecca. She needed to beat Ross on beam to improve her stock
10:00 Gabby's mom looks fierce...I'd never cross her
9:59 Gabby makes me so nervous! But good dismount
9:58 Balance check and loss of connection for Gabby on beam
9:53 Things don't look great for Sabrina Vega. She just isn't enough of a standout on any one event
9:51 Aww I love Sabrina Vega, she is just the sweetest little thing!
9:50 Oh no, totally missed the bar! Bars doesn't earn Maroney's ticket to London so it's not a huge issue
9:49 That was cute Wieber fluff!
9:44 Oh no, lost her balance on that leap and a hop on the landing
9:43 She is coming out aggressive right here!
9:43 Get it Nastia! Let's hit this beam set
9:42 The Wiebs had to muscle it a little on that opening bars sequence. Not the prettiest routine, but good stick
9:40 If it can't be like Terin Humphrey, don't do that helicopter move
9:39 I don't like Finnegan's mount, it looks too wobbly and her arms flail too much. Perfect split jumps
9:37 Kyla is showing nerves on the beam--losing connections-but her lines are just to die for. Nice stick!
9:36 I love Kyla's beam mount; awesome strength
9:35 That was all Ali could do....good for her
9:35 Oy Raisman on bars is always rough; nice flexed feet
9:31 Rotation 1: Maroney leads Vault with 16.100; Li/Ross tied for lead on Bars with 15.500
9:27 What on earth is Shawn Johnson wearing? A neon sequined jacket?
9:27 Near stick on the landing
9:27 huge releases from the flying squirrel but then a really muscled handstand
9:26 15.500 ties Anna Li with Ross on bars
9:25 So 13.150 means Sabrina Vega had some major issues. Also, why didn't NBC show Anna Li?
9:17 I like Jordyn's racing stripe leotard. It's a very classic, athletic look
9:17 It's Wieber time....oooo that locked leg landing scared me a little
9:16 She's safely through the pirouetting and the trouble spots from Visas; and then bent legs on the final handstand and landing on her back in the dismount
9:15 Nastia on bars....this is huge
9:15 Ooo a Parkette! That's one powerful Parkette
9:14 Finnegan has lovely form on bars, but not enough pop
9:13 By 15.50 to 15.30, Ross outscores Bross on bars
9:12 Alicia on vault...huge power and just a tiny step back
9:11 Get it Kyla, perfect handstands and stuck dismounts
9:09 Kyla has the International look according to Martha
9:09 Kyla in a very Nastia leotard
9:08 A little wild on the Amanar from Raisman...bent knees and locked landing
9:07 Good handstands and good landing on our little Rebecca
9:07 Rebecca's foot positioning has always been so odd to me on bars
9:06 A little bit of a low landing on the 2nd vault (Mustafina) for Maroney
9:05 16.1 for Maroney on Amanar vault
9:05 Good positioning on the Amanar from Maroney, but a big step forward
9:04 Leos have drastically improved since the days of crushed velvet
9:03 McKayla is a gladiator, she was not all about being taken out on that stretcher
9:03 Yay I love the NBCSports music!
9:03 Martha acts like a grandma in this fluff but we all know she is a dragon lady
9:02 "She is the dream maker, but she's also the dream breakers" -Tim on Martha
9:01 Who doesn't love the hyper-emotional fluff? Get it girls, this is the stuff dreams are made of.
9:00 It's Team Hot Pink all over the place around here, go Nastia
9:00 Oy Al Trautwig, it's like we are back in 2000

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Breaking Pointe Live Blog: June 28th

8:58 Aww cute, everything ended on a happy note!
8:52 Oh boy Rex, oh no, we've all done that
8:50 Good job Allison, that was lovely
8:47 Christiana and Rex were/are lovely. Nice shoulder sit
8:42 Sorry for the injured girl, but I'm happy we get to see Beckanne again!
8:38 So about that whole "more dance, less drama" thing lol
8:34 I feel bad for Allison that her parents keep bringing up the ex
8:32 Yay Pittsburgh people!
8:32 Haha Allison's sisters look so bored!
8:29 Good Rex, I'm glad you are going to try to dance the best you can
8:28 Yay Adam is pleased. I can now sleep at night.
8:26 Christiana was lovely
8:24 Okay okay okay we love Beckanne, we get it
8:17 Poor Allison....that sucks for her
8:17 Beckanne is perfection onstage, I bet she is phenomenal live
8:15 Good job Ronnie, that was pretty kickass
8:15 Beckanne's makeup is stunning
8:14 Wow do I miss seamed tigthts
8:10 If only Christiana's hair weren't so frizzy
8:09 "Bad rehearsal-good show" Very, very true Ronnie
8:08 I've always been more excited than nervous about opening night
8:08 Oh boy, will Ronnie become a principal?
8:06 Maybe now Beckanne can date Ray
8:06 That cross-andwich looks nasty
8:05 Obviously they are showing Ronnie coming out of the shower. PS when did his eyes get so green?
8:05 "No time for drama" Haha yeah right Adam
8:05 Where do I know that Asian girl from?
8:05 Haha Ronnie wears sweats over his tights
8:04 Allison looks fetching in that tiara
8:03 "Everything leads up to opening night" TRUE THAT
8:02 Adam has so many feelings "staying here is even harder"
8:01 Recap, recap, recap

