Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Dance Moms: August 24th Live-Blog!

11:00 Next week we have Nationals and I'm sure that all hell will break loose!
10:58 Holly is about to exit this's getting intense!
10:57 Oh crap what did Abby just say about a Martin Luther King scholarship?? hahaha this woman is too much but she creates some great soundbites!
10:56 What is ethnic about front walkovers and leg-catch turns?
10:54 Oh lord now Cathy is ragging on the photographer. Does she not get that they didn't want the dancers to be highly made up?
10:53 Editing error.....Maddy was just shown practicing a turn sequence AFTER her solo had already gone on
10:46 Its so true that all dancers are typed. I was always given musical theatre and jazz
10:44 Maddy has a very good stage face and such an expressive upper body
10:40 Well Abby, maybe they'd do a better job if it wasn't a new routine every week
10:39 Oh no, Maddy is pissed!!! She's pissed because Nia didn't do well but she told Abby she hurt herself
10:36 Poor Nia!
10:33 Why the hell do they always get there so late?
10:32 Maddy is getting that signature dancer pre-teen attitude
10:30 Abby looks like Ursula there sleeping on the bus!
10:29 Abby is literally driving Holly to drink......and I agree with Kelly that she is going overboard
10:23 OMG Melissa is going to flip out because they are running late
10:22 Nia's costume is to die for...I'd totes wear that lol
10:20 Abby they are children....why do you want them to dance like teenagers?
10:19 Poor Vivi is going to become such a rebellious child  b/c Cathy is pushing her to do things she doesn't want to do
10:18 "You do remember I'm not a team player" -Kathy
10:16 How does this minister think she can just walk out of a contract?
10:09 OMG Minister Dawn is back after the cops hauled her out circa episode 1!!
10:07 I did a double take when Abby decided to teach Nia "ethnic dances" but I actually see her point about being prepared for auditions
10:06 Maddy is doing a precious lyrical solo in memory of her grandmother
10:04 Kathy and Kelly are rehashing last week's costume debacle
10:01 Here we go, Abby is doing her opening speech as per usual

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