Wednesday, August 3, 2011

So You Think You Can Dance: The Top 6 Perform!

Here we are....down to the top 6! I hear we have some more exciting All-Stars, namely Jamie from S3 & Kent from S7!

9:59 If I could wrap up the episode in one word...... CHRISTINA!!
9:58 So I'm back on the Melanie bandwagon again....Melanie in Marko all the way
9:56 So now Sonya is back on Nigel's good list....I don't think she needs your approval dear
9:55 Caitlynn may have come of age...but I'm afraid she may be going home tomorrow anyway.
9:52 Wow Lil C just called this routine #buck #buck because it was reckless & convicted. Lil C is always obsessed with Sonya's am I!
9:51 The lighting of this piece may look great in the theatre but its so hard to see on TV...Marko is on fire in this piece!!! Caitlynn seems to not be quite at his level though
9:49 Marko & Caitlynn doing Sonya jazz....I think a character piece will help her a lot
9:45 I feel bad for Tadd that the judges basically ignored him while going gaga over Melanie's solo. Then Christina compared her to Donna McKechnie which is just not okay with me. I looooove that Christina referenced the greatest musical theatre dancer of all time, but Melanie simply isn't quite at that level yet
9:42 This piece could've easily been The Music And The Mirror.....thanks for stealing 2 concepts Spencer
9:41 Thanks Cat for confirming that this was "Black Swan"
9:39 Spencer's concept is "Black Swan"
9:38 Oh lord I hate Spencer Liff
9:27 Okay I don't really get what whacking is. Maybe flailing? It actually looks just like a syncopated jazz routine to me. Ricky & Sasha are giving it their all, but the choreography just wasn't great. There was much too much unison movement.
9:22 It seems as if Melanie improvised her solo.....that is why it looked so natural
9:20 Cat is a phenomenal host
9:19 Marko fell out of a pirouette and I don't even care
9:18 From an emotional perspective, it seems the producers want the audience to connect to Sasha & Marko because they had the most sappy intro packages
9:11 Caitlynn tried her best to be sexy, but the whole thing was a little clunky for me
9:08 OMG I'm so jealous of Caitlynn for being in the same room with Pasha & Dmitri at the same time
9:07 I think the judges want Sasha to win. Isn't she a contemporary dancers? Because her jazz is hot
9:02 Did Tadd just hop on one hand for like an hour?
9:01 The family vids are all about pulling at the voters' heartstrings and it is soooo working
8:59 I agree with Mary about how Ricky seemed to bounce off the piano keys
8:58 Lil C is commending them on using the props.....but then again was the prop totally necessary?
8:56 What is it with all the white costumes this season? Jamie is phenomenal and I love that she works the hair and the legs simultaneously. Is it just me or does Ricky look like he is marking? Or maybe it is just him preparing for the lifts
8:51 I'm obsessed with Jamie Goodwin...she's one of my favorites from the whole series
8:50 I like Caitlynn's song choice and the fact that she has some movements in between her tricks...its progress
8:47 Can FOX just make Lil C a permanent judge already? His critiques are so great and so specific
8:47 Sonya is PISSED at Nigel for saying her piece needed more dancing
8:44 This piece reminds me of The Tudors....pristine yet dirty
8:43 Sonya is just so freaking interesting! Leave it to her to come up with something off the wall
8:38 Ricky has great leaps & turns, but he actually that the tricks are not the focal point which I love, he knows how to dance for his life!
8:34 I agree with Nigel....this piece left me a little cold, though I think that was more the choreography than the execution by Marko
8:33 Side note.....Mary continues the trend of neck or shoulder adornments on her dress
8:32 I don't remember Jeanette but homegirl has a fun accent. This is a very theatrical Paso Doble & Marko did  fine job for all I know about Paso Doble
8:30 The power for the man in the Paso Doble comes from the crotch.....good to know
8:25 Sasha is truly connecting with the judges and audience.....girl has come on strong the past few weeks and just might win it all!
8:19 I swear Sasha may actually be the same size as Kent. She is in CRAZY good shape. Something about them looked great together oddly enough
8:17 I love Kent and I'm so happy to see him back!! I hope this Tyce piece is not so fake
8:11 Lil C doesn't think Melanie gets it because she didn't grow up in the that's her fault?? She is no Shirley Temple girlfriend
8:06 Melanie + Twitch + NappyTabs = Lil Red in da Hood. This is actually a real cool concept! Melanie is getting down too! This is showing a totally different side of her and I love it!
8:04 The Cat-Nigel banter gets better each episode
8:02 Oh Christina Applegate, how precious. At least she knows Fosse choreography. And thank god for Lil C
8:00 The stage looks so lonely with 6! Each dancer will do two routines and a solo tonight


  1. I hope Melanie wins! But i'm always wrong!

  2. The return of Dmitry mmm yum

  3. Love Caitlynn but really jealous that she got to be locked in a room with Dmitry and Pasha. Too much man candy for one room