Thursday, July 28, 2011

So You Think You Can Dance Recap: The Top 8 Perform!

I was exceptionally opinionated in the moment last night during SYTYCD so I decided I'd write up a recap today after I had time to sort out my thoughts more clearly.

Sasha & Pasha (Quickstep): This was a routine I may have judged too harshly. I commented that Sasha was too stiff, but according to the judges that was a "character choice" based on direction by the choreographer so I can't fault her for doing in what was asked of her.

Caitlynn & Ivan (Hip-Hop): After looking at this piece again, I think I praised Caitlynn a little too much. I think I was so surprised that she hit all the choreography that I failed to pay attention to style. She really did need to sit lower in the pocket like Ivan and her movements were too choppy for this smooth style of Hip-Hop.

Jordan & Ade (Jazz): All I can remember about this routine was that Jordan's legs were working. The fact that I saw it less that 12 hours ago and I can't remember anything else about it means that it wasn't a particularly great routine. I actually feel sorry for Jordan that she never gets any other praises or constructive criticism because the judges are so enamored by her legs.

Melanie & Neil (Contemporary): Another 80s-tastic routine from Many Moore. This was so gorgeous because these dancers can do anything but in terms of choreography, the only thing I will walk away remembering about it was that huge catch lift...and that's probably because Cat had them do it a second

Anya & Ricky (Jive): I love Ricky so I'll admit I had blinders on when I watched this piece. Though he did have incredibly energy and he always shows his love for dance, the Jive was not up to par. He was too upright and needed to get more into his knees.

Jess & Lauren (Hip Hop): Lauren is one of the most versatile dancers this show has ever had and Hip-Hop isn't even truly her style but she makes it look like it is. All the movements were there for these two, but there just was no chemistry as a couple. They looked more like a brother and sister competing a junior duet at Starpower Nationals.

Tadd & Lauren (Jazz): This was straight up a competition routine. It would have done really well at Starquest Nationals circa 2001 but for this level of competition, it simply didn't look professional enough. They did well with what they were given, which wasn't much.

Marko & Allison (Contemporary): This Sonya routine was far and away the routine of the night for me! The choreography was thoughtful and layered and dancers attacked it with a fierce intensity. It was so memorable and it held my interest so intently that I think I could perform half of the choreography right now. The two of them truly danced as one.

Caitlynn & Tadd (Foxtrot): This was very old Hollywood glam and I am repeatedly amazed by how easy a b-boy can transition to ballroom. Caitlynn was gorgeous, but I think she will be in the bottom tonight. She is wonderful, but she just is not a star.

Marko & Ricky (Hip-Hop): I think this guy-guy piece was mean to emulate "Tranji" from season 2, but the two just weren't on same level. Marko was flawless, but Ricky needed to get deeper into his knees and the two just didn't gel together.

Jordan & Jess (Rumba): This piece was boring boring boring because there was absolutely no heat between them. And that heinous costume made Jordan look twice her size. That is never good in such an aesthetic thing as dancing.

Sasha & Melanie (Jazz): I loved this choreography but I found the execution to be awkward because in my opinion, Sasha was light years beyond Melanie. I've been getting a lot of criticism for this opinion but then again it is just opinion.

Final wrap ups: Caitlynn & Jess should go home tonight, Gaga should shut up, and this show should actually be about dancing for once instead of the "Guest Judge Side Show" its been the past two or three weeks.

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