Wednesday, June 29, 2011

So You Think You Can Dance: The Top 16 Perform!

Here we are again, its Wednesday at 8 and that could only mean one thing....this is So You Think You Can Dance. Tonight the top 16 perform and Kristin Chenoweth (my favorite) is guest judging.

9:56 Well that was it for me. I'm going to do some thinking and post my recap and my predictions tomorrow. Until then, happy dancing!
9:54 I expected this to be a crazy aggressive song but I think the softness actually suits it well. Maida Withers would say that it is was way too symmetrical
9:53 Battle of the Sexes, many? PS this is a very cool piece, Dee's stock just went up in my mind!
9:52 First I thought this piece was about snap cups; Dee why couldn't you have done this for a duet instead of that damn piano man piece
9:50 I wanted to give a special shout-out to my follower from the UK who has hit my blog so many times tonight! Come back again and see us soon!
9:47 I feel like Kristin is putting on a little bit of a "tv personality" tonight....I don't think she is being completely "real Kristin"
9:45 Sometimes when a choreographer comes up with a "concept" it can be dangerous...just ask Baayork Lee
9:44 They are really killing this routine; I like the play on "jumping on the bed" because we all did that when we were kids
9:43 The movement is actually pretty good, and the changes of clothes are a really cool idea
9:42 Okay so we are doing a hip-hop version of "the morning after?" hmmmm.....its inventive I'll give you that
9:35 Thank the lord they kept those 2 last week, they have so much growing to do and tonight was a huge step in the right direction
9:34 Lil C is clearly president of the Sonya fan club
9:33 Is Ryan not wearing any makeup? She needs a little something more on the face
9:32 I like how understated this piece was, not a lot of tricks, just some nice quiet dancing
9:31 This piece is very quiet, I get the message they are communicating and it is great to see Ryan expressing something other than a smile
9:31 Sonya has used that same 2-rotation lift in both pieces tonight, just in different body positions
9:30 It brings an interesting angle that the two have never been in love before but they're creating a piece about losing else they've loved in their lives
9:29 Ryan was like me....her mom put her into dance to bring her out of her shell
9:28 Ryan & Ricky are like my goofy favorites; I feel like they are the slow ones of the bunch and always out to lunch but I want to be their best friends
9:24 Sinatra can make anyone look good
9:22 The Foxtrot was Kristin's favorite dance of the night; she just labeled them Fred & Ginger
9:21 That was a spot on Foxtrot according to Mary, did she just call her "Clarence"
9:21 Jess is not the strongest partner and the lifts still look heavy and clunky; part of me thinks that it is his diva attitude not wanting to let her be the center of attention
9:20 Nice lines and nice fluidity. I love the little West Side Story side kick moment
9:19 This is so classic but Jess looks so short next to Clarice in heels, especially when he is lifting her
9:18 Going back to the Sonya piece....the reason I praised the competition was because I couldn't praise the choreography
9:14 By the way, if you hate what i'm saying or love what i'm saying, please feel free to let me know in the comments section below and we can get a dialogue going! Or tweet me @barbiebackstage
9:11 Kristin's comment was convoluted for me, she couldn't comment on it because she didn't understand the style? I'm confused
9:09 I'll agree with Nigel that the performance was 100% committed but I disagree that the music was a wrong choice because A) That is not under the dancers' control and B) this is the kind of material Sonya does so that's what you get when you commission a routine from her
9:08 Sonya is a master of composition. This duet is very well fomatted with side-by-side movement, individual movement, and partnering
9:07 In the side-by-side unison movement, Chris is slightly behind Ashley and isn't quite punching the movements as hard as she is. This music has really cool undertones. I like the whole use Ashley as a puppet thing
9:07 Sonya pieces must be so fun to perform once you finally get the choreography down pat
9:06 Is Ashley wearing a onezie?
9:05 Sonya is craxy as all get out and I just love it, she is truly original
9:00 And Krazy Aunt Kristin just laid a bit smooch on Lil we didn't see that coming
