Friday, November 12, 2010

ISU Grand Prix: Skate America Men's Short Program

  • Watching live on Universal Sports! Its so great to have Terry Gannon and Peter Carruthers back in my life! And I love that Terry just said Rippon could be our US national champ in January!
  • Yay judges, lets be fair and make good decisions!!
  • And group 1 is taking the ice for a warm-up
  • 3 of these men train with Priscilla Hill, the ex-coach of Johnny Weir
  • This seems like such a very strong mens field today, i'm very much looking forward to it
  • I just love having tv commentary
  • I love the Takahashi/Oda saga with coach Nikolai Morozov, which is oddly similar to the Yagudin/Plushenko saga with Alexei Mishin
  • Commercial break and then Murakami skates
1) Daisuke Murakami (Japan)
   Music: Toccata & Fugue
  • That triple lutz looked very tilted to me but he saved it
  • Huge triple axel with a slight bobble on the landing
  • All his jumps look strangely tilted to me in the air
  • He is traveling a bit on his spins
  • He seems a little anxious, unsettled out her on the ice
  • A pretty decent showing overall, but he definitely displayed some great musicality and style
  • SP Score: 36.26 (technical) + 30.75 (presentation) = 67.01
2) Armin Mahbanoozadeh (USA) 
    Music: Mario Takes a Walk/Prelude
  • Hand down on opening jump here
  • Nice triple-triple combo, but lower on difficulty than Murakami
  • A lovely donut spin there
  • I'll say it again, one of the best things about the new judging system is the emphasis on interesting spin positions
  • He seems to lack intensity and a little performance quality
  • I never really thought about how the scratch spin is falling out of fame
  • SP Score: 37.05 (technical) + 30.56 (presentation) = 67.61
  • Thats a very high program components score
 3) Viktor Pfeifer (Austria)
    Music: The Mask
  • So I wonder how Priscilla Hill is feeling now with 3 skaters in a row?
  • This is his first grand prix but he has competed in 2 Olymics?
  • Wow, that was only a double axel
  • This guy is tall!
  • He is definitely trying to play up the theatricality of the music but his footwork seems a bit slow to me
  • His spin positions looked so awkward to me, yet they'll get points
  • Scores show underrotation on jumps
  • SP Score: 26.82 (technical) + 28.19  (presentation) = 55.81
4) Stephen Carriere (USA) **
     Music: After Midnight/Hot Honey Rag
  • He is my Fantasy pick form Pool C so I'm wishing him well
  • He tilted on the takeoff and took a very hard fall on the triple axel
  • I do very much appreciate his theatricality
  • The combination was clean
  • Hello Hot Honey Rag (I love Chicago)
  • I love the 20s inspired choreography and this is the perfect music for footwork although I must admit that some of his movements look a bit feminine to me
  • I can tell that the choreograph and the program are very solid, but I don't think he performed it as well as he could have, not only with jumps, but even in terms of performance
  • SP Score: 27.17 (technical) + 32.97 (presentation) -1.00 (deduction) = 59.14
5) Shawn Sawyer (Canada)
    Music: Mr. and Mrs. Smith Soundtrack
  • I am a big Shawn Sawyer fan!
  • I cannot wait to see what he is about to do every time he skates
  • Who else is excited for another Tango?
  • From the opening pose and the swing of that arm, I am completely hooked on this performance
  • Takes a very hard fall on this triple axel, which was also under-rotated
  • Like Carriere, a fall on a triple axel and then a clean triple-triple
  • Sawyer may never, I'm afraid, have the jumps to really deliver a clean solid performance, but he would be an excellent show skater
  • You know, I don't really think that this music shows off what he really does well
  • That leg catch spin at the end shows amazing flexibility but it was a slow spin and he had his hip hiked way up, making it an ugly position in my opinion
  • SP Score: 24.63 (technical) + 33.31 (presentation) -1.00 (deduction) = 56.94
6) Nan Song (China) **
    Music: Requiem For A Dream
  • Expect some huge jumps here from Song
  • As much as it is overused, I still love that music
  • Stepped out of his triple flip after being too close to the boards
  • That first jump was nowhere near an explosive part of the music
  • A HUGE triple axel here
  • Why is his spin sequence in that one corner of the rink? 
  • This choreography is very odd
  • He is attacking this footwork a lot, but it doesn't look overly difficult, just a lot of flailing arms to me
  • He is the opposite of Shawn Sawyer in that he is an athlete, not an artist
  • SP Score: 31.23 (technical) + 30.98  (presentation) = 62.21
**Armin Mahbanoozadeh leads after the first group

  • I never really considered what a strong rivalry Oda & Takahashi had
  • Why hello Scott Hamilton & Tracy Wilson!
  • I love that Adam Rippon is really coming into his own this year

