Sunday, July 1, 2012

US Olympic Trials: Womens Gymnastics Day 2

The Road To London

11:05 That's it kids, the committee got it right this time. Alternates are Price, Finnegan, and Li.
11:00 Douglas, Maroney, Raisman, Ross, Wieber
10:59 Here we go, time to announce the team.....
10:46 I cannot stop crying right now...what a dramatic scene!
10:43 OMG a 15.300 and Gabby wins trials!
10:42 Okay who will win...Gabby needs a 15.2 to pass the Wiebs
10:41 Gabby is just such a joy to watch on floor, a true performer!
10:40 It's fitting that Gabby is ending on floor...that's true Olympic order
10:38 Wieb is up on surprise she hits
10:37 This Phantom routine makes me so happy that lyrics are not allowed
10:36 Kyla rocks those jumps out of the passes
10:35 How Maroney gets all that power from that small body just amazes me
10:34 Oof lock-legged landing on Aly's vault and a step to the side
10:33 I love that Alicia isn't gloating, she's there to cheer on her mini-me Aly
10:32 Alicia actually had the guts to stick that second vault cold!
10:31 Alicia is squeezing out everything she possibly can.
10:21 I love that even after the problems, Gabby hasn't lost her smile
10:21 Gabby is so nervy on beam right now
10:20 I wish they'd stop talking through the whole routine. Gabby having all kinds of issues here on beam. The leaps are amazing though
10:16 What else do you say, she's doing everything she can do. Wieber Fever is ready for London.
10:15 The chosen one is up on floor with her fierce Zumba music!
10:14 The tiniest of hops from Ross, just a hair away from a stick
10:13 I love Kyla's beam mount; she's showing some signs of nerves. I'd like a little more fight from her
10:07 McKayla's floor terrifies me. I just never know what is going to happen with her.
10:05 Good girl Nastia, let's kill this one! She's showing us how beautiful gymnastics can be. Stuck it just like in Beijing!
10:04 A little too much power on the final pass, hard to control that last leap
10:03 Kept that whip in bounds, good girl Aly! Amazing height on that leap out of pass #2
10:02 I love Aly's leo, it really suits her. If Alicia isn't selected, I bet Aly is captain of team USA
10:00 I love Price, but I can't stand thinking of Bill & Donna in London
9:58 I love Price on floor, she's killer but she reigns it in
9:50 The Squirrel is flying! Stuck cold!!!!
9:48 Let's do this Gabby and give us something to smile about
9:45 Too falls for Rebecca, that couldn't have felt good on that bad knee. Let's do this Rebecca!
9:45 Ross gets a 16.500, let's see Bross top it. Or not, Rebecca just came off of the bars
9:44 Rebecca's knee is nasty! This poor girl has just had an unfortunate situation. She peaked too early
9:42 Ross & Li tied on bars on day 1, but I prefer Ross's lines. That was as perfect a routine as I've seen. Gorgeous handstands and a great stick!
9:41 We love Kyla...this is huge from here because she'll go up on this event in London
9:39 While we were all crying for Nastia, Sarah Finnegan was doing a bomb bar routine apparently
9:37 Aly is consistent once again
9:36 Aly Raisman is ticking off the elements on the beam
9:35 What a class act. It took a lot for Nastia to get back up on those bars and not bawl her eyes out.
9:33 Nastia let's go out with a bang. Broken handstand and a faceplant. Not how a returning champion wants to go out
9:32 Look at that landing; the pro is waving to her fans
9:31 Alicia is in her happy place circa the ESPN body issue
9:30 Alicia is looking so glamorous today. There is that same crazy mount again.
9:28 Price is in her own bubble out there and nothing is rattling her at this point
9:28 Price just is not phased by this pressure at all; rocking the beam
9:26 Price came out of nowhere and put herself into the conversation ala Tasha S in 2000
9:25 Jordyn's dismount is what Elfie calls "big time gymnastics"
9:24 Wild landing on beam for Wiebs. She's all over the place here
9:22 Thank goodness we get to see Anna on bars. Fantastic!
9:12 Yellow zone for Ali on bars?
9:11 Good choice by Kyla to downgrade the Amanar to a DTY...still a hop but the form was cleaner
9:10 I know Ali isn't a bars specialist but is it so much to ask to point the feet?
9:10 Thank goodness for Ali that she gets to start on bars and get that mess out of the way.
9:09 I'm so over this green-yellow-red system Al! 15.350 for Wieber on bars gets a green!
9:05 Wieber on Bars--she works for every tenth, good toe point and bam...great dismount!
9:04 And we have a 16.000 for Douglas on VT; she's certainly rising to the occasion
9:03 I hear Kennedy Baker did a nice set on bars; 14.850 is a nice score for her
9:01 Cute little girl fluff narrated by Al. And, cue my tears
9:00 Gabby VT-nearly stuck Amanar, best I've seen. Chow is so happy!
9:00 Good ole Al Trautwig!
9:00 Here are your standings after Night 1
1. Wieber 61.700; 2. Douglas 61.400; 3. Raisman 60.300; 4. Price 59.600; 5. Ross 59.400.

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