Wednesday, July 20, 2011

So You Think You Can Dance: The Top 10 Perform!

9:56 Thats it for me and until tomorrow night, keep dancing!
9:55 Its amazing how authentic Clarice looks in this Indian least to my eyes
9:54 I simply cannot listen to one more comment from NPH.
9:51 Its funny how they have no all-stars that specialize in Bollywood so they use Robert lol. He s so versatile and Clarice doesn't even look like herself. I loved this piece...its so high energy!
9:50 Great solo by Marko....he is such an enigma
9:41 OMG I die! Tori Amos, Ricky, and Allison Holker are too fabulous for words. I missed seeing Tyce do contemporary. Its so great to see a piece that isn't about a love story.
9:40 I love Allison Holker!!!
9:39 Caitlynn.....girl is killing this solo! Yeah she fell out of the turn  a bit but at least she went after it. I'd rather see somebody go after it than play it safe
9:33 There is something about Melanie that seems kind of fake to me.....anyone else feel that way? I'm just not sure what it is
9:29 Perfect song for the concept.........Everybody Hurts. Simply elegant
9:27 Tadd is so versatile that I always forget he is a b-boy and hot a hip-hopper, contemporary, or even ballroom dancer! That routine, however didnt show much
9:22 NPH needs to be done now. He gave Jess criticism on his facial expression when he was directed by the choreographer not to look at his partner. Why Neil why?
9:19 When Kathryn is onstage you can't watch anyonen else. Will that help or hurt Jess? Also, Kathryn looks like Tony-winner Laura Benanti
9:17 The surprise of the night is that Stacey Tookey is doing a love story?
9:16 I keep saying Jordan sn't a star because even though she has some amazing skills, she just isn't captiving, but she still has soooo much room to grow in this competition
9:09 Nigel has no words for this and I'm pretty sure Neil Patrick Harris has no clue what he's talkng about. He acts like it is a surprise that these choreographers choose the music, movement, and costumes. Ummmm Neil dear, in world world does that NOT happen?
9:05 Sasha is such a dynamo and we've always loved twitch! Nice nip-ups! What is with the back to front grinding in the hip-hop numbers tonight? That was so perfect emotionally and they were so committed to the "characters" was almost a little too realstic
8:59 Mitchell is such a strong and emotional dancer. He does so much with so little in terms of technical difficulty
8:58 I love NPH but not as a judge on this show. He is having a difficult time separating the "performance" and "execution" from the "choreography"
8:56 Mary is obsessing over Caitlynn in a big way
8:55 I like that this routine was slow enough that we could appreciate the beauty of it rather than getting lost in the crazy fast footwork
8:54 This routine is hot! Smily little Caitlynn is such an elegant Diva!
8:52 This looks like the same costume my friend wore in her senior college dance recital to Rama Lama Bang Bang. Did she actually do any dancing in that solo? Or maybe she just smiled a lot?
8:48 Wait why is Clarice still on this show?
8:46 I'm obsessed with Ricky and the abilities he has as a dancer, but moreso his performance quality
8:44 NPH is not all about this routine and while I don't agree with him, I respect that he is voicing his opinion
8:41 I love "Take Off With Us" from Fosse  and since Tyce was in the show, he knows the style so well. I love this routine and its so great to see Melody back all the way from season 1. I love that Tyce has made Mitchell the focal pointe of the routine rather than the  all-star
8:39 Not that I wanted to see her n the bottom 3, but I missed watching Melane's solos.....just exquisite. She is so well trained that she makes it looke easy
8:38 You know Tadd is good when he made his all-star look bad
8:34 Does many have to wear some obnoxious shoulder ornamentation every week?
8:31 This routine is not doing anything for me. They don't look like they are in synch at all and the routine just is not entertaning
8:29 Tadd & Comfort....this should be good since they are both hip-hoppers but I absolutely hated comfort on her season, especially when she came back after sombody suffered an injury
8:28 I don't think anyone could suit Jess's personality better than Harry Connick Jr. He showed such amazing control at the end of the pirouette sequence
8:26 Adding a solo round to the competition scares me a bit.....this is the point last year where dancers started to suffer overuse injuries
8:21 I don't think Jordan is necessarily a star, but she does indeed do everything that is asked of her and at a very high level
8:19 Jordan's legs are just nuts. Her leg tricks are unlike any I've ever seen
8:18 Desmond Richardsons routines requre such a high level of technicial training its crazy. I'm so happy to see Brandon back this season, though I wish he were dancing for Alvin Ailey
8:17 Sasha is so fluid in her solos, I love that her movements are so natural and not just tricks
8:11 We loved Marko & Chellsie in that Samba routine. He shows such genuine emotion and is so incredibly humble. I loved Chellsie on her season and on DWTS. She is such a versatile dancer and I love that she isn't built like a stick

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