Thursday, August 4, 2011

So You Think You Can Dance: The Top 6 Results!

According to Nigel's twitter, we aren't going to see a bottom two tonight. We will simply lose the male and female that received the least votes as to not reveal the top two. Tonight we'll know who is dancing in the finale....can't wait!!

8:57 And now Tadd is through.....I'm cool with all of the voting tonight, though I did love Ricky so much
8:55 Now I know why Pia got voted off of Idol...great voice but boring overall
8:48 Sasha goes through! America got it right!!
8:48 Caitlyn dances from her head, Melanie dances from her heart, and Sasha dances from her soul.....well spoken Nigel
8:40 Duh, it was obviously going to be Marko because the drama is between Tadd & Ricky
8:40 I'm just going to say it.....that waacking routine was stupid
8:38 I hate to be precious, but they all deserve to be in the finale!!
8:35 OMG the boys are doing a conga line....that's so precious! I bet Marko will be the first guy in the finale since he's pretty much a given
8:30 And the first girl in the finale is.........Melanie! Duh, like we didnt' know that was happening. OMG her Grandma was just so precious when that was announced!
8:22 Why do we have to see "Collide" again?" I didnt' even like it last season. Don't get me wrong they are great dancers but Travis has done much better work since then
8:17 Ricky always has the best solos, his body does things i've never seen and "Requiem For A Dream" is perfect for a dance for your life piece
8:16 Marko has such joy for dance, so ahmaazing
8:16 Tadd is pure entertainment...such a charismatic guy
8:12 National Dance Day is my favorite holiday....obviously
8:07 Melanie manages to tell a complete story in 30 seconds, she is a true gem!
8:06 Caitlynn never learned that you can do a solo without turns and leaps. Her center leap and her jump into a fall onto the shin has been in every one of her solos
8:05 Sasha makes such great use of levels in this solo. I love string music so I'm currently obsessed with this piece and her musical interpretation of it
8:03 The rose was unnecessary, but a lovely piece nonetheless, from Justin Giles
8:02 Sasha keeps catching my attention, she is killing this! This piece is so gentle and easy to watch, I just love it!
8:00 This opening number centers around a huge red rose. Beauty & The Beast anyone? And surprise surprise they are wearing white!

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