Wednesday, August 10, 2011

So You Think You Can Dance: The Top 4 Perform!

Here we are, we have our top 4 so get ready to see some amazing performances!!

9:55 I HATE when Nigel tries to make predictions, i.e. saying a girl will still win, because it heavily influences the voting
9:55 I'm disappointed in the producers for doing such a horrible job choosing styles & choreographers for this evening's finale
9:51 Marko isn't quite as low as Tadd.....he could get much lower into the knees
9:46 Finally a Stacey Tookey piece that I can was interesting and not trite
9:42 Wait so Stacey Tookey can do a piece that isn't a love story....congrats! This is really interesting actually. In this case the props work because they provide a barrier that they can't surmount
9:34 Sasha always talks about the hard journey she has had that has allowed her to dance such dark pieces. I'm not being nosy, but I'm curious as to what has lead her to feel such pain
9:31 I'm going to quote my friend @Kyle_louise and say "this piece was too much narrative and not enough dancing"
9:28 Something about this reminds me of the "Way You Make Me Feel" segment from Center Stage
9:27 I freaking love Ray Leeper....he is straight out of the dance competition/convention circuit where I grew up
9:22 I'm def voting Marko will be my first time voting of the season
9:20 I feel like Tadd needs the win the most...everyone else will have a career regardless
9:15 Wow Marko & Lauren just kind of slobbered all over one another
9:13 Marko looks like a star right here...I'm not even watching Lauren at all right now
9:06 That piece was not the level needed for the final episode
9:06 Sasha & Tadd's Cha Cha was sassy in performance, but a little clunky in terms of execution
9:02 Marko is so incredibly genuine! He, like Melanie, makes magic in the subtleties in his solos
8:54 Melanie gives a master class when she performs her solos...the slightest movement is gripping without all the flashy leaps and turns
8:52 Now we get to the feelings....Melanie's favorite memory was launching herself into Neil's arms. Her favorite person was Ricky and you can tell that she misses him genuinely. Obviously she is besties with Marko  from the first half of the season.
8:49 Marko is precious & Sasha is fierce....but for me they didn't work together
8:47 The choreography is fine, but the scenery and props are unnecessary, as was that tumbling pass
8:45 Why God Why do we have to have a Spencer Liff routine in the finale?? I never thought I'd miss Tyce
8:38 Kenny Ortega just said he wanted to work with Melanie and Cat "got her a job" in the remake of Dirty Dancing. Great Cat moment of the night...."nobody puts me in a corner"
8:34 Stacey Tookey is up and we are obviously going to see a piece about love....unrequited love that is
8:32 The judges loved Tadd doing LIL C's work....obviously. These dancers should be good enough to not have to struggle through any style in the finale
8:24 This is certain to be awesome....Tadd & Joshua, I mean really?? And is this the first time choreographing for Lil C this year?
8:18 Kenny Ortega is absolutely correct in labeling her Sasha: Warrior Princess
8:13 Sasha & Sonyah have clearly connected this season, obviously, but this piece choreographed as an ode to her is phenomenal. Mark is a perfect partner for her in this piece. That wheelbarrow move was fantastic. Her body is in such amazing shape and she is so strong to be able to do all these interesting movements
8:11 Stupid Blogger is currently "read only" but I'll continue to write and I'll post live as soon as blogger goes live!
8:06 Kenny & Katie were all sunshine and roses......boring, but Mary is giving it to them straight about the lift issues
8:05 Marko is bound to be phenomenal at Disco! That over the head rotational lift could have been a little cleaner. They are so not in sync. These lifts don't have the speed and flow that we've seen in other routines
8:00 Kenny Ortega is legit in the dance world.....he'll be great tonight! But what the hell does Katie Holmes know about dance other than watching hubby Tom in Risky Business?

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