Thursday, June 28, 2012

Breaking Pointe Live Blog: June 28th

8:58 Aww cute, everything ended on a happy note!
8:52 Oh boy Rex, oh no, we've all done that
8:50 Good job Allison, that was lovely
8:47 Christiana and Rex were/are lovely. Nice shoulder sit
8:42 Sorry for the injured girl, but I'm happy we get to see Beckanne again!
8:38 So about that whole "more dance, less drama" thing lol
8:34 I feel bad for Allison that her parents keep bringing up the ex
8:32 Yay Pittsburgh people!
8:32 Haha Allison's sisters look so bored!
8:29 Good Rex, I'm glad you are going to try to dance the best you can
8:28 Yay Adam is pleased. I can now sleep at night.
8:26 Christiana was lovely
8:24 Okay okay okay we love Beckanne, we get it
8:17 Poor Allison....that sucks for her
8:17 Beckanne is perfection onstage, I bet she is phenomenal live
8:15 Good job Ronnie, that was pretty kickass
8:15 Beckanne's makeup is stunning
8:14 Wow do I miss seamed tigthts
8:10 If only Christiana's hair weren't so frizzy
8:09 "Bad rehearsal-good show" Very, very true Ronnie
8:08 I've always been more excited than nervous about opening night
8:08 Oh boy, will Ronnie become a principal?
8:06 Maybe now Beckanne can date Ray
8:06 That cross-andwich looks nasty
8:05 Obviously they are showing Ronnie coming out of the shower. PS when did his eyes get so green?
8:05 "No time for drama" Haha yeah right Adam
8:05 Where do I know that Asian girl from?
8:05 Haha Ronnie wears sweats over his tights
8:04 Allison looks fetching in that tiara
8:03 "Everything leads up to opening night" TRUE THAT
8:02 Adam has so many feelings "staying here is even harder"
8:01 Recap, recap, recap

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