Friday, October 29, 2010

ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating: Skate Canada Ladies Short Program

11:22 am-And we are live in Kingston, Ontario. Right now we are looking at empty ice, but if all goes according to schedule, the first warm up group will take the ice in about 7 minutes.
11:29 am-Introduction of the judges as warm up group 1 prepares to take the ice.
11:30 am-Introduction of technical panel.
11:31 am-There are a lot of pink costumes in this group. Agnes just did a jump out of a scratch spin. This girl has talent!
11:34 am-Agnes looks calm and collected. And I obviously love her hot pink costume.
11:35 am-Myriane Samson is also wearing hot pink. I am going to attempt to identify jumps by name as I call this event but I apologize if I make any mistakes.

1) Agnes Zawadzki (USA)**

         Music: Gopher Mambo/Concierto para Bongo
  • Agnes looks calm and collected
  • Great opening and nice control
  • Awesome opening combination (triple-triple)
  • I loved the Ina Bauer into the triple lutz
  • Gorgeous layback into a Bielmann spin showing flexibility and control
  • She is showing great personality in this Mambo
  • Spin sequence lost a little speed
  • The footwork is very intricate and well choreographed but could use some more speed 
  • Another Ina Bauer into the double axel which, save for a tiny balance check on the landing, was clean
  • These interesting entrances into her jumps will earn her extra points
  • Front leg catch spin shows off flexibility and makes for a great ending to a stellar short program
  • What a way to burst onto the senior Grand Prix circuit!
  • SP Score: 32.14 (technical) + 24.15 (presentation) = 56.29
  • Her components should go up as she gets more comfortable with this program and matures with it
2) Myriane Samson (Canada)
      Music: Warsaw Concerto by Richard Addinsell
  •  I can already tell she is a very lyrical, elegant skater
  • Opening triple-double combo is clean
  • Double axel is clean too
  • I think that was a triple flip, pretty clean
  • This footwork is a bit slow, but then again, this musical selection does not necessarily lend itself to footwork
  • Some interesting positions in her spins
  • SP Score: 27.88 (technical) + 23.74 (presentation) = 51.62
3) Sonia LaFuente(Spain)
  • Wow, she took a fall just stroking forward and landed on her knee
  • I think she may be hurt, she is really rubbing and shaking the knee
  • She is speaking to the panel right now
  • She just practiced a single jump to see if the leg would handle it
  • It looks like she'll start again
  • Good for her, landing her triple-double combo cleanly
  • Triple lutz was clean also
  • I admire her ability to calm down enough to jump back into the program after a fall like that
  • She could use some more expression, but I'm sure she must be rattled to say the least
  • After catching and edge on some crossovers, I'm sure this footwork is scaring her quite a bit
  • Wow, I'm so happy for her that she could come out and do a clean skate after that fall
  • SP Score: 22.51(technical) +21.25 (presentation) - 1.00 (deduction) = 42.76
4) Alexe Gilles (USA)
        Music: Excerpts from "Aschenbroedel" by Strauss
  •  Alexe is looking pretty in pink!
  • Its so cool that she, Agnes, and Rachel Flatt train together but are such different skaters
  • First jump of her combo is clean, but she takes a fall on the second jump
  • Took a fall on the next jump too
  • Double axel is clean
  • She is such a pretty skater, it is a shame that she took those falls
  • As I predicted, after 4 skaters, Agnes' lead is still holding
  • Alexe is a nice spinner, with some great positions and good speed
  • She looks visibly shaken in the Kiss & Cry talking to her coaches
  • SP Score: 22.35 (technical) + 20.67 (presentation) -2.00 (deduction) = 41.02

