Wednesday, June 22, 2011

So You Think You Can Dance: The Top 20 Perform (again)!

Here we are again on a Wednesday evening around 8pm EST watching the top 20 perform on FOX's So You Think You Can Dance. Deja vu much? Nigel, being the softie that he is, decided to keep all the dancers last week, which means that we'll see 2 couples go tomorrow night. That's 4, count 'em 4 dancers! This is a big week for the performers as there is such little margin for error. Last week nearly every dancer or couple drew their own style so expect to see some switch-ups tonight. Hip-hoppers doing ballroom anyone? Either way, get ready for some good choreography, some great technique, and some even better Mary Murphy outbursts because So You Think You Can Dance...according to Barbie of course.

10:10 Well all thats it for me tonight. I'm going to analyze my thoughts and write a recap tomorrow where I'll also try to predict the bottom three. Until then, happy dancing!
10:08 Mary nobody cares about your Hot Tamale train dear. I really hope that Debbie took out her hearing aide before that signature Mary squeal
10:06 Obviously a side tilt is necessary when we are doing a piece about prison. Anytime I visit someone in prison, I always do a side-tilt.
10:04 Spencer dear I get that bars have never been used on the show, but that doesn't necessarily mean that its a good idea
9:57 The judges love it and I agree. Tabitha & Napoleon are fantastic storytellers!
9:56 Get it together Mary, big girls don't cry!
9:53 This is a perfect song for this story. That moment of connection was just phenomenal. That was certainly the WOW dance of the night.
9:52 I can tell from rehearsal that this is going to be a memorable piece.
9:46 I want some of whatever Debbie Reynolds is on, pretty please!
9:43 "Sing Sing Sing" I'd say that is an oldie but a goodie. I love the intricacy and musicality of the piece and Melanie has great leg lines for a short girl. I kind of hate this remix. Melanie has a great layout. The split catch lift was good, but I hate how we totally knew when it was coming.
9:42 Let's hope this Mandy Moore choreography is better than the last one
9:41 I love that all dancers are so immature and silly...not just me.
9:35 Mary I wouldn't go announcing "the surprise of the season" yet in week 2. Also, that dress is not flattering on Jordan. It gives her love handles that she probably doesn't have.
9:34 I don't agree that Jordan is so beautiful and elegant, but Tadd was really phenomenal.
9:32 Very nice penchay from Jordan and some pretty nice upper body carriage from Tadd. Okay so I scoffed at this but Tadd is actually pretty good. The woman is supposed to be the picture while the man is the frame, but I'm only watching Tadd.
9:31 Is Jordan wearing a curtain as a skirt?
9:30 Wow so Jordan really is our slow friend. Tadd is OCD.
9:23 Okay I get it, Stacey Tookey is jonesing for some media attention from the royal couple. I agree with Nigel that the separate movement was nice but the partnering lacked fluidity
9:21 If she wanted this to be really unique, she should have gone with a Disney song or something and made it into a parody. Other than the costuming, nothing in this piece tells me that he is a prince and she is a princess.The side by side movement is nice, it has some really great bounce to it. Was it just my viewpoint or did Jess botch that turn?
9:20 What the what Stacey Tookey? You did another love story on the same show? This is so un-called for. Like I get that the "prince-princess" thing is different but really?
9:19 Is Clarice's secret that she can do a leg catch turn?
9:13 Nigel has about the worst set of dentures that I've ever seen
9:12 So Debbie Reynolds just did a Woody the Woodpecker impression, #Idie
9:10 Robert looks really good, and he uses those long limbs in such an interesting way, but Miranda doesn't seem completely committed to the movement. She seems to be marking the routine. Newsflash girlfriend, you are on the BIG stage. The ending with the dive offstage was precious
9:09 Now this is an interesting concept that is not, I repeat NOT a love story
9:08 Miranda has a crush on Tadd, which is so precious (and juicy)
9:02 I'm 98% sure that Debbie Reynolds is either drunk or on some REALLY good meds
9:01 Mary, I get that you have a girl crush on Iveta, but she did NOT shine on that stage. She couldn't have been less interested if she had been giving waltz lessons at a nursing home.
9:00 Nigel, Joshua & Katie were 4 seasons ago, so like why bring them up?
8:58 The lighting is very nice in this piece. I feel like Nick is killing it but Iveta is lagging behind and is not straightening her arms and/or fully hitting all of the movements. Good energy overall from Nick but Iveta was lacking
8:57 Dancers always give the same response when then find out the have bollywood, always a dazed and confused look
8:56 Iveta talks to herself in mirrors & Nick always wears shorts; this whole "get to know your partner" segment makes for such bad TV
8:50 Mary is praising Missy as the "cha cha Queen".....okay whatever Mary. And Debbie "cougar" Reynolds just offered to take Wadi home and cha-cha with him anytime
8:49 Nigel just said, imma keep it real. And he basically told Wadi he had a lot of work to do and that was very true. Nigel praised Missy, but like if you are an expert jazz dancer, cha-cha isn't so so far away
8:48 Those poor dears, good try but that was heinous
8:47 Wow this is just horrible from the technique and the execution to the song and the "come get me faces."
8:46 Why would Jean Marc do his most difficult routine ever in week 2? Why, God Why?
8:38 "Dance is the language of the soul" -Nigel Lythgoe. Who wants to knit that on a sampler? Needlepoint anyone?
8:37 Thank GOD Debbie started singing! I just love that broad!
8:36 The judges are so nice this season. What is this, American Idol?
8:35 It was a very visually appealing piece (minus the lamp) but we've seen all of that movement and all of that emotion before.
8:34 I love an Adele moment, but can we say 'overused'? I like how we don't see Caitlynn's face for that opening section. Also, why do we need this lamp? That is just so unnecessary. This is not a Broadway set.
8:33 Get it Stacey Tookey in your booty shorts and oversized V-neck! I hate that ever partner dance is a "love story" or a "love story gone wrong". There is soooo much more to dance about!
8:32 This whole "partner secret" thing is so tacky. And why is Caitlynn giggling like a 12-year old at a middle school dance?
8:30 Wait so why was I so nice about that routine? Mandy is doing the same choreo she did circa 1997 and Ryan dear, why couldn't you stick that double pirouette?
8:26 And what does the dame thing? Debbie "never saw anyone dance sexier". She fell out of her top and he fell out of his bottom, and they gave her their all. Hahahaha Debbie I love it!
8:25 What on earth is Mary wearing? Something resembling an epaulette? She loves Ryan's strength and Ricky's character
8:25 Nigel is acting as if jazz is a huge step away from contemporary, which it isn't in my mind, ps he called them raunchy
8:24 I love the dancers and the choreography, but this routine isn't really going anywhere conceptually. But I think that is ok, it was a good dance just for dance's sake
8:23 I love when Mandy goes to an 80s-tacular place; Ricky looks sexy but Ryan looks a little awkward and clunky. She is one of those dancers who has such long limbs but hasn't completely mastered how to use them
8:23 Ryan and Ricky are such goofballs and Mandy Moore clearly is not having any of that; they need to kick up the performance level
8:22 Oh wow I didn't realize that they were keeping the same partners all season
8:20 Doesn't that old clip just take you back!
8:19 Debbie Reynolds is such a grand Dame! I just love that gal!
8:16 Its so cute that we saw the dancers enter in their pairs from last year
8:15 And after the Presidential address, we are FINALLY starting (thanks to FOX for showing the entire episode)

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  1. They will have the same partners till the Top 10, and unless your partner is voted out. Then knew couples are formed. That is how it was done in previous season :)