7) Denis Ten (Kazakhstan)
    Music: Primavera Porteno
  • I am obsessed with Frank Carrol
  • Carrol said in an interview this week that he barely knows Denis yet and is still trying to figure him out
  • It must be an amazing experience for Frank's young students to train alongside Evan Lysacek
  • His triple axel went really vertical  and he couldnt hang on
  • A stumble out of his combination jump
  • Hand down on the third jump
  • He definitely has confidence issues, not jumping technique issues
  • Is this another tango? Really?
  • Im afraid these scores definitely will not be good
  • He seems like he is not connecting with the ice
  • Evan Lysacek is Denis' idol, he was a flower boy at the Moscow worlds and met Evan, so precious
  • Frank is having some dramatic young teenagers to deal with in Denis and Mirai Nagasu
  • SP Score: 32.50 (technical) + 33.00 (presentation) - 1.00 (deduction) = 64.50
8) Adrian Schultheiss (Sweden)
    Music: Scuba by Bonobo
  • A bleached haired, lip ringed figure skater?
  • Nice opening triple lutz combo
  • Loses a lot of speed going into the triple axel and then puts a hand down, I also suspect it was under-rotated
  • It is odd how some of his spins are super fast and some are super slow
  • His triple flip looked tentative, but he landed it nonetheless, its kind of a techno mixed with elevator music
  • Was he really only one of four men at the olympic games to land a quad????
  • This music isn't doing much for me
  • SP Score: 32.21 (technical) + 31.50 (presentation) = 63.71
9) Adam Rippon (USA)
    Music: Romeo & Juliet Overture
  • He reminds me so much of Johnny Weir at that age
  • I am so excited for him to be the next big name in American Figure Skating
  • I love that look of anguish on his face during the opening strains of the music
  • Turns out of the landing and puts a hand down
  • His components will be very high and he will still sit comfortably in the lead for the time being
  • That triple lutz is absolutely exquisite
  • I love the reference to Brian Boitano
  • This is gorgeous choreography and he truly tells a story with his performance
  • It is so unfortunate that he had that stop out and hand down on the triple lutz, but it was still a fantastic program
  • Can I just say how happy I am that I have Scott Hamilton's commentary to listen too
  • I wonder how Adam feels about Queen Yu Na leaving the Orser Camp
  • SP Score: 36.83 (technical) + 37.11 (presentation) = 73.94
10) Kevin Van Der Perren (Belgium) **
      Music: Art of War
  • Here is my Fantasy pick from pool B so I hope he can land his jump solidly
  • He is so intense and he always does very masculine programs like this, hence the art of war
  • That triple axel was so strong
  • Decided to not do the quad because he didnt really need to at this point with the falls earlier tonight
  • Oh Kevin, a double flip, really?
  • Well Adam will certainly hold onto his lead
  • I'm starting to think my fantasy picks are letting me down
  • This program is looking very labored, and I think he is beginning to show his age
  • His strength is his jumping ability and without them, he is average
  • SP Score: 30.12 (technical) + 32.10 (presentation) = 62.22
**Wow we have two Americans at the top of the leader board right now

11) Daisuke Takahshi (Japan) **
       Music: Selections from Perez Prado
  • Work it out Daisuke, finish it up in first like I know you can
  • Nice opening combination triple-triple
  • Wow he totally saved that triple axel even though he was totally tilted in the air
  • What a performer he is, I just love it, love it, love it
  • Its so interesting to see the flashy performances from these Asian skaters, as it is so against their culture
  • A small stumble on the last jump
  • He is ripping it up on this footwork, in a big way
  • This footwork combined with this music is perfection and the crowd is just loving him all the way
  • Daisuke are you married? Daisuke, call me
  • SP Score: 35.69 (technical) + 42.43 (presentation) = 78.12
12) Nobunari Oda (Japan)
      Music: Storm by Yoshida Brothers
  • I absolutely hate this costume, it looks like a woman's top with parachute pants
  • His speed is insane
  • A nice solid triple axel
  • He looks very focused here and the triple-triple combination is so solid
  • I expect him to lead after the short, but I still think Takahashi will come back in the free to win it
  • Okay so that split jump was unnecessary and it just looked silly
  • I would say that program definitely puts him into first
  • The crowd did not get behind him like they did with Daisuke
  • SP Score: 39.60 (technical) + 39.68 (presentation) = 79.28 
Current Leaderboard:
1) Nobunari Oda (Japan)                  79.28
2) Daisuke Takahashi (Japan)          78.12
3) Adam Ripon (USA)                      73.94
4) Armin Mahbanoozadeh (USA)       67.61
5) Daisuke Murakami (Japan)            67.01
6) Denis Ten (Kazakhstan)                64.50
7) Adrian Schultheiss (Sweden)         63.71
8) Kevin Van Der Perren (Belgium)    62.22
9) Nan Song (China)                         62.21
10) Stephen Carriere (USA)               59.14
11) Shawn Sawyer (Canada)              56.94
12) Viktor Pfeifer (Austria)                 55.01

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