Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dance Moms Live-Blog!

11:00 Cesar is right...Maddy is a star. And on that note, thats it for me tonight!
10:54 OMG shut up Kathy would be a perfect Auntie Mame!
10:53 Haha Abby is dying over Kathy's solo number
10:48 Using the showcase as a method of deciding which pieces go to Nationals and who needs private lessons is a great idea....Abby really is worth her salt!
10:47 I'm glad we got a few glimpses of Abby's advanced students this episode
10:42 Every single thing they are saying about this showcase, I've been through it all and those of you who are dancers know what I mean
10:40 Kathy just said she needed to camouflage Kristy's big butt lol
10:32 Quote of the night is from Melissa: "Abby says dance comes first...our girls don't even go to school"
10:29 OMG Melissa just said "the casting director is here to see Maddy" lol
10:22 "We are turning these girls into athletes, not pageant Queens"...truer words were never spoken Abby
10:21 Hair up in Dance Class.....who doesn't know that rule??
10:19 It's funny how they try to make Pittsburgh look so glamorous
10:17 I love Abby's "tough love attitude" because it's not malicious, she is just trying to prepare them for the dance world
10:09 I wondered why Michelle Obama was doing shoulder rolls across Abby's studio, but then I remembered that's Holly, Nia's mom
10:08 Kristy is late, will she be bumped to the bottom of Kathy's pyramid?
10:07 I love that the girls are watching in the gallery while the moms are rehearsing
10:05 Thank God Kathy is going to choreograph the moms piece, it will surely be fab-tastic
10:04 OMG a Broadway talent agent is coming to the showcase! Maddy could totes be in Billy Elliot
10:03 Nia moved up the pyramid!
10:03 Kristy should be thrown out of the studio for that attitude she copped at the last competition
10:00 And now on to the bitches of the hour, the DANCE MOMS!


  1. I love the show and the moms are crazy!!!!!. But I have to admit Maddie is the best and will always be the best but everyone knows that abby does give her more attention!

  2. Please live-blog more dance moms! Add more snark, too. I know you can!!!! :-)

  3. love dance mom but the instructor abbeylee is bias, i love all the girls.vivanne is a cute girl but her mom kathy is a bit much.

  4. yea i think kathy is a bit much to but i love cathy and when i sw this show it enspird me to dance now in only 4 months i am inlevel 9 and compeeting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. congrats good luck!!!!!!!!!

  6. ur all crazy i am the bet dancer on that show

  7. how come there are all empty seats at there compertition in the audience...

  8. Maddie is a STAR just like Abby said, and the women especially Christi, are horrible to be hating on a lil 9 year old....Chloe has to get away from you so she can become better, you Christi are a nut and you make her nervous and your ugly can't leave that out, your ugly on the the inside and the outside....and if I was Abby your butt would have been out of my studio years ago....I can't stand you...and Kelly, follows you and needs to be slapped as well.....2 evil women that are so UGLY on the inside

  9. I think the show is outrage. The attitude their teaching these young girls is inexcusable. To think their exploiting their talents for self gain . And Abby, what a loud mouth self I portent loser

  10. Christy and Kelly are AWFUL!! Christy is ugly inside and out

  11. I wish these mothers would respect Abby. She can be harsh at times but welcome to the real world. She is just preparing the girls for what is out there. The Moms are so jealous it makes me sick!! The only one with sence is Holly. It seems as though the mothers need to grow up & let Abby do her job. Afterall,she knows what she is doing & I think everyone of the girls need her. The girls need discipline & they sure don't get it at home!!!!!

  12. I think Christi needs bashed in her smart mouth! She has no respect what so ever & she thinks her daughter is the best. News Flash...
    She is NOT. Maybe if you leave her alone she could do well, but you are so jealous! I hope your daughter does not grow up like you but the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. So be a role model instead of witch!