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So You Think You Can Dance: June 15th Liveblog

Welcome to my first So You Think You Can Dance Liveblog of season 8! I'll be doing this every Wednesday for the rest of the season. Tonight we'll see the top 20 pair up to perform 10 exciting original routines. I can't wait!

9:56 That's a wrap for tonight guys. I  won't be with you live for tomorrow night's show, but I will post a recap later in the evening after I watch the show. I'll be liveblogging again next Wednesday for the top 18 episode. Until then, happy dancing!
9:53 According to Nigel, Nick conquered the Quickstep, the dance of death, because of his fabulous tap dancing feet. I always love Jason Gilkerson's choreography and he does a great job of making the routines entertaining so that ballroom appeals to the TV audience.
9:51 Ballroom Blitz is a very fun song for a quickstep. Nick is looking pretty good on the first run across the stage! He is also performing the heck out of it as is she. This his pretty exciting for a quickstep if I must say.
9:50 I love how Yveta acts like she is the instructor.
9:49 I forgot that Oksana Baiul was on this show! Oh wait, that's Yvetta and she is partnering with Nick the tap dancer. Let's hope his quick footwork helps him in the quickstep!
9:44 Megan gives a big shout out to the costume, hair, and makeup team and calls them the best on TV.
9:43 I hated that choreography so much but I can't fault the dancers for the choreographer's work.
9:41 This song is comical and it fits Christopher's "theme". This movement is so elementary and I get that it's intended to be humorous, but it really looks silly.
9:40 Choreographers......can we PLEASE develop some concepts that don't involve love stories or cheating? There is so much other material to explore.
9:39 What I want to know is if they are all really that excited to see their partners. A Hip Hop routine by Christopher Scott by Chris & Ashley.
9:32 Standing O from the judges! Mary gets emotional. I agree with Mary & Megan that the piece was truly special and magical. Also, love Travis's sparkly suit. I usually don't love Travis' choreography but this really was a special one.
9:29 From the first movements I can tell that this will be one of the top routines of the season. Melanie has such amazing control of her limbs and Marko is such a strong individual and partner for her. The emotion is spot-on. This is a good example of it being totally appropriate to do leg-tricks because it fits the theme of the piece. This was just phenomenal. They are the team to beat!
9:28 Congratulations Travis Wall for developing an interesting concept! Coincidence that they are both contemporary dancers and they drew that style.
9:27 I love Melanie! She is so fresh-faced and innocent-looking and just lovely overall. And I love Marko! He is so real!
9:22 Megan consistently has the most sensible and constructive commentary for each piece.
9:20 Nigel is correct in saying that this year's hip-hoppers are adapting remarkably well to other styles.
9:18 I like the manipulation of the box set pieces. The could be cleaner. At one point she was expecting him to lift her and had to look back to find him. There are so many tricks in this piece. The actual dancing is really great but is so sparse. I did not like this choreography. I think Shawn is a little full of himself in thinking that those evolved concepts can actually come to fruition.
9:17 The concepts behind the pieces are very elaborate this week. We are doing a sexy evil demon Pandora's box jazz dance. I'm sorry but Miss Clarissa didn't teach me that in class.
9:16 Missy & Wadi doing doing jazz. Sooooo much jazz on this show.
9:09 In all these years of hosting SYTYCD, Cat still doesn't know what a pony is?
9:08 Megan comments on the energy and fun of the piece. She calls Miranda "goofy" but announces her love to Robert.
9:07 That was an unfortunate draw for style for them and I think that may be a bottom-three routine.
9:06 They have great bounce to them, a real spring to their step and a lot of power in the kicks. This lighting is serving them well as the flashes disguise some of the incorrect technique on the kicks and flicks. She keeps looking back at him in a way that looks like she needs to see him to remember the choreography.
9:05 So they drew "latin" but its jive? Does that mean the choreographer can pick the style when they get the dancers? Why is she wearing silver lame boots?
9: 04 Yeah Miranda repp-ing Pittsburgh! I also love her big hair. She is a contemporary dancer partnering a hip hop dancer in a Jive? Should be interesting.
8:58 Nigel gives her "10s across the board". I don't agree but such is life.
8:57 Mary: "Every girl wants to be you". Really Mary? I wouldn't really call Caitlynn phenomenal yet but she is really showing potential and she did have the disadvantage of performing with a "potential" all-stars.
8:56 Unfortunately for Caitlynn, Robert is so fantastic that he made her look inexperienced. She seemed to be playing catch up to stay with Robert.
8:55 Sonya's work requires such abandon which I love. They are recklessly in control in this piece. They really hit the syncopation and this piece is choreographed wonderfully for the accents.
8:54 Here we have Caitlynn dancing with Robert (love) from season 7. I love La Roux but this is my first time hearing this song (in for the kill).