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

SYTYCD Live Blog: Top 20 Selection

9:59 Meanwhile, Mia herself is looking rough as usual!
9:58 Mia's movement was fantastic tonight...very simple but powerful on the whole group
9:56 OMG the return of Mia! Very cool dance thus far
9:47 I'm loving Cole, he really stands out to me. What a unique dancer
9:46 I love Sonya's broad view of partnering
9:46 Sonya working with dudes has to be amazing!
9:38 Not a Travis fan, but I do like this unison movement
9:36 Eww Travis...real choreographers don't just "put in tricks because dancers can do them"
9:28 These guys are freaking awesome!
9:25 A baseball routine...bangin!! This is so freaking cool!
9:24 Yay hip-hoppers/b-boys finally
9:19 I love this Asian Martial Arts Fusion guy.....he is so versatile
9:13 Where are the breakers and b-boy/b-girls?
9:11 This piece isn't doing much for me
9:10 Stacey Tookey is unecessary
9:09 One girl spot left....big surprise they are looking for "star quality"
9:06 Mary, that little turn the doorknob thing was beyond tacky
9:05 Aww Blake was so cute!
8:59 Why so androgynous Melanie dear?
8:56 Thank you Sonya for showing that girls actually can lift girls
8:55 Oh poor dear Janelle. Luckily she'll be fine. These two jazz girls could be twins BTW
8:54 Nevermind...rejection central right here
8:53 Geez have they rejected anybody yet???
8:52 That little curly brunette is presh!
8:46 I love all the ballet! Desmond & Dwight.....I should've known
8:43 This space-aged ballet is beautiful beyond words!
8:40 Blue Suede shoes...that's cute
8:38 I love this mop-haired girl...what is her name again?
8:33 Zooey.....just stop
8:30 I love Jason's routines....this piece is fierce!
8:29 How cute...the blonde besties are together!
8:29 Yay Whitney #TeamWhitney
8:28 Drama alert...2 Bffs going into the decision room together!
8:27 Oh boy, we have here, but he's in the Top 20 anyway
8:19 Zip it Zooey, you know nothing about dance. Obviously FOX is just trying to promote it's other shows
8:18 Alexa wins the hairography award
8:17 Nigel just LOVES kissing up to Tyce
8:15 I feel like I'm going to like Alexa, but for her hair and not her dancing
8:15 I love that bench and this is actually pretty cool movement.
8:14 TYCE....gag me please and thank you
8:14 Amber looks like an odd egg to me, but I loved her genuine reaction
8:13 Did this Amber chick think if she colored her hair like Rihanna she'd make the show?
8:13 Poor Megan...first reject from the top 20
8:12 Thank God for Debbie Reynolds...she makes this whole judging mess bearable
8:12 For College Hoops fans....George looks a little like Anthony "unibrow" Davis to me
8:11 Alexa is an odd choice for "featured TV dancer" because she doesn't have the magnetic personality that Melanie had when they put her in that role last season
8:10 Seeing Adam Shankman + Tyce Diorio in the same video clip just turned my stomach.
8:09 Alexa is all about that red lip! Why are they trying so hard to get us to like her? If we want to like her then we will on our own.
8:08 Choosing one top boy and one top girl is so smart because it's too hard to compare them
8:05 Man are they talking up this chick Alexa...they want us to love her. She is this year's Ryan Ramirez. She'll flame out under top 20 pressure.
8:03 Big format change this results show and TWO winners (America's fave girl and boy dancer)
8:03 What on EARTH does Zooey Deschanel know about dance???
8:02 Ooooo look at fancy Cat!
8:01 Ready for a cheesy recap?
8:00 Here we go, who is ready for the slow, painful, prolonged top 20 process?

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Breaking Pointe Live Blog: June 21st

