Wednesday, July 27, 2011

So You Think You Can Dance Recap: The Top 8 Perform!

Here we go, we are down to 8 dancers and we have some really exciting all-stars joining them this week for their duets. Exciting stuff!

10:00 That's a wrap, see you all tomorrow!!
9:49 I guessed it, Sonya modeled these dancers after herself. Holy crap Sasha, she is making Melanie look like a total amateur right now.
9:45 Omg Sasha and Melanie that hair! I'm going to guess that they're doing a Sonya routine??
9:41 Jordan & Jess are an interesting duo...two mini-me spitfires. The cut of that dress is doing her no favors, it makes her look very hippy and twice the size of Jess. That rotational lift was lovely but the piece as a whole did nothing for me
9:31 Tabitha & Napoleon don't look incredibly pleased about that piece....I wouldn't be either.
9:29 Marko & Ricky doing a Nappytabs routine about Waste Management workers. This is so necessary. Ricky needs to get much lower, he looks like he isn't doing this routine full-out next to Marko
9:21 This old Hollywood look is so fetch on Tadd & Caitlynn. She is gorgeous and we already know he was born for the ballroom
9:14 Marko just kicked sweet little Melanie's ass!
9:13 OMG we just had a precious mother-son moment with Marko and his mom. This is just too much for me and live TV
9:10 I want Allison Holker on every episode please. This is a pretty god routine. Is it just me or does the music (sans lyrics) sound like Hallelujah? These two are truly dancing as one. This movement is perfection
9:03 Okay Gags I'm done with you doll face....pick up your trail of accessories and hit the road
9:01 You'll get this with Mandy Moore...a really great routine followed by something out of Starquest Nationals
9:00 Mandy Moore & I have the same musical taste....all 80s all the time. This routine is cute but I don't think its showing off what Tadd does well other than a few b-boy tricks.
8:59 The more I think about it, They definitely looked like a brother/sister duo, not a romantic couple
8:56 Mary is correct in saying that Jess was particularly strong in his isolations
8:55 Lauren is so versatile & Jess is proving that he is as well. They are perfectly in sync here with one another, its a thing of beauty
8:54 I love Lauren Gottlieb and she and Jess actually look like they could be brother & sister, which actually makes them really well matched to dance together
8:44 Omg I love a Celine moment!! Best song ever! Ahmaaazing footwork! Such performance quality
8:43 Ricky is going to win this competition
8:39 Cat is a great host because she goes with the flow. She just spontaneously had Melanie & Neil do the big jump again lol
8:37 OMG Ellen in the house...I die. Obviously Ellen is wearing flannel and Portia is looking glam
8:36 These judges act like she is the best thing since Isadora Duncan but I'm not quite convinced yet for some reason
8:34 Standing ovation from the judges, but it was started by Madame Gaga! Can Neil marry me? Thanks
8:32 Mandy Moore loves a good 80s throwback....its her favorite musical genre. I'm a little bit over Melanie but you can't deny that she is a phenomenal dancer. Those white costumes are gorgeous and just so ethereal. That running catch lift was pretty great, but also, we totally saw it coming
8:31 Melanie & Neil doing a Mandy Moore contemporary routine about....surprise....a love story. Get it together Mandy!
8:28 "Is there anything that little body can't do?" -Nigel to Jordan. And Gaga just gave Jordan a shout out to the short girls. Rob just commented that Jordan dances with abandon (which is oddly enough what he suggested Caitlynn work on)
8:26 This routine was made for Jordan and her legs and her ability to hit sharp accents. I LOVE this routine. Its a true jazz routine....not lyrical...not contemporary...not Broadway...just jazz. You know Jordan is fierce when I didn't even watch Ade
8:25 So we have a Tyce routine for Jordan & Ade which should be fierce as all get out
8:18 Nigel also said that Caitlynn no longer looks like a competition kid....amen sister! And Gaga called her sexy like 3 times.
8:18 Nigel just told Caitlynn to "open her legs a little" and Gaga laughed. Cat said "Gaga don't". So priceless!
8:16 Caitlynn has grown on me more than anyone in the top 20 this season from a little smiley girl to a very mature and versatile dancer
8:15 Why do girls always wear boys clothing in hip-hop routines? Its unnecessary. Caitlynn actually looks better than I expected. She has nice quiet attack on this material and pretty strong chemistry with Ivan. Nothing like what he had with Allison Holker, but granted that was built over many weeks
8:14 So now we have our little Caitlyn doing hip.-hop with Ivan. I swooned over him circa season 2 but now he just looks like a geeky white boy
8:09 I'm going to agree with Nigel that Sasha is too stiff. Gaga disagrees with us and thinks the stiffness was "a character choice"
8:08 PS Cat looks DIVINE in that white dress and the simple waves in her hair
8:07 Rob & Mary are eating up this routine but it really did nothing for me
8:03 Yay a Jonathan Roberts routine.....he has always been my Dancing With The Stars crush! Sasha & Pasha, now what a cute/awkward pairing. I get that this is supposed to be a "funky quickstep" but Pasha still looks refined and Sasha looks like a spastic robot. And those head movements are just too much
8:02 Yes indeed it is Gaga and what....she's in Nigel's seat on the panel?? I'm guessing Gaga refused to sit next to Mary or something. And of course we love Rob Marshall, director of the film Chicago
8:01 12 routines tonight, I hope we don't have any injuries.....
8:00 Here we go kids! 2 guest judges, could one perhaps be GAGA??

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  1. Sorry, but Melanie out danced Sasha by just a smidge. I can't believe you thought that Sasha dominated. Melanie had 2 ovations Sasha once. They are my 2 favorites, but Melanie won this time. Loved your posting by the way.