8:53 So Caitlynn is dancing with Mitchell (who is injured) in a jazz routine by Sonya. Now that Mitchell is injured, I wonder who she'll dance with. (Mitchell is sweaty & slippery btw).
8:46 Megan has to wonder what she got herself into sitting next to that nutso Mary Murphy. I love that she mentioned the term "through-line". She is such a professional.
8:45 Mary you can't tell every dancer that they were the most talented girl or guy of the season. When you hand out compliments so easily, they lose their weight.
8:44 Nigel, you are always the biggest culprit of this, but I hate when you give the dancers criticism based on the choreography, which is completely out of their control.
8:43 This was not up there (in choreography or performance) with the great NappyTabs lyrical hip hop routines, but it was a good start. I don't know that they connected enough emotionally for the physical anger in the piece.
8:42 I like the sharp syncopation of the opening sequence. Using a classic song like Aint No Sunshine is so inventive for a hip hop routine. I don't like the lighting of this piece because it is hard to see their facial expressions, though the bodies are really showing a great deal of emotion.
8:41 It looks like the acting part of this won't be hard. They seem to genuinely like each other.
8:40 love Ryan Ramirez and I want to see her go the whole way. She is partnering with fellow contemporary dancer contemporary to do a Chris Scott lyrical hip hop routine. (I love that they are both wearing flannel....its so in for dancers now lol)
8:35 Mary basically tells Jess he gave as perfect a performance as possible. I wouldn't go that far as things can always be better, but Jess was pretty darn good!
8:33 When you are a jazz dancer, you focus on the big movements and the energy. But in a Broadway specific routine, you need to focus much more on the small details and perfect those small moments.
8:32 Obviously Megan loved the Broadway routine. She commented on Jess's showmanship and Clarice's sass. I'll give her props for that. Nigel agreed with me...that Clarice was missing a little bit of the nuance of the routine.
8:31 Oh my lord we have a Liza moment with Me And My Baby from Chicago. I like the simplicity of this routine and the fact that it allows the dancers to focus on the intricacies and specifics. Jess has the Fosse style down and Clarice could stand do round her shoulders a little more, but a good start overall.
8:30 Jess is officially my new favorite because he has been in 3 Broadway shows.
8:29 Our next pairing is Clarice & Jess and they are doing a Tyce Diorio Broadway routine! I love how so many of these couples are "randomly" drawing their own styles.
8:22 I'm loving Megan's comments on the performances...she should come back! She is calling it as she sees it and points on that Sasha is a favorite and Alexander needs to show the emotion that is in his body on his face.
8:21 As Mary commented, Alexander really slammed to the floor on that last movement. Mary is gushing over Travis's choreography and while I don't think he is as special as they all believe, I do agree with her that his transitions are great and each movement moves seamlessly into the next.
8:20 Sasha is beastly....she is like a dancing Xena!
8:18 They have a gorgeous fluidity to their movements. Tremendous performance quality: Sasha is so aggressive and Alexander looks as if he isn't in his right mind. The choreography is not doing much for me. It's the same old thing we always see from Travis.
8:16 Sasha is up for our next couple & she's paired with Alexander. Both are contemporary-ish dancers. They'll be doing a Travis Wall contemporary routine so that should be old hat for them. The rehearsal footage shows Sasha basically attacking Alexander so we'll see how that translates to the routine.
8:11 That number was a good start to the season. Those two have similar body types as weird as it sounds and I'd really like to see them partner in the future. I can see them fitting well into a Mia Michaels routine the way that they were throwing one another around in that piece!
8:10 Mary looks like she is about to cry already. Its going to be a loooooong season. Megan is giving very specific comments rather than a general sweep of the routine. She definitely has some chops for this and it sounds like she knows her stuff!
8:07 These two look very good together when they are dancing separately but the partnering is very awkward and clunky. They have great aggressive energy toward the beginning but they started losing it toward the end. Overall it was a strong opening to the season and I liked the style overall.
8:06 We have jazzer Jordan and hiphopper Tadd doing Afro-Jazz, which Tadd called "destructive.
8:05 We haven't even seen the first performances and we already have one injury. Mitchell injured his elbow after his first rehearsal. Dear lord let's hope that is the only injury of the season and not like that mess last season.
8:03 Megan Mullally is guest judging tonight and she looks exactly like Karen Walker. I keep forgetting that Megan studied at SAB. Though she does indeed have a technical background, I suspect she'll be commenting mostly on performance.
8:00 The dancers always look so darn excited in their intro dances on the first episode of the season, its so cute! We always see huge tricks, lots of turns, leaps, and tumbles.

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  1. Totally agree about the Mia Michaels comment. They'd do wonderful. I can't wait to see Jordan do a Travis Wall piece, though.