Wednesday, July 6, 2011

So You Think You Can Dance: The Top 14 Perform!

I can't believe we are already onto week four of the live shows......this is So You Think You Can Dance!

9:57 Well that's it for tonight; look for my recap tomorrow and until then...keep dancing!
9:56 If they were a dance crew they'd be called "The Black Widow Brigade"
9:54 OMG I love Eartha Kitt; that opening image of the funeral was great! I love the unison and the quiet intricacy. Ok so we've had enough ripples for one routine, try another compositional structure Ray.
9:53 Its so great to see girls dancing in character heels!
9:49 Up until this week Caitlynn & Mitchell were blandsville but their stock just went waaaaaay up!
9:48 Go away Carmen! Come back Krazy Aunt Kristin
9:47 Nigel & Travis both had their breath taken away but Caitlynn & Mitchell
9:45 Mary is crying and she's on the verge of becoming hysterical....I love the crazy!
9:42 Another love story...this is starting to feel like pairs skating. OMG CELINE!!!!! I love a good Celine Dion moment, especially this song. That moment where Caitlynn's leg fluttered down out of her extension was gorgeous. This routine has really good speed and flow to it. I loved that pendulum lift, normally seen in swing dancing, and how Mandy Moore translated it to contemporary. That cartwheel entry lift was great! Mandy Moore could make bank by teaching these lifts to ice dancers.
9:40 Caitlynn is a skier/ teacher never let me do those things because I'm super accident prone
9:35 I totally forgot that Caitlynn & Mitchell existed....but they're up next in a contemporary piece.
9:32 That was was so very zombie prom. The judges all love it and it even kept Travis Wall's attention! He sees them well past the top 10
9:30 I am loving this routine already...its like 80s zombie diva chic! It wasn't a meaningful piece of anything, but it was entertaining and so fun to watch.
9:29 This jazz teacher is like crazy and I LOVE HIM!!! A piece about getting hit by a that is original!
9:28 Its cool that everyone on the show seems so family oriented. I love that Ricky was a cheerleader...I cheered like forever and I love everything about it!
9:25 Ryan is such a sentimental favorite for me! Its cool that Mia really took Ryan under her wing...Mia is great at spotty quirky talent like that.
9:20 OMG Nigel just agreed with me and said that Ashley worked her skirt like West Side Story...zinger!
9:18 I refuse to acknowledge that Carmen is still there because she can't put together a cohesive statement
9:17 Travis is doing job of being nice yet critical with these dancers while also giving constructive notes that they can apply to their future routines
9:16 I hate to say it but Jordan & Tadd would have look hot in that routine! Ashley & Chris...not so much...
9:15 Ashley is moving that skirt like Anita in West Side Story but she is way to jerky for me and that hip action is not in sync between the two of them. Chris is trying so hard and I really wish he didn't look awkward.
9:14 I'm genuinely scared for this Salsa routine, but I hope they prove me wrong.
9:13 What is it with breakers coming from Salt Lake auditions? Tadd, Chris, Gev from season 4...
9:12 Ashley grew up assisting her mom in dance...I grew up assisting my mom coaching cheerleading
9:06 This partner is truly growing, they're steadily improved each week
9:04 Travis is correct in saying this is a really believable piece and the choreography had a very nice arc.
9:02 This is a gorgeous piece of music and I love the lighting. They are really slamming those accents. I like Clarice more in these first 30 seconds than I have on anything all season long. She looked simply exquisite in that last moment.
9:01 Another Justin Gilles routine...a "hard hitting contemporary."
9:00 Haha Jess wouldn't come to meet anyone in his house unless he was him!
8:58 Clarice is talking about all the sacrifices her family made for her to dance. I know all about what it's like to be a part of a dance family.
8:57 I'm just obsessed with Travis tonight...I love that he is giving little nit-picky notes to the dancers about technique rather than just a broad sweep of the routine.
8:50 Mary just gave us the history of the was considered a scandalous in the 1800s. She complemented Tadd on the softness of his movement and Jordan on her floor sweep. Nigel is so right in saying that Tadd has fantastic port de bras. Carmen...please just leave since you are not doing or saying anything important.
8:48 I've missed Toni Redpath. This is a very cool piece conceptually, about a man trying to avoid a Siren's song. Jordan looks exquisite in that draped fabric and the hair extensions. She is exhibiting some gorgeous fluidity and Tadd has exceptional body carriage.
8:44 Jordan was a serious athlete....which explains why she has such a solid build. I mean that in a good way! She's a super strong, and muscular girl. Hahahaha Tadd thought he was it!
8:40 Jordan & Tadd are up next with a waltz....this is the second time they've pulled ballroom this season.
8:39 That was the kind of routine that was mediocre enough to be a bottom 3 dance, but the judges panned it so America will probably feel bad and vote them through.
8:37 Umm Carmen why don't you try putting together a coherent set of comments? Mary didn't see the swag but then again I didn't either. Nigel felt it was like "hip hop 101" which is pretty much true, it was a simple routine. I am surprised but I'm actually loving everything Travis is saying tonight.
8:35 Alex is a lovely dancer but he looks a little too feminine when he dances to be believable as a guy who just wants a kiss from a girl. What on earth is that tree doing on stage? I like this movement a lot...this routine is very easy to watch...just very pleasant. Sasha hit everything as always, but I don't know if she had the fire we're used to seeing from her.
8:34 Sean he a new choreographer? Also...what on earth is Sasha wearing? And now Alex is in swag
8:32 I guess the intro to each routine this week is all about feelings? Sasha & Natalia had some cool moments in Vegas Week. Its also insane that Alexander has only been dancing since age 17. He is quite obviously a natural.
8:23 OMG I'm actually loving Travis' hand gestures. His outfit looks very much like Kurt from GLEE. Mary is very into big sleeves this season. I like Carmen's comment that "they came out like a bull" because." Mary is correct....Melanie & Marko are masters of inhabiting a character. Nigel is exactly right in saying that these two have matching technical and performance levels.
8:21 Melanie may be a shorter girl, but she knows just how to use those legs. This is a very steamy routine and its interesting but it looks clunky to me. They are usually so fluid and smooth so I have to assume that is the choreography and not the execution. I hate these costumes, its like a cheap looking production of Nine.
8:20 I love Ray Leeper! So Melanie & Marko have had contemporary, musical theatre, hip hop, and jazz....when are they ever going to get something out of their comfort zone?
8:17 Marko was in a drag queen very Paul in A Chorus Line
8:12 Tadd is a standout in this piece for me, as is Ricky...Marko too
8:11 The unison movement is beautiful, very strong and masculine, nice lines and shapes
8:10 So according to whom are there 7 stages of grief? I am only aware of 5, according to Elisabeth Kubler Ross
8:09 The boys routine...welcome to the gun show! And the ab show.
8:08 Fourth of July party at Cat's house....woot woot!
8:05 The guys perform after the break....
8:02 Travis Wall....really? I hope he doesn't fawn over every routine like I think he will. Maybe he'll prove me wrong.
8:00 What on earth does Carmen Electra know about anything but being married to Dennis Rodman?

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