Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dance Moms Live-Blog: Episode #3

So I feel the need to provide commentary on this show because some of it is very real and some is so very fake....I know from experience.

10:58 Good for you Brooke! You finally got your priorities in line and chose dance over your friends
10:55 Brooke's mom is so right...all dancers dance through the comes with the territory
10:46 Oh my lord Vivy just said she was from her mother's studio!!
10:44 Kathy, how are you Abby's colleague when you own another studio????
10:41 If I were Abby, I'd be FURIOUS with Kathy and kick her ass out of the studio
10:39 Poor Vivy, she looks like she'd rather be anywhere but at this dance competition
10:39 I love how Abby has a medical opinion, that's too funny
10:32 Being told by your doctor that you can't do a competition and doing it anyway? I've totally been there
10:29 This Kathy woman is out her damn mind. Your kid doesn't want to dance Momma Rose!
10:27 Brooke is definitely going to be one of those girls who burns out. I also agree with her mom that she is too advanced and too mature to be dancing with petite dancers
10:20 These girls are all on very different levels. In a real studio they would not be in the same class or on the same competition team
10:18 Kathy came right in and started stirring the stink, I totally know all about that type of dance mom. She's smart because she knows which mom to be best friends with
10:16 This is a place where this show is fake. In a real studio, Vivie would be put in a much lower level class
10:13 In my opinion Brooke does not have what it takes to be a dancer. If she wants to do other teenager things, she should quit and do that
10:08 I totally agree with Abby when it comes to Brooke. She wants Brooke to commit to dance 100% which is absolutely what is needed to become a pro. You don't get a life when you are a dancer. I had to laugh when Abby told Kelly she settled for a husband and kids when she could've been a dancer....I just love that!
10:07 This pyramid thing, though I've not seen it before, isn't completely unreasonable. Many dance teachers use things like that to control their students
10:05 These moms are bitchy and snarky at each other based on the achievements and success of their daughters....this is absolutely happens everyday
10:02 So Abby is taking the girls to another new competition in New Jersey with a new routine. This is so unrealistic. There is no way that a serious competition studio would do a new routine each week. We spend months and months of painstaking rehearsal to prepare for these competitions.


  1. How stupid are you?
    Sure, you should be committed, but Brooke should be able to be a teenager too! If she has no opportunity to actually LIVE, she will loose all passion to dance and stop trying. Coming from a highly ranked competitive dancer from one of the best dance studios around, I've seen it happen many times!! Maybe when Brooke gets a little older, she can dance every hour of every day, but it's just brutal the way YOU talk about her.
    And dancing through pain is just horrible. At MY studio, if you're that injured, they take you out. You should dance through pain, but not injuries. You could get even more badly injured!!! And if you are really a good dance, as these girls are, putting together a new dance every week shouldn't be that hard. I've done it. I've also had to perform a trio as a solo, a group with 20 people as a group with 8, and step in for someone who got injured, all with less than an hour notice!
    OBVIOUSLY you have no idea what you are talking about. I can't believe you can say these things. You are what's wrong with the dance world.

  2. Apparently we came from different studio backgrounds. I too went to a highly ranked competitive studio and then danced in college. Thanks for the comment though!