Saturday, November 27, 2010

ISU Grand Prix Final Preview

Well the regular Grand Prix season has ended and the top six finishers in each discipline have qualified for the Grand Prix Final in Beijing December 9-12. I will be updating this post over the next 2 weeks with my fantasty picks, and my predictions for the podium. For now, here are the qualifying orders as well as the total points from the two events combined. Check back over the next two weeks for more updates!

The live streaming schedule for the 2010 Grand Prix Final from Beijing is as follows:

Friday December 10th
4:15 a.m.: Senior short dance
5:25 a.m.: Senior men's short program
6:30 a.m.: Senior ladies short program
7:35 a.m.: Senior pairs short program

Saturday December 11th
3:55 a.m.: Senior men's free skate
5:10 a.m.: Senior ladies free skate
6:20 a.m.: Senior free dance
7:40 a.m.: Senior pairs free skate

**NHK=NHK Trophy, SC=Skate Canada, CC=Cup of China, SA=Skate America, CR=Rostelecom Cup, TEB=Trophee Eric Bompard

1) Takahiko Kozuka: 15(CC)+15(TEB)=30                    (481.58)
    CC: 77.40(SP)+156.11(FS)=233.51   
    TEB: 77.64(SP)+170.43(FS)=248.07

2) Daisuke Takahashi: 15(NHK)+15(SA)=30                 (461.86)
    NHK: 78.04(SP)+156.75(FS)=234.79
    SA: 78.12(SP)+148.95(FS)=227.07

3) Patrick Chan: 15(SC)+13(CR)=28                             (466.73)
    SC: 73.20(SP)+166.32(FS)+239.52
    CR: 81.96(SP)+145.25(FS)=227.21

4) Tomas Verner: 11(NHK)+15(CR)=26                         (445.12)

5) Nobunari Oda: 13(SC)+13(SA)=26                           (462.61)
    SC: 81.37(SP)+155.15(FS)+236.52
    SA: 79.28(SP)+146.81(FS)=226.09

6) Florent Amodio: 11(NHK)+13(TEB)=24                     (443.15)
    NHK: 70.01(SP)+143.76(FS)=213.77   
    TEB: 75.62(SP)+153.76(FS)=229.38

1A) Jeremy Abbott: 13(NHK)+11(CR)=24                        (435.40)
2A) Brandon Mroz: 13(CC)+11(TEB)=24                          (431.11)
3A) Adam Rippon: 11(SC)+9(SA)=20                              (436.16)

1) Miki Ando: 15(CC)+15(CR)=30                                 (346.68)
    CC: 56.11(SP)+116.10(FS)=172.21
    CR: 54.00(SP)+120.47(FS)=174.47

2) Alissa Czisny: 15(SC)+11(TEB)=26                           (332.17)
    SC: 55.95(SP)+116.42(FS)=172.37
    TEB: 55.50(SP)+104.30(FS)=159.80

3) Carolina Kostner: 15(NHK)+11(SA)=26                    (319.48)
    NHK: 57.27(SP)+107.34(FS)=164.61
    SA: 60.28(SP)+94.59(FS)=154.87

4) Kanako Murakami: 11(NHK)+15(SA)=26                  (315.09)
    NHK: 56.10(SP)+94.06(FS)=150.16
    SA: 54.75(SP)+110.18(FS)=164.93

5) Akiko Suzuki: 13(CC)+13(CR)=26                            (335.60)
    CC: 57.97(SP)+104.89(FS)=162.86
    CR: 57.43(SP)+115.31(FS)=172.74

6) Rachael Flatt: 13(NHK)+13(SA)=26                          (323.90)
    NHK: 53.69(SP)+107.35(FS)=161.04
    SA: 51.02(SP)+111.84(FS)=162.86

1A) Kiira Korpi: 9(NHK)+15(TEB)=24                             (318.18)
2A) Mirai Nagasu: 9(CC)+13(TEB)=22                           (314.02)
3A) Ashley Wagner: 7(NHK)+11(CR)=18                       (310.75)

1) Savchenko/Szolkowy: 15(SA)+15(TEB)=30             (395.58)
    SA: 63.99(SP)+133.71(FS)=197.70
    TEB: 66.65(SP)+131.23(FS) =197.88

2) Pang/Tong: 15(NHK)+15(CC)=30                             (366.87)
    NHK: 67.10(SP)+122.27(FS)=189.37
    CC: 60.62(SP)+116.88(FS)=177.50

3) Bazarova/Larionov: 13(NHK)+13(TEB)=26               (356.83)
    NHK: 60.16(SP)+113.67(FS)=173.83
    TEB: 64.18(SP)+118.82(FS)=183.00

4) Moore-Towers/Moscovitch: 13(SC)+13(SA)=26        (346.40)
    SC: 53.68(SP)+117.24(FS)=170.92
    SA: 61.64(SP)+113.84(FS)=175.48

5) Iliusechkina/Maisuradze: 15(SC)+9(CC)=24             (333.49)
    SC: 60.72(SP)+110.68(FS)=171.40
    CC: 55.85(SP)+106.24(FS)=162.09

6) Sui/Han: 13(CC)+11(SA)=24                                     (341.54)
    CC: 59.58(SP)+111.89(FS)=171.47
    SA: 57.53(SP)+112.54(FS)=170.07

1A) Takahashi/Tran: 11(NHK)+13(CR)=24                       (321.13)
2A) Yankowskas/Coughlin: 9(NHK)+11(CC)=22               (321.60)
3A) Lawrence/Swiegers: 11(SC)+7(CR)=18                     (315.82)

Ice Dance:
1) Davis/White: 15(NHK)+15(SA)=30                            (321.89)
    NHK: 66.97(SD)+98.24(FS)=165.21
    SA: 63.62(SD)+93.06(FD)=156.68

2) Pechalat/Bourzat: 15(CC)+15(TEB)=30                    (321.41)
    CC: 64.12(SD)+95.47=159.59  
    TEB: 65.48(SD)+96.34(FD)=161.82

3) Crone/Poirier: 15(SC)+13(SA)=28                            (303.50)
    SC: 62.95(SD)+91.47(FD)=154.42
    SA: 60.41(SD)+ 88.67(FD)=149.08

4) Bobrova/Soloviev: 13(CC)+15(CR)=28                     (299.72)
    CC: 55.85(SD)+ 89.54(FD)=145.39
    CR: 60.80(SD)+93.53(FD)=154.33

5) Weaver/Poje: 13(NHK)+9(SA)=22                            (283.91)
    NHK: 58.69(SD)+82.88(FD)=141.57
    SA: 59.48(SD)+82.86(FD)=142.34

6) Hoffmann/Zavozin: 9(CC)+13(CR)=22                      (272.91)
    CC: 52.69(SD)+78.13(FD)=130.82
    CR: 57.24(SD)+84.85(FS)=142.09

1A) Shibutani/Shibutani: 11(NHK)+11(SA)=22                 (281.74)
2A) Chock/Zuerlein: 11(SC)+11(TEB)=22                        (277.53)
3A) Riazanova/Tkachenko: 7(SA)+13(TEB)=20                (283.93)

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