Friday, November 5, 2010

ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating: Cup of China Short Dance

I didn't watch the live broadcast so these are just scores and standings, but I will post my commentary once the short dance is available on-demand.

1) Isabella Cannuscio & Ian Lorello (USA)
    Music: Piano Man by Billy Joel
  • They seem just slightly out of sync on all of their unison elements
  • Their edges seem flat on the golden waltz sections
  • I liked the position in the lift, but it looked labored
  • The ending pose is too much, took too much work to get into for what we get out of it
  • SD Score: 19.05 (technical) + 19.29 (presentation) = 38.34
2) Xueting Guan & Meng Wang (China)
    Music: Waltz
  • She exits the first twizzle a full rotation before he does
  • Golden Waltz looks "calculated" and not "danced" if that makes sense
  • This seems more like practice than a performance to me
  • They really lose speed later in the program
  • I like the nice crisp ending with the music as opposed to the elaborate poses of other teams
  • SD Score: 21.36 (technical) + 18.83 (presentation) = 40.19
3) Xiaoyang Yu & Chen Wang (China)
    Music: Waltz & Tango
  • I really like the way these two costumes complement one another
  • This may be an odd question, but does anyone else feel like the  musical selections of these Chinese teams sound more like music for Pairs?
  • I must admit today is my first time seeing a Chinese Ice Dance team and I'm wondering if they are simply trying to piggyback on their success in Pairs by breaking into dance
  • I had these awkward transitions from Waltz to Tango as they do not make a cohesive program and a costume suited for waltz never suits tango, and vice versa
  • I like this ending post as well
  • SD Score: 23.99 (technical) + 21.34 (presentation) = 45.33
4) Nora Hoffman & Maxim Zavozin (Hungary)
    Music: Waltz
  • I think its interesting that Maxim used to compete for the United States, I knew his name sounded familiar when I was looking at the entries for this competition
  • My video footage went spotty during the twizzles, but I thought they went a little out of sync
  • What is with this camera work?
  • I've decided that its unfair for me to really criticize any one team because I just think this category of the "Short Dance" needs a lot of work
  • SD Score: 26.28 (technical) + 26.41 (presentation) = 52.69
5) Kharis Ralph & Asher Hill (Canada)**
    Music: Ten Minutes Ago by Richard Rogers
  •  Ahh The King and I, I just love all of the musical theatre on the Grand Prix this year
  • This is wonderful music for them
  • I love their fluidity and speed across the ice
  • The holds in the Golden Waltz are very close and the edges and knees are very deep
  • This piece is really making me smile, this team is just so joyful in their skating
  • SD Score: 25.01 (technical) + 23.09 (presentation) = 48.10
6) Ekaterina Bobrova & Dmitri Soloviev (Russia) **
    Music: Delilah by Tom Jones
  • I love her costume so much
  • This starts out with such intensity that I'm wondering how it will transition into the Golden Waltz
  • He looks very out of control on the twizzles, lost balance and almost fell
  • I like their energy, but they are scaring me a bit because they are on the verge of being out of control
  • I wanted her to point her feel and straighten her legs on the rotational lift
  • I like this program a lot, but there are a lot of details they can work out before Europeans and Worlds
  • SD Score: 27.93 (technical) + 28.92 (presentation) -1.00 (deduction) = 55.85
7) Xintong Huang & Xun Zheng (China)
    Music: Waltz No. 2
  • There was something happening character-wise at the beginning of this piece but I don't really understand what it was; should clarify that before next competition
  • Twizzles look slow, out of sync, and sloppy overall
  • I do not like his costume, it looks sloppy
  • The edges and knees could be much much deeper in the Golden
  • The overhead lift was interesting, but he nearly came to a standstill while he was lifting her and they bobbled the exit
  • That was an okay routine, but it didn't really "dance" for me
  • SD Score: 25.08 (technical) + 24.62 (presentation) = 49.70
8) Madison Hubbell & Keiffer Hubbell (USA)
    Music: The Adams Family, Machismo Tango
  • I love their rotational lift with her in the scorpion position
  • This is a nice, smooth, elegant program so far
  • She hits a nice low position on that shoot the duck
  • This may be one case where the costumes work for both the waltz and the tango
  • Oh wow, he falls during footwork and she trips over him, thats a very tough fall and totally breaks their concentration
  • They lose focus after the falls and lose synchronization on the final twizzle sequence
  • SD Score: 23.29 (technical) + 24.18 (presentation) - 3.00 (deduction) = 44.47
  • I only saw 2 falls, the duel fall with both of them, so I don't know where the 3 point deduction comes in
9) Federica Faiella & Massimo Scali (Italy) **
    Music: My Fair Lady
  • Holy costumes, is Federica's bow big enough?
  • I love this music, so perfect for ice dance
  • I may need to do a whole post on the use of musical theatre in Ice Dance
  • They seem tentative, I think they could give it more energy 
  • Oh wow, his blade catches her dress and almost trips him up, but they stay on their feet
  • Ice dance has to have, far and away, the most costume malfunctions of any discipline
  • Like the Hubbells with their fall, I think this costume malfunction broke their focus for the rest of the program
  • I love the closing pose here, it really reflects the character of the dance
  • I just love the coach's fur coat, its very Tatiana Tarasova
  • SD Score: 26.28 (technical) + 30.93 (presentation) = 57.21
10) Nathalie Pechalat & Fabian Bourzat (France) **
      Music: Dr. Zhivago
  • Faiella and Scali definitely left room for this team to pass them with a great skate
  • She exited the twizzles before him on each position in the opening sequence
  • Their opening looks sloppy with one finishing slightly before the other on almost every unison element
  • They definitely start to look cleaner and more polished as the program continues
  • If I hadn't already looked at the scores, I'd expect the Italians to be closer, when in actuality this team is nearly 7 points ahead after the short dance
  • SD Score: 32.71 (technical) + 31.41 (presentation) = 64.12
1) Pechalat/Bourzat            64.12
2) Faiella/Scali                   57.21
3) Bobrova/Soloviev             55.85
4) Hoffmann/Zavozin           52.69
5) Huang/Zheng                 49.70
6) Ralph/Hill                      48.10
7) Yu/Wang                       45.33
8) Hubbell/Hubbell              44.47
9) Guan/Wang                   40.19
10) Cannuscio/Lorello         38.34

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