Friday, July 1, 2011

So You Think You Can Dance Recap: The Top 16 Results Show!

The opening number was very cool last night. I liked the simplicity-all black, not too flashy-and the clean technique. How great to actually see double pirouettes! I thought Ryan was a true stand-out in this routine. The editing was a little rough, I would have preferred less close-ups and more wide pans of the whole group.

Getting down to the nitty-gritty, the bottom three couples are Miranda/Robert, Caitlynn/Mitchell, and Ashley/Chris. No surprises here.

A dance group called Axis performed, consisting of a female dancer and a male dancer in a wheel chair, and what an inspiration!!

Now onto the solos. Ashley was okay...nice movement qualities, but overall forgettable. Miranda...KILLED IT! Sure she did some tricks like everybody else, but she danced it oh so well. There was so much passion there and she truly knows how to dance for her life. Caitlynn looked a little spastic to me. It was like she was rushing to get in all her tricks before her music ended. She also had a cheesy smile the whole way through. Chris did a decent solo, but I don't really feel like he showed all he could do. I felt the same about Robert. You can only get so far on  your "personality" alone. Now Mitchell knows how to dance for his life. His solo looked like something I've seen an Ailey dancer do and I just can't say enough about him.

While the judges decided, a ballroom pair did some wicked crazy partner worked that looked like something out of pairs skating. Maybe if Amanda Evora & Mark Ladwig train with them, they can win Nationals finally.

Nigel's comments to the soloists last night were very weird and he just seemed like he was on pills or something. Normally he calls all the soloists forward before he announces who is leaving, but with the girls he seemed so distraught and told the dancer that the judges were not unanimous. Then he pulled Miranda forward and basically said she had grown so much as a dancer...and then proceeded to cut her throat. So here is my thing-yeah Miranda hasn't been a standout in duets, but she did a damn good solo-why even have the dancers do solos to "dance for their life" if you are going to choose based on the duets?

And this is where it got crazy. Nigel pulled Mitchell downstage (I got scared because the only girl he pulled out was the one he cut) and told him he was fantastic and really knew how to dance for his life. Then he pulled Chris down and told him they loved the woodpecker dance (which Robert did last week) but that he needed to grow faster in order to connect with the public. And then he finally pulled Robert and basically said his personality was great but he didn't have the technique to stay in the show. What is going on in your head Nigel??

So we lost yet another full pair, meaning all the teams will stay together yet again next week. Weirdest results show ever? Maybe yes, but I'm sure Nigel & Mary will be all kinds of crazy as we get deeper into the competition. So to wrap up, it was time for Robert to go, but Miranda's solo should have saved her. Oh well better luck next week kids. Viva la Chenoweth! And until next Wednesday's live-blog, Peace Out!

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