Saturday, June 30, 2012

US Olympic Trials: Mens Gymnastics Day 2

The Road to London

5:51 Legendre is killing it on FX. Sticks all over the place. That was the best he could do that and he goes out with a huge bang.
5:49 Danell is going to the Olympics and Yin is bowing down to him! He then proceeds to pic Yin up haha
5:48 Danell just put honey on his hands for P-Bars. He is World Champ on this event and will want to end strong. Now he looks discombobulated too!
5:46 Congrats to him on sticking that last past, but all of the sudden, he may not be a lock for the team
5:45 Oh no, huge tumbling error for Jon-got crooked and fell way off his center! He is having some mental issues here
5:45 Horton is looking a little flustered here...let's hope he comes back to us on FX
5:44 A 16.000 is pretty huge from Jake Dalton!
5:42 Fantastic FX for Jake Dalton...he did all he could do!
5:36 Orozco showed signs of cracking on that P-Bar routine.Uh oh, he's grabbing his thumb and Kevin Mazeika looks nervous
5:35 Mistake for Orozco on P-Bars, but I missed because NBC went black for a second :(
5:33 A little wobbly at the end for Chris Brooks but good routine still
5:32 Brooks is pounding the heck out of that floor
5:32 "Falling on Pommel Horse was not good" Tim on Chris Brooks #duh
5:25 Huge skills on High Bar from Horton! He is exhilarating to watch! Uh oh, didn't go over the bar but it appeared not to phase him and he stuck.
5:24 Leyva watered-down his vault and hopped back. Probably didn't get a good enough block off the Vault
5:23 Leyva needs a solid vault to take the lead.
5:22 Nice High Bar from Jake Dalton...I'm looking forward to seeing him on Floor
5:19 It's great to see Sender make a comeback...but  he just came off the Horse
5:15 Amazing height from Chris Brooks on high bar. Awesome dismount. This guy is the happiest one in the arena I think!
5:14 Wow big stick from Orozco on his vault!
5:12 Naddour on PH...must have had issues. A little messy with some leg separations and a little out of control.
5:11 Sam Mikulak is probably a better alternative that Naddour for the team. He can go up on more than one event
5:08 Sam Mikulak on Pommels. This IS his shot at the Olympics!
5:03 Huge PBar set from Dalton, he's not losing points anywhere
4:58 Brandon Wynn is a freak of nature on Still Rings
4:57 Not great from Chris Brooks on PBars...but he's happy!
4:57 15.350 on Rings puts Orozco in front!
4:54 Orozco is like a statue up there on Still Rings!
4:50 This Men's team is so unified! I love that about them. Much more than the women
4:48 Very strong from Horton on PBars and Chris Brooks is out of control screaming for him!
4:46 Their is a sense of calm for Danell on Rings today, nice swing and great stick!! Yin is out of control!
4:43 Leyva fluff, Orozco fluff...very nice to know their backgrounds, but let's get back to routines
4:40 I am just so emotional today!
4:37 16.350 is gigantic for Chris Brooks on Vault!
4:35 I love the handstands and intricate work from Ruggeri
4:33 Chris Brooks is looking so serious and I love the fauxhawk. Great vault, slight hop. He is thrilled!
4:33 Orozco is swinging a great set of Pommels!
4:32 I love watching John compete, he is so focused. That is necessary for Pommel Horse.
4:30 Dragulescu vault for Legendre...awesome off the table, but nearly fell backward off the mat
4:29 Buscaglia is killing it on High Bar, really aggressive
:26 Vault is a big one for Horton...let's stick this one. Huge hop forward, but awesome height and speed
4:26 Yin is freaking out over there, he'll be great on TV in London
4:25 Horse is big for Danell. He'll definitely go up on this in London
4:24 Awesome vault Dalton!! 16.350
4:19 "Danell Leyva continues to live under his towel"
4:15 Chris Brooks on SR (what a cutie!)-he's looking a little shaky to me up here, seems unsettled. But I really like that dismount
4:13 Orozco is the perfect All-Arounder...he has no weaknesses
4:10 Orozco HB-amazing blend of releases and intricate pirouetting work
4:10 John Orozco feelingsy fluff...blah blah blah let's see routines.
4:07 That double-double from Horton was huge. He will anchor the US team on Still Rings in London and probably make event finals.
4:06 Horton has become the best US man on Rings...this is the biggest routine for him. I love how these guys yell and support each other. STUCK!
4:02 Leyva on floor...very focused today. Those rollout skills really scare me to death. Uh-oh, fall out of that press
4:00 Yes Danell on high bar! Those releases are unreal, he reminds me of Liukin.What a great routine to watch!
4:00 Come on NBC let's get this started!

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