5) Amelie Lacoste (Canada)
     Music: Otonal by Raul di Blasio
  •  From the opening pose, I can already tell she is sassy
  • Opening double axel is clean, she really attacked that
  • Hand down on the second jump of the combination, landed very low to the ice also
  • 3rd jump had a little balance check on the landing, but otherwise clean
  • This program is very front-loaded; I prefer jumps to be spread out across the program
  • Her spiral is a bit weak, could use some more stretch
  • I don't love this choreography and she seems a bit thrashy in her footwork
  • I love spins in the catch leg position, but only if the skater really has the stretch to do it well
  • I have no reason to think she'll top Agnes
  • SP Score: 29.34 (technical) + 25.34 (presentation) = 55.30
6) Valentina Marchei (Italy)
      Music: Requiem for a Dream/Lord of the Rings
  • A hand down on the opening jump
  • She has great attack and this music seems to suit her quite well
  • I don't like how this was choreographed, there are amazing crescendos where jumps could be happening rather than transitions
  • Took a fall in the footwork, but she was really going after it
  • Looks like Agnes will hold off yet another skater
  • She looks disappointed in herself
  • SP Score: 22.61 (technical) +23.96 (presentation) - 1.00 (deduction) = 45.57
7) Fumie Suguri (Japan) **
      Music: Adagio by Tomaso Albinon
  • Fumie is one of those quiet skaters who always seems to fly under the radar
  • Landing on jump one of the combination was wobbly, and jump two was two footed and possibly under-rotated
  • Next jump was fairly clean
  • Her spins seem very slow 
  • She seems uncomfortable out there on the ice, like she can't get her legs under her
  • A bad camera angle on her third jump, but it looked under-rotated to me
  • The ladies competition in  Japan these days is so fierce, and I think Fumie is probably being upstaged by her younger contrymen these days
  • She lacked fire and excitement in that short program that I hope she can find for the freeskate
  • SP Score: 24.85 (technical) + 23.32 (presentation) =48.17
8) Haruka Imai (Japan) **
     Music: Gypsy Dance from Don Quixote
  •  All of these young Japanese ladies have Fumie Suguri to thank as she was one of the first Japanese ladies to really have success on the world stage back in the 2002 season
  • First two jumps were clean
  • Good speed across the ice and in spins
  • I like the variations in spin positions that the new judging system encourages
  • Last jump was clean as well
  • This was a great musical selection for her
  • She seems to be losing some control of her body here toward the end of the program
  • SP Score: 28.18 (technical) + 24.34 (presentation) = 52.52
9) Ksenia Makarova (Russia)
      Music: Flamenco by Didulia
  •  I can only hope that Johnny Weir is here with her in the Kiss & Cry
  • What is with the Spanish pieces this season? If I see one more Tango or Flamenco
  • That was a pretty clean triple-triple
  • Next jump is pretty clean as well
  • Nice clean double axel
  • Traveling on her spins a bit and hitting some strange positions, loses speed on her spins as well
  • Footwork seems energetic, but if I don't know if that is Ksenia or if it is the music
  • She looks like a completely different skater from last season to this season
  • No Johnny Weir....sad
  • SP Score: 31.44 (technical) +26.46(presentation) = 57.90
  • **Just took over 1st place
10) Alissa Czisny (USA)
        Music: Romance from Violin Concerto in D, op 35 by Korngold
  •  This white dress is gorgeous on her
  • With Alissa, it is a complete performance from beginning to end
  • Stumbles out of the first jump, will be downgraded
  • The first jump of the combination looked under-rotated to me
  • Her spiral is the most gorgeous since Sasha Cohen
  • Double axel is clean
  • She is a lovely spinner, and it amazes me the way she can pick up speed
  • This music seems too legato to produce a great footwork sequence
  • She reminds me of the Swiss skaters in the way that she spins
  • SP Score: 28.37 (technical) + 27.58 (presentation) = 55.95
11) Cynthia Phaneuf (Canada) **
        Music: Nocturne by Debussy
  • Alright girl, you are on my fantasy team, get it!
  • Double axel looks very storng
  • Nice triple-double
  • Nice performance quality, this  music suits her
  • Last solo jump is clean
  • Layback positions are lovely
  • I can tell she is going to kill it in the footwork
  • This girl loves those body rolls
  • Footwork was fierce as is the combo spin
  • And the crowd is obsessed with her, as to be expected on home turf
  • I thought she had the edge on Ksenia, but we'll see
  • SP Score: 29.98 (technical) +28.26 (presentation) =58.24
  • **Just took first!

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