Friday, November 19, 2010

ISU Grand Prix: Rostelecom Cup Pairs Free Skate

1) Tatiana Novik & Mikhail Kuznetsov (Russia) **
   Music: West Side Story
  • Ok here we go, I'll be very interested to see a Russian team interpret this very American story
  • Good speed her
  • Split twist was nice, but it may have been only a double
  • Oh wow she really wiped out hard on that side by side
  • Hand down on the throw, very little speed going into it
  • They have some nice lift positions, but nothing seems final or polished to me
  • This program really did nothing for me at all
  • FS Score: 46.43 (TES) + 45.94 (PCS) -1.00 (deduction) = 91.37
  • 45.48 (SP) + 91.37 (FS) = 136.83
2) Stefania Berton & Ondrej Hotarek (Italy)
   Music: Romeo And Juliet
  • I love this music, but I need the program to be spectacular if they choose this music
  • Unison is all kinds of off in these spins
  • There is such a lack of speed and energy here
  • This team and this program are really doing nothing for me
  • If you are going to "die" in an ending pose, hold it for more than a hot second so it can resonate
  • FS Score: 51.48 (TES) + 49.59 (PCS) = 101.07
  • 49.78 (SP) + 101.07 (FS) = 150.85
3) Britney Simpson & Nathan Miller (USA)
   Music: Moonlight Sonata
  • I do not like that they chose this music, it belongs to Gordeeva & Grinkov
  • First jump of opening combo was slightly out of sync, she barely saved her landing on the second jump
  • Slight crash on landing of split twits
  • She two foots the landing of the first throw
  • She could use a lot more stretch in her overhead lift positions
  • She falls on second throw
  • Spins are pretty good
  • They could have a nice future, but then again at 14 & 22, by the time she truly matures, he will be ready to retire
  • FS Score: 47.10 (TES) + 49.40 (PCS) - 1.00 (deduction)= 95.50
  • 50.28 (SP) + 95.50 (FS) = 145.78
4) Paige Lawrence & Rudi Swiegers (Canada) **
   Music: Van Helsing
  • Good height on that split twist, but there was a crash on the landing
  • They have wonderful lift positions
  • Major unison and timing issues on the jump combination there
  • They need some work if they are going to compete with the world's best
  • There are so few consistent pair teams out there 
  • They are losing so much speed here, they are practically at a stand still out of some of their lifts
  • They don't get a lot of height or distance in their throws, nothing like the Chinese
  • FS Score: 52.12 (TES) + 50.84 (PCS) = 103.00
  • 51.67 (SP) + 103.00 (FS) = 154.67
5) Amanda Evora & Mark Ladwig (USA)
   Music: Nessun Dorma
  • This is amazing music, lets see if they can do it justice
  • If all of our American pair teams could skate clean at nationals, Evora & Ladwig would win
  • That was a clean catch on the split twist
  • Amanda falls on the first side by side
  • She two foots the landing of the first throw
  • Even the spins are out of unison
  • I just feel like I want to throw my hands up at the state of American pairs skating
  • We need a major coach to come in, find young strong singles skaters and pair them up at a young age so they learn the technique together; similar to what Bin Yao does in China
  • Zoueva & Shpilband changed the face of Ice Dance in the United States; we need somebody who will do that for pairs
  • They do have great moments, don't get me wrong, particularly their overhead lifts
  • That one where he holds only her hip is stellar
  • There is that ugly death spiral position
  • FS Score: 57.62 (TES) + 53.65 (PCS) - 1.00 (deduction) = 110.27
  • 52.58 (SP) +110.27  (FS) = 162.85 
6) Katarina Gerboldt & Alexander Enbert (Russia) **
   Music: Rhapsody in Rock
  • She completely misses the combination on the opening jump sequence
  • Clean catch on the split twist
  • They lit it up in the short but their free didn't do much for me
  • FS Score: 52.64 (TES) + 54.16 (PCS) = 106.80
  • 53.62 (SP) + 106.80 (FS) = 160.62
7) Narumi Takahashi & Mervin Tran (Japan)
   Music: El Dia Que Me Quieras
  • She takes a fall on the opening jump
  • Any more major mistakes and I believe Evora/Ladwig may pass them as well
  • This as very underwhelming to me
  • It lacks speed and flow across the ice
  • She could be a lot more stretched out in the air on the lifts
  • She is too funny, such enthusiasm
  • FS Score: 55.31 (TES) + 55.26 (PCS) - 1.00 (deduction) = 109.57
  • 55.90 (SP) + 109.57 (FS) = 165.47
8) Yuko Kavaguti & Alexander Smirnov (Russia) **
   Music: Claire De Lune
  • It seemed like forever from the time the music started to the time they started moving
  • Ps did the announcer just call her "Kawaguchi," her old Japanese name?
  • She lands the throws with her chest very low
  • She also landed her jump with her chest very low
  • That was a bit of a crash on the split triple twist
  • Is it bad that I'm happy this pairs competition will be over in a hot minute?
  • She just two-footed her second throw
  • I don't know who matched up these two skaters, but Smirnov could have been so good with a better partner who pointed her feet
  • I loved that moment where they showed the smile on Moskvina's face
  • FS Score: 56.03 (TES) + 64.76 (PCS) = 120.79
  • 61.91 (SP) + 120.78 (FS) = 182.70
Final Standings:
Kavaguti/Smirnov (Russia)                        182.70
Takahashi/Tran (Japan)                            165.47
Evora/Ladwig (USA)                                  162.85
Gerboldt/Enbert (Russia)                           160.62
Lawrence/Swiegers (Canada)                   154.67
Berton/Hotarek (Italy)                                150.85
Simpson/Miller (USA)                                145.78
Novik/Kuznetsov (Russia)                          136.83

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