9:00 I'll catch yinz next week!
8:59 Previews for next week...the curtain is going up. Will our girl Allison crack under the pressure? We'll just have to wait and see now won't we!
8:58 Shit is hitting the fitting for the end of an episode
8:57 Adam is treating Allison like Jodi Sawyer...can he please tone down the Peter Gallagher
8:56 Can this conductor please get a metronome?
8:55 Allison just went all it!
8:52 Oh no girl no, Adam just QUEENED OUT on Allison! That poor girl is feeling the wrath
8:52 I'm with Allison, what is that conductor doing?
8:52 Ronnie, that costume is doing you sooooo many favors
8:51 Get it together Ronnie, or Adam will Queen out on you
8:50 Adam is having so many queer moments in this episode
8:49 "If one person hits the deck it ruins the whole show". Thanks Ronnie for those words of wisdom
8:48 I love Emeralds, don't get me wrong, but I like Rubies even more. Unfortunately only Miami City Ballet has the sass to pull off Rubies
8:46 I've just come to the conclusion that nothing actually happened on this episode
8:41 Christiana is confused about Allison and Rex' relationship...I'm glad I'm not the only one!
8:40 Allison is such a is precious!
8:37 I feel like this Allison-Rex drama is stirred up by the producers...I'd love to get to the bottom of that
8:31 Rex just makes me sad, he looks like a poor puppy dog where Allison is concerned
8:30 There is so much ballet-cest going on in this show
8:29 Allison is so Pittsburgh!
8:28 Christiana has the same face as every ballet dancer I've ever seen
8:27 Hello Ronnie's quads!
8:27 "Ronnie doesn't usually have clothing on" -Beckanne
8:26 Is it just me, or does Ronnie have an odd relationship with his sister? Maybe it's me
8:21 It's killer when somebody young comes in and steals your you Allison!
8:20 Beckanne is so fresh-faced!
8:20 I so feel for Allison...I was a dancer who couldn't get out of my head either...I also hate missing rehearsals for costume fittings
8:18 Rex and Allison are having issues...can you imagine?
8:17 I'm here, sorry I'm late!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

SYTYCD Live Blog: Vegas Week

  • And we have the crazy smooth hip hopper and a belly dancer
  • We LOVE Vegas week
  • Twitch! He has become an SYTYCD legend
  • Lots of interesting hairstyles this season, yes?
  • This girl in the peach tank and the flannel is killing it!
  • Why does this dude have devil horns?
  • Wait, dancers actually eat?
  • Ballroomers are killing it tonight
  • Poor Alexa..but .the final person cut from the previous year is always a favorite
  • Alexa, my sweet, please gimme some face gurrrl
  • Oh goodie, Tyce AND Adam....the prickiest people around
  • These people kill me, this is the chance of their life and it's like they don't even want it
  • 1/2 of the contestants were already cut....pish posh
  • So I don't know if these choreographers are aware, but girls can partner girls and boys can partner boys....but this is shocking, I know
  • So why isn't Chyna Lee Smith back yet?
  • These people are horrendous at partnering in this little Sonya number....girlfriend is not pleased
  • Obbbbbvs Lil' C wants to see Rachel dance for her life....Adam on the other hand is just kind of unnecessary 
  • Did this chick just lose her top?
  • This black-and-white movie girl is so cool, I really like her vibe
  • I LOVE Lindsay Arnold, she has such a cool look and style
  • I feel bad for the dancers who get really weak partners in these rounds because that can definitely throw them off
  • Oh no, don't tell me Danielle has a concussion.....see what I mean about putting great dancers with hot messes?
  • Yeah group round is coming fave!
  • Okay this girl Rachel is doing a glorified strip routine, I'm sorry but to be "dance" there has to be some actual codified movement
  • This Amealia is really a star, I can see it. She is so special!
  • Well Adam is crying now, that sad old Queen!
  • Who wouldn't prefer a silent film star to a porn star? This "dance for your life" round was a no brainer.
  • Sonya and Amelia are kindred spirits...done and done!
  • I think picking your own group is a bad idea. It's like gym class. However, it is an interesting social experiment
  • This boy did NOT just say D-O-N he did not
  • Poor Danielle, but I'm glad she is back
  • This group routine doesn't really prove anything, I don't understand its purpose
  • P.S. this purple-black-and white group is heinous, no unison whatsoever
  • Did Adam really call that an "epic fail"? Why not try to be a little professional?
  • I like the idea of 1 girl and 4 guys, this is beautiful and she is a total star
  • Alexa is dancing for her life everytime she is up there
  • Who else likes these 90s-tastic jean vests?
  • "Alexa, the lights are on and nobody is home" -Tyce
  • Tyce you are a bitch!
  • We aren't all hot-mess lunatics like you Mary!
  • That was a little mini break-thru for our girl Alexa, I love her big messy hair!
  • They should not be dance teacher never let us do that at competitions
  • Cyrus' earrings scare me!
  • Cyrus wasn't half least he was there for his partner
  • They let him dance for his life....I think that's fair for Cyrus
  • Oh no, Aubrey is having a Chorus Line Cassie moment!
  • Now our girl Alexa is finally giving us some face!
  • Alexa is coming into her own, she is this season's Ryan Ramirez
  • Wow Cyrus is really growing on me. He has so much emotion and style in his performance
  • Contemporary round is always the killer, and there's my "favorite" kid Travis Wall
  • So that white chick can!
  • Alexa is finding that fire in her belly, and Debbie just said "this child could win"
  • So we are through episode 1 of Vegas Week, but what will next week bring?
  • Next week we get our Top 20!!! I'll see you then!