Friday, November 19, 2010

ISU Grand Prix: Rostelecom Mens Free Skate

1) Tatsuki Machida (Japan)
   Music: Legends of the Fall
  • After a disappointing short he has nothing to lose here so he should really just go for it
  • He seems to have good speed into the opening triple, lands it
  • Triple axel is huge and flows nicely into a double
  • So far so good
  • This choreography is also very musical
  • This has always been one of my favorite movie soundtracks
  • One fall there, probably a lack of concentration or tired legs
  • Popped a jump
  • His spins seem to be traveling quite a bit
  • He looks like he may not be conditioned to stay strong throughout his entire long program
  • FS Score: 60.80 (TES) + 60.84 (PCS) -1.00 (deduction)= 120.64
  • 56.37 (SP) + 120.64  (FS) = 177.01
2) Anton Kovalevski (Ukraine) **
   Music: Stazione di Palermo
  • Fell on his opening jump, he was so crooked in the air
  • Stepped out of first jump in combination
  • He doesn't seem like he is over his legs out there
  • He seems to be gaining confidence as he goes through the program
  • He is definitely getting better as he goes
  • This music, with the gun shots and screams, is a bit hard to listen to at 7 am
  • FS Score: 56.19 (TES) +60.30  (PCS) - 1.00 (deduction) = 115.49
  • 60.05 (SP) + 115.49  (FS) = 175.74
3) Ivan Tretiakov (Russia)
   Music: Charade
  • This music starts right off the bat
  • Opening jump is a little shake, but landed, nonetheless
  • He seems to be landing his jumps almost on straight legs
  • His spins seem very slow, he is having trouble gaining the speed to match this music
  • Even in his combinations, it seems to take him time to get from one jump to the next
  • He doesn't look thrilled with that performance
  • FS Score: 66.52 (TES) + 57.72 (PCS) = 124.24
  • 65.61 (SP) + 124.24 (FS) = 189.85
4) Samuel Contesti (Italy)
   Music: Sikuriadas/War Bolivian/Cacharapaya
  • He is to good to be this low in the rankings so if he is clean, he'll really move up here
  • Huge 3A right there
  • Its so easy to tell the difference between Contesti and the first three in his power and his confidence
  • His jumps are getting good height tonight
  • Samuel doesn't seem to be tiring quite as much as the other skaters
  • He still looks solidly over his legs and his jump have good height even at the end of the program so he should go solidly into first
  • The scores are taking a long time
  • FS Score: 73.1 (TES) + 66.50 (PCS) =141.61
  • 65.69 (SP) + 141.61 (FS) = 207.30
5) Javier Fernandez (Spain) **
   Music: Pirates of the Caribbean
  • I loved this free at Skate Canada, thats the whole reason I picked him for my fantasy team, lets see if he can repeat here
  • Oh  wow he held onto that landing and then just lost it
  • Huge 3A right after to make up for it
  • He seems to not be concentrating
  • I think this drunk sailor footwork is really funny but I wonder what the  judges think
  • He is starting to pop jumps here, I don't think he is concentrating, or he is really tired or something
  • This final footwork pass is really great
  • Even on the last spins, he seemed to trip over his own feet
  • FS Score: 52.68 (TES) + 65.92 (PCS) - 1.00 (deduction) = 117.60
  • 66.46 (SP) +117.60  (FS) = 184.06
6) Konstantin Menshov (Russia)
   Music: Smooth Criminal
  • He has some good speed right off the top here
  • Is he voguing with all those hand movements?
  • This program is a little too flashy for me with all the superfluous hand and arm movements
  • FS Score: 51.69 (TES) + 63.42 (PCS) -1.00 (deduction) = 113.81
  • 67.34 (SP) + 113.81 (FS) = 181.15
**Group 2 takes 6 minute warm-up
The camera just showed Plushenko, if only I had a penny for his thoughts

