Wednesday, June 27, 2012

SYTYCD Live Blog: Top 20 Selection

9:59 Meanwhile, Mia herself is looking rough as usual!
9:58 Mia's movement was fantastic tonight...very simple but powerful on the whole group
9:56 OMG the return of Mia! Very cool dance thus far
9:47 I'm loving Cole, he really stands out to me. What a unique dancer
9:46 I love Sonya's broad view of partnering
9:46 Sonya working with dudes has to be amazing!
9:38 Not a Travis fan, but I do like this unison movement
9:36 Eww Travis...real choreographers don't just "put in tricks because dancers can do them"
9:28 These guys are freaking awesome!
9:25 A baseball routine...bangin!! This is so freaking cool!
9:24 Yay hip-hoppers/b-boys finally
9:19 I love this Asian Martial Arts Fusion guy.....he is so versatile
9:13 Where are the breakers and b-boy/b-girls?
9:11 This piece isn't doing much for me
9:10 Stacey Tookey is unecessary
9:09 One girl spot left....big surprise they are looking for "star quality"
9:06 Mary, that little turn the doorknob thing was beyond tacky
9:05 Aww Blake was so cute!
8:59 Why so androgynous Melanie dear?
8:56 Thank you Sonya for showing that girls actually can lift girls
8:55 Oh poor dear Janelle. Luckily she'll be fine. These two jazz girls could be twins BTW
8:54 Nevermind...rejection central right here
8:53 Geez have they rejected anybody yet???
8:52 That little curly brunette is presh!
8:46 I love all the ballet! Desmond & Dwight.....I should've known
8:43 This space-aged ballet is beautiful beyond words!
8:40 Blue Suede shoes...that's cute
8:38 I love this mop-haired girl...what is her name again?
8:33 Zooey.....just stop
8:30 I love Jason's routines....this piece is fierce!
8:29 How cute...the blonde besties are together!
8:29 Yay Whitney #TeamWhitney
8:28 Drama alert...2 Bffs going into the decision room together!
8:27 Oh boy, we have here, but he's in the Top 20 anyway
8:19 Zip it Zooey, you know nothing about dance. Obviously FOX is just trying to promote it's other shows
8:18 Alexa wins the hairography award
8:17 Nigel just LOVES kissing up to Tyce
8:15 I feel like I'm going to like Alexa, but for her hair and not her dancing
8:15 I love that bench and this is actually pretty cool movement.
8:14 TYCE....gag me please and thank you
8:14 Amber looks like an odd egg to me, but I loved her genuine reaction
8:13 Did this Amber chick think if she colored her hair like Rihanna she'd make the show?
8:13 Poor Megan...first reject from the top 20
8:12 Thank God for Debbie Reynolds...she makes this whole judging mess bearable
8:12 For College Hoops fans....George looks a little like Anthony "unibrow" Davis to me
8:11 Alexa is an odd choice for "featured TV dancer" because she doesn't have the magnetic personality that Melanie had when they put her in that role last season
8:10 Seeing Adam Shankman + Tyce Diorio in the same video clip just turned my stomach.
8:09 Alexa is all about that red lip! Why are they trying so hard to get us to like her? If we want to like her then we will on our own.
8:08 Choosing one top boy and one top girl is so smart because it's too hard to compare them
8:05 Man are they talking up this chick Alexa...they want us to love her. She is this year's Ryan Ramirez. She'll flame out under top 20 pressure.
8:03 Big format change this results show and TWO winners (America's fave girl and boy dancer)
8:03 What on EARTH does Zooey Deschanel know about dance???
8:02 Ooooo look at fancy Cat!
8:01 Ready for a cheesy recap?
8:00 Here we go, who is ready for the slow, painful, prolonged top 20 process?

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