Thursday, November 18, 2010

ISU Grand Prix: Rostelecom Cup Short Dance

1) Alexandra Paul & Mitchell Islam (Canada) **
   Music: La Cumparsita-Amor por el Tango
  • This was the surprise ice dance team from Skate Canada, they have a lovely style on the ice and people are already calling them Virtue/Moir 2.0
  • Their Skate Canada short dance was good, but where they really shine is in their free dance so if they are not stellar here, do not be alarmed as they will surely turn it on tomorrow
  • At 19 and 20 they are a very young team
  • As you know, I'm  not a big fan of the tango with the golden waltz in these short dances but I'll give them the benefit of the doubt
  • She seemed to step out early on the second set of twizzles
  • Their golden waltz seems very slow and they could get a lot deeper into their knees; their edge quality could also use some work, but as I said, where they shine is in the free dance
  • Like the other couples using the tango this season, the transition from waltz to tango is awkward and disjointed here
  • Oh wow she  cot caught up in the footwork and took a fall, she never really catches up with him on that step sequence and the unison suffers
  • She also completely jumped out of performance mode
  • She looks very upset, but they should keep their chins up knowing how special their free dance is
  • SD Score: 25.71 (TES) + 23.04 (PCS) -3.00 (deduction) = 45.73
  • **TES stands for Technical Elements Score, PCS stands for Program Components Score
2) Elena Ilinykh & Nikita Katsalapov (Russia)
   Music: Agony/Tango
  • SD Score: 26.98 (TES) + 23.16 (PCS) -1.00 (deduction) = 49.14
3) Lucie Mysliveckova & Matej Novak (Czech Republic)
   Music: Battagliero/Alexander's Ragtime Band
  • SD Score: 24.86 (TES) + 23.59 (PCS) = 48.45
4) Kristina Gorshkova & Vitali Butikov (Russia)
   Music: Russian Waltz
  • Ok I apologize for missing the last two, I'm back now
  • Here is an up and coming Russian team that hopes to restore Russia's place atop the ice dancing world
  • Russians are normally the masters of compulsories, but this looks very slow to me
  • These costumes are also too loud for me to the point where they are distracting
  • Overall that was just okay for me, it didn't do much for me on the whole
  • SD Score: 27.29 (TES) + 24.68 (PCS) = 51.97
**Group 2 six minute warm up**

5) Elena Bobrova & Dmitri Soloviev (Russia)
   Music: Delilah
  • I like their speed here right off the top
  • This is a strange music choice for a Russian team but it works for them
  • Their unison is wonderful
  • Ok here we go into the golden waltz portion
  • They have nice deep knees
  • Of the three Russian teams here, these two are the most exciting to watch and seem to be the best technically and in terms of precision
  • That death drop where he spins her low on the ice always scares me but it is so exciting to watch
  • Their rotational lift is a standout
  • This team beat Faiella & Scali at Cup of China and if the Italians stumble again, I think they could challenge them for gold
  • SD Score: 31.22 (TES) + 29.58 (PCS) = 60.80
6) Nora Hoffman & Maxim Zavozin (Hungary)
   Music: Sleeping Beauty/Skaters Waltz
  • I love her costume, if floats beautifully without being distracting
  • They seem a little stiff here in the Golden Waltz portion, I would love to see a little more freedom in their movements
  • Her twizzles seem much slower than his but they ended at the same time, did he do more revolutions?
  • SD Score: 29.21 (TES) + 28.03 (PCS) = 57.24
7) Madison Hubbell & Keiffer Hubbell (USA) **
   Music: The Addams Family
  • What is it with these brother/sister teams skating to the Addams Family this year...the Reeds, the Hubbells
  • I love that opening rotational lift with her foot touching the back of her head
  • She does some kind of weird stumble, but her butt doesn't touch so there shouldn't be a fall deduction
  • This is a fairly strong American team, but you can definitely tell the difference between who trains with Zoueva/Shpilband and who doesn't
  • They had the stumble in the middle and a bobble on the last twizzle sequence, but overall a much better performance than at Cup of China
  • Why isn't their coach with them in the Kiss and Cry?
  • SD Score: 26.21 (TES) + 24.38 (PCS) = 50.59
8) Federica Faiella & Massimo Scali (Italy)**
   Music: My Fair Lady
  • I see they haven't shortened the dress that caused them to fall at Cup of China
  • If they can stay on their feet, they should have no trouble winning this competition
  • Some unison issues on their first twizzle sequence, she is not spinning as fast as he is and her leg is not as high
  • They look good here in the Golden Waltz portion
  • I really like this program, and they have well established characters and great theatricality
  • Federica's costume is really growing on me
  • Their free skate is spectacular if they can stay on their feet
  • SD Score: 26.93 (TES) + 30.72 (PCS) = 57.65
Current Leaderboard:
Bobrova/Soloviev (Russia)                     60.80 
Faiella/Scali (Italy)                                57.65
Hoffman/Zavozin (Hungary)                   57.24
Gorshkova/Butikov (Russia)                   51.97 
Hubbell/Hubbell                                     50.59
Ilinykh/Katsalopov (Russia)                    49.14 
Mysliveckova/Novak (CZE)                     48.45
Paul/Islam (Canada)                              45.75

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