7) Yuzuru Hanyu (Japan)
   Music: Zigeunerweisen
  • Here is yet another Japanese skater who has the potential for greatness
  • He is looking very solid technically and he also has quite the artistic flair, like a young Takahashi
  • I love that the Japanese are making such a splash on the international level, but I really wish when the Russians were great
  • I want to see more expression on his face
  • I looked away for a second and he was down, did he fall on a jump, or did he trip or something?
  • FS Score: 67.20 (TES) + 66.22 (PCS) -1.00 (deduction) = 132.42
  • 70.24 (SP) + 132.42 (FS) = 202.66
8) Alban Preaubert (France) **
   Music: Piano Trio No. 1 in E flat major by Schubert
  • Wow he was very titled in the air on that jump and fell really hard on his side
  • I am not a huge fan of his skating, he always looks tired, like he is running out of steam
  • I would love to see him get deeper into his knees
  • He looks so wobbly and unsure of himself, I'd love him to be more grounded and stronger on his legs
  • He is landing his jumps, but I really feel that he is holding back
  • I hate when skaters interpret footwork as running around and flailing their arms
  • I don't know where this will put him in the standings, but his just really is not a good program
  • Well at least his coach looks happy
  • FS Score: 68.32 (TES) + 66.86 (PCS) -1.00 (deduction) = 134.18
  • 70.50 (SP) + 134.18 (FS) = 204.68
  • That score seemed very high for the performance we saw out of him
9) Artur Gachinski (Russia)
   Music: The Bolt
  • I want to know what Plushenko thinks of his mini-me
  • Well he popped his first jump and Plushenko wouldn't do that
  • He even lands his jumps like Plushenko
  • He seems to really be slowing down here past the halfway point
  • He just popped open another jump
  • He can't seem to land any of his jumps without two-footing at this point in the program
  • He is not happy with that performance
  • FS Score:61.43  (TES) + 69.10 (PCS) = 130.53
  • 72.14 (SP) + 130.53 (FS) = 202.94
10) Tomas Verner (Czech Republic)
   Music: Michael Jackson Medley
  • Wow there are a lot of Michael Jackson programs this season
  • Well he seems to be staying on his feet at least
  • I don't get the blue glove?
  • This program is very one note, its all at one level, there is no rise and fall
  • FS Score: 78.09 (TES) + 78.12 (PCS) = 156.21
  • 74.10 (SP) + 156.21 (FS) = 230.31
11) Jeremy Abbott (USA)
   Music: Life is Beautiful
  • Come on Jeremy!
  • From the very top, he is committed to telling the story
  • He falls on the quad, but I believe it was fully rotated
  • Stumbles on second jump but the third, a triple axel combination was very strong
  • What was that combination, a triple-single-double?
  • He just doesn't seem to be  himself 
  • Oh Jeremy, another fall
  • Could this still be the boot problem that has been plaguing him?
  • I do really like the program and he is committed to the presentation aspect
  • I expect him to still have high components scores
  • Oh the poor guy, he just looks like he could cry out there
  • FS Score: 64.26 (TES) + 77.34 (PCS) -2.00 (deductions) = 139.60
  • 77.61 (SP) + 139.60 (FS) = 217.21
12) Patrick Chan (Canada) **
   Music: Phantasia
  • Is this a new costume for Patrick?
  • Fall on the quad, but it looked fully rotated
  • Good triple axel
  • I think the music is trite, but I love the choreography
  • Lori Nichol should win an award for this piece, the choreography is so fabulous
  • Another fall on the second triple axel
  • And a third fall, he is not concentrating
  • Oddly enough the most falls in the competition came out of the top two men 
  • I would die to know what Plushenko is thinking here, he is probably thrilled because both Patrick and Jeremy rotated quads, even though they fell
  • Despite the fact that this program is a gem, I do not think skaters should use the same program two years in a row
  • Patrick is not happy with that at all
  • FS Score: 66.95 (TES) + 81.30 (PCS) -3.00 (deduction) = 145.25
  • 81.96 (SP) + 145.25 (FS) = 227.21
Final Standings:
Tomas Verner (CZE)                                       230.31
Patrick Chan (Canada)                                   227.21
Jeremy Abbott (USA)                                      217.21
Samuel Contesti (Italy)                                   207.30
Alban Preaubert (France)                               204.68
Artur Gachinski (Russia)                                 202.64
Yuzuru Hanyu (Japan)                                    202.66
Ivan Tretiakov (Russia)                                   189.85
Javier Fernandez (Spain)                               184.06
Konstantin Menshov (Russia)                          181.15
Tatsuki Machida (Japan)                                 177.01
Anton Kovalevski (Ukraine)                             175.74

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