8:59 Thank god Kristin just hit a signature high note and gave us her signature phrase "we sing because we can't speak anymore, and dance is an extension of that"
8:58 Oh hell no Nigel just macked on Mary! Krazy Aunt Kristin doesn't know what just happened
8:57 Nigel just labeled Melanie & Marko "the couple to beat" #duh
8:56 Tabitha's doppleganger is most definitely Stacey London
8:55 It most definitely was "buck"  -Lil C
8:54 These two are on of those partnerships that only happens maybe once in a season and they are both such bright lights for dance!
8:53 These two have some amazing chemistry and that is so the key to making it far in the competiion
8:52 Lyrical hip-hop by Nappytabs...a piece about 2 that's a new concept. Basically "Man of Honor"
8:51 Melanie & Marko were both little divas when they started dancing
8:44 Nigel gives us a shout out to Vincent Minelli #work
8:44 Lil C: "Miranda, with legs like that, who needs arms?"
8:42 So here is my thing Tyce, why choose music with built in tap sounds and not have them tap? And do ladies of the night always do aerials?
8:41 Oh yay we love Sophisticated Ladies! Right off the bat,  Miranda is not committing enough to the character. Robert is lighting ig up in his role but Miranda looks like she is out to lunch
8:40 Hello there Tyce: so Miranda is playing a hooker and Robert is a groovy cat
8:39 I think I had almost the exact costume that Miranda wore in her first show.
8:33 Nigel just called Mitchell "the Chris Rock of dance" that a compliment?
8:32 I love Aunt Kristin "you shut it down, you shut your legs, you opened your legs"
8:31 So Mary had a stroke? She forgot Caitlynn's name and is forgetting how to speak English
8:29 This routine is so clunky. The music isn't helping, but everything looks awkward and forced, nothing is smooth.
8:28 Caitlynn has nice straight legs and pointed feet in that opening helicopter lift; is it just me or is this piece moving really slowly? So Caitlynn is whipping her hair and her skirt a lot while Mitchell is actually dancing. Is that the name of the game?
8:27 Caitlynn & Mitchell Samba with Jean-Marc; this best be hot
8:27 Holy crap Mitchell didn't start dancing until he was 16
8:26 I can relate to Caitlynn on the horrible costume front
8:24 To quote my friend @Kyle_Louise "where was the dancing there? if you blinked you missed it"
8:20 Lil C just called Sasha "8 notches above perfection"; so the judges loved Sasha and Alex was invisible? Did I hear that correctly?
8:19 Aunt Kristin always has the best stories: "I played a flower and a frog peed on me"
8:18 That piece was a collection of lovely images and photo opportunities, but choreography? Not so much...
8:15 I kind of love the opening image with Alex at the piano. Sasha is just so present in her own body. Wow he is throwing her all over that piano! I'm not cool with disrespecting my favorite instrument, but for the sake of art I'll allow it. That last image with her hands coming through the back of the piano was haunting!
8:14 I'm so happy to see Dee Caspary back, he's working with Sasha & Alex. Surprise, surprise, it is a love story, but it looks like a unique twist so we'll see.
8:12 And some more tacky introductions, but at least "the first performance" is poignant. Sasha was a frog in Thumbelina, aka wearing a green unitard. Alex did a tribute to The Lion King at his 6th birthday party.
8:07 Every time I want to "hit the road" I always do a back handspring series. Tyce the genius
8:06 The lighting is so dark that i can barely tell what is going on in the routine...but now that I can see the movement, it's not doing much for me
8:06 I so thought that this was going to be Cell Block Tango because Tyce is trite like that
8:05 Tyce is such a jerk-wad....if you want a better explanation just watch Every Little Step, a documentary about the revival of A Chorus Line
8:04 OMG Kristin & Lil C are going to be best friends...its so going to out twitter!
8:03 Get it Kristin Chenoweth! That's my girl right idol...the person I aspire to become!
8:02 Our dancers are doing their intro dances as couples tonight instead of solos, very sassafrass
8:01 It's going to feel weird going from 10 routines to 8
8:00 Cat Deeley is looking so glam tonight......very Roxie Hart!


  1. Its another love story Whit oh no

  2. You got to be kidding me. What happened with Tadd and jordans routine!?!? This sucks. Never dojng this shit again

  3. Tadd & Jordan's routine was definitely way out there. It was creative....but verging on inappropriate for network TV