Saturday, November 13, 2010

ISU Grand Prix: Skate America Pairs Short Program

1) Felicia Zhang & Taylor Toth USA) **
    Music: Claire De Lune
  • They are the 2010 US Junior champions
  • A crash on the landing of the split triple twist
  • Could use more extension on the spiral
  • Pretty solid side by side triple toe loops, although the timing was off
  • Felicia is also a singles skater and is competing on the junior grand prix circuit this season
  • The throw triple salchow was clean, but tentative
  • They have a nice elegance about then and a flow across the ice that is demonstrated in their step sequence
  • They put up a good performance here that they should be proud of, especially in only their second season together
  • SP Score: 26.82 (technical) + 21.31 (presentation) = 48.13
  • This is several points higher than their program earlier this season at Nebelhorn Trophy
2) Kirsten Moore-Towers & Dylan Moscovitch (Canada) **
    Music: Zorba the Greek
  • This team definitely has the energy and speed to pull off this music
  • They also had a little crash on the split triple twist landing but not as much as our first team
  • Kirsten puts a hand down on the side by side triples but recovers nicely
  • Their lasso lift is lovely 
  • That was a powerful throw triple loop
  • They do that upside down death spiral position that I hate, the ass-up position as I call it
  • This music is just perfect for a step sequence
  • These spins are very fast and almost perfectly synchronized
  • Dylan used to skate with his sister but she struggled with injuries, so performing with the much younger Kirsten is very much a fresh career start for him
  • He seems so calm, but her energy is just so very infectious 
  • SP Score: 35.33 (technical) + 26.31 (presentation) = 61.64
 3) Ksenia Stolbova & Fedor Klimov (Russia)
     Music: Asturias
  • This team is competing on the junior and senior grand prix circuit this season, that gives them a very busy schedule and must allow very little time for training
  • Hello Spanish music
  • That was a split double twist
  • That throw hot a lot of height
  • I wonder if the name "Ksenia" is very popular in Russia, I was just thinking of Makarova as well
  • That partner cartwheel movement was very cool
  • This step sequence is very slow
  • I think the new points system has made pairs skating much more enjoyable for me to watch; it used to seem very mechanical with all of the same elements but now they teams change positions in the lifts a lot more as well as the spins and step sequences
  • That was a very interesting entrance into the death spiral, almost a hydroblading type of move
  • This team is quite polished and classy, very Russian, but they lack speed at this point in their careers
  • Russian figure skating has suffered in the last Olympic cycle and you know they must be scrambling to try to put together some solid skaters and teams for the Sochi Olympics in 2014.
  • SP Score: 30.67 (technical) + 23.06 (presentation) = 53.73
4) Marissa Castelli & Simon Shnapir (USA)  
    Music: Money/For the Love of Money
  • The 2009 US Junior silver medalists
  • I cannot believe the height difference between these two, I believe it is 5'0" versus 6'4"
  • Simon doesn't get enough height on his side by side triple salchow, i bet his height has negative effects on him in that way
  • It must be so difficult for them to stay in sync with the height differences
  • She takes a hard fall on the throw triple salchow, she may have caught an edge or something
  • That overhead one hand lift where she grabs her leg in the front extension is exquisite
  • SP Score: 26.50 (technical) + 22.74 (presentation) - 2.00 (deduction) = 47.24
5) Stacey Kemp & David King (Great Britain) **
    Music: Clocks
  • Crash on the split triple twist landing
  • His leg is wrapped very high on the side by side double
  • Slow entrance into the throw triple loop
  • These costumes are giving me a headache
  • I love the use of vitamin string quartet music
  • He seemed to fall out of the camel spin and completely miss the sit spin position
  • I'm not sure of their ages, but they seem very inexperienced to me
  • SP Score: 22.60 (technical) + 19.40 (presentation) = 42.00
6) Wenjing Sui & Cong Han (China)
     Music: Country Dance
  • These two are just such little bundles of joy, especially Sui
  • This pair is the future of figure skating, look for them to make a huge splash in 2014 in Sochi
  • This is a weird comment but i want her bloomers to be the same color as her skirt, not white like granny panties
  • Nice side by side double axel
  • Great height on split triple twist
  • That throw was huge, I wonder if they practice throwing the ladies over couches like Bin Yao's teams
  • Their footwork is lovely and the presentation quality is simply fantastic
  • Their speed is great and their energy is infectious
  • Amazing speed on the spins, slight synchronization issue at the end
  • Seemed to have trouble getting her up in the lasso lift
  • Nice low to the ground death spiral
  • They definitely have the crowd going here
  • SP Score: 32.02 (technical) + 25.51 (presentation) = 57.53
7) Caydee Denney & Jeremy Barrett (USA)
     Music: Love theme from Cousins
  • I am not sure how crazy I am about Caydee's dress, but I do like the clean lines of Jeremy's costume
  • John Zimmerman, why do you have to be married?
  • This is a nice display of the softer side of their skating
  • The catch was a little low on the split triple twist
  • They look very adult in this program
  • Side by side triple toe loops was amazing
  • That throw triple lutz was perfectly timed with the music
  • This is gorgeous choreography, an amazing job by John and Sylvia
  • I wasnt crazy about her upside down, free leg death spiral
  • Amazing unison on the spin sequence
  • Wow they just look so mature to me, like a completely different team than last season
  • If they can work on consistency then they will definitely have a chance of competing on the world stage
  • A very solid performance, Caydee looks thrilled to death
  • SP Score: 32.46 (technical) + 26.03 (presentation) = 58.49
8) Aliona Savchenko & Robin Szolkowy (Germany) **
    Music: Korobushko by Bond
  • Aliona looks like a gladiator
  • They should put up a huge score
  • I don't understand what the opening pose has to do with the theme of the program
  • That throw triple flip was gigantic and she almost lost it
  • I would have liked a cleaner catch on the split triple twist
  • She doubles the triple toe
  • I know this is their first competition of the season, but they do not look like world champions
  • That was not the big program I expected from them
  • They will have to be clean in the long if they expect to hold of Moore-Towers & Moscowitch
  • SP Score: 32.84 (technical) + 31.15 (presentation) = 63.99
Current Leaderboard:
1) Savchenko/Szolkowy (Germany)              63.99
2) Moore-Towers/Moscovitch (Canada)         61.64
3) Denney/Barrett (USA)                             58.49
4) Sui/Han (China)                                      57.53
5) Stolbova/Klimov (Russia)                         53.73
6) Zhang/Toth (USA)                                   48.13
7) Castelli/Shnapir (USA)                             47.24
8) Kemp/King (Great Britain)                        42.00

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