Friday, June 24, 2011

So You Think You Can Dance Recap: The Top 20 Results Show (again)!

I loved the opening number, it was very unique and I loved the simplicity of it. This is weird but I love when they truly dance as one and you can't pick out who is who. Dave Scott is great and I really want to see his work on the show more this season. Debbie Reynolds has loved the experience even though she "is used to being on the stage and has never been off the stage".

First 3 couples are: Missy/Wadi, Caitlynn/Mitchell, and Sasha/Alexander. Could Caitlynn be wearing any less clothes? Come on now let's keep it clean. Missy/Wadi are in the bottom 3 (we knew that) after that heinous Cha Cha. Caitlynn/Mitchell are safe (we knew that too) after that Stacey Tookey dullsville contemporary routine that was sure to be a crowd pleaser. Sasha/Alexander did the best routine of the night and if they are in the bottom 3 I'm not watching this show anymore. And they are safe too...which means I can keep blogging for y'all!

Gatorade is helping the dancers work on a nutrition programs which is a phenomenal idea. After the injuries last season, we need to keep these dancers as safe and healthy as possible.

Next 2 couples: Melanie/Marko and Miranda/Robert. Both sets are safe which was pretty much expected.

Next 2 couples: Jordan/Tadd and Iveta/Nick. Jordan/Tadd are safe so thank goodness America got it right and voted for a strong couple even though it wasn't necessarily a crowd-pleasing routine. Iveta/Nick are in the bottom 3 and Cat says she can't wait to see their solos. How weird is it that Iveta is nearly as tall as Cat?

Final 3 couples: Ashley/Chris, Ryan/Robert, and Clarice/Jess. This was the big surprise of the night because I really expected Clarice/Jess to be in the bottom after that mediocre contemporary number, but hey, whatcha gonna do. Ryan & Ricky will kill it in  the solos.

I always fast forward through the fluff on the results show...aka the dance crews and the musical "artists" that nobody has ever heard of.

Wadi didn't dance for his life like he meant it. He did what I've seen anybody do in the clubs, plus a lot of flares. Missy looked incredibly spastic and and whip her hair. Nick looked and sounded great just as expected. Goodness I hope they keep him! He's so cute and so good! It is so hard to do solos when you are a ballroom dancer. Iveta tried  but it looked like all she was really doing was shaking her ass. Ricky started out with a huge turn sequence and into a lot of other tricks, but he had some really interesting connecting movements and showed off some really spectacular ways of moving his body. He was truly dancing for his life. Ryan showed a ton of emotion in her solo but she was a little wild in her movements and lacked control.

I always hate how the judges bring each dancer forward and tell them how wonderful they are, blah, blah, blah. And the judges kept Ryan. She was so genuinely emotional. I think they picked her because she is such a diamond in the rough  and she hash so much potential for the rest of the season. Ricky's reaction was just as emotional and genuine as Ryan's! I'm genuinely sad to see Nick go, and even Wadi too! I'm pissed at Iveta for sucking in that Bollywood routine and putting Nick in the bottom 3.

Well that's it for me guys. Next week's guest judge is my girl Kristin Chenoweth! Until next Wednesday's live-blog, Peace Out!

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