Thursday, June 21, 2012

Breaking Pointe Live Blog: June 21st

9:00 I'll catch yinz next week!
8:59 Previews for next week...the curtain is going up. Will our girl Allison crack under the pressure? We'll just have to wait and see now won't we!
8:58 Shit is hitting the fitting for the end of an episode
8:57 Adam is treating Allison like Jodi Sawyer...can he please tone down the Peter Gallagher
8:56 Can this conductor please get a metronome?
8:55 Allison just went all it!
8:52 Oh no girl no, Adam just QUEENED OUT on Allison! That poor girl is feeling the wrath
8:52 I'm with Allison, what is that conductor doing?
8:52 Ronnie, that costume is doing you sooooo many favors
8:51 Get it together Ronnie, or Adam will Queen out on you
8:50 Adam is having so many queer moments in this episode
8:49 "If one person hits the deck it ruins the whole show". Thanks Ronnie for those words of wisdom
8:48 I love Emeralds, don't get me wrong, but I like Rubies even more. Unfortunately only Miami City Ballet has the sass to pull off Rubies
8:46 I've just come to the conclusion that nothing actually happened on this episode
8:41 Christiana is confused about Allison and Rex' relationship...I'm glad I'm not the only one!
8:40 Allison is such a is precious!
8:37 I feel like this Allison-Rex drama is stirred up by the producers...I'd love to get to the bottom of that
8:31 Rex just makes me sad, he looks like a poor puppy dog where Allison is concerned
8:30 There is so much ballet-cest going on in this show
8:29 Allison is so Pittsburgh!
8:28 Christiana has the same face as every ballet dancer I've ever seen
8:27 Hello Ronnie's quads!
8:27 "Ronnie doesn't usually have clothing on" -Beckanne
8:26 Is it just me, or does Ronnie have an odd relationship with his sister? Maybe it's me
8:21 It's killer when somebody young comes in and steals your you Allison!
8:20 Beckanne is so fresh-faced!
8:20 I so feel for Allison...I was a dancer who couldn't get out of my head either...I also hate missing rehearsals for costume fittings
8:18 Rex and Allison are having issues...can you imagine?
8:17 I'm here, sorry I'm late!

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