Sunday, October 31, 2010

ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating: Skate Canada Mens Short Program

1) Jeremy Ten (Canada)
      Music: A Single Man
  • Stumble out of the first jump
  • He is a very expressive, artistic skater which I love, but he comes across as a bit feminine
  • That back camel spin is lovely
  • Popped second jump
  • He seems very uncomfortable out there on the ice today
  • He is a lovely spinner though
  • SP Score: 30.39 (techincal) + 30.31 (presentation) = 60.71
2) Paolo Bacchini (Italy)
      Music: Pinocchio (musical)
  • Triple axel is very strong
  • Second jump of the combination looked under-rotated
  • Third jump landed low to the ice but looked clean
  • This music is very whimsical and I like it
  • He is a nice spinner with great speed and some interesting positions
  • SP Score: 30.21 (technical) + 29.57 (presentation) = 59.78

3) Grant Hochstein (USA) **
      Music: Suite No. 3
  • Nice artistry and expression
  • Fought very hard on the jump combo to land, possibly under-rotated
  • Took a very hard fall on the second jump
  • Footwork is very nice, I like the choreography of this routine
  • Wonderful spins!
  • SP Score: 27.80 (technical) + 30.18 (presentation) - 1.00 (deduction) = 56.98
4) Yasuharu Nanri (Japan)
      Music: Rondo Capriccoso
  • Landing of first jump looked under-rotated to me
  • He seems to be skating quite slowly, especially against this music
  • A rather unexciting performance overall
  • SP Score: 31.60 (technical) + 29.40 (presentation) = 61.00
5) Kristoffer Berntsson (Sweden) **
      Music: Comptine d'un Audre Ete by Yann Tiersen
  •  I love this piece of music so much. Where do I know it from?
  • I really don't like the costume, it looks sloppy and wrinkled, and the gloves look silly
  • Fall on second jump
  • His spins look choppy and he just looks kind of sloppy overall
  • I was so hoping for him to do well as he is on my fantasy team, but alas, i don't think the scores will be high at all
  • SP Score: 26.32 (technical) + 32.17 (presentation) - 2.00 (deduction) = 57.59

6) Javier Fernadez (Spain) **
      Music: Histoire d un Amour
  •  This costume is very interesting, very jazzy
  • That was a huge jump to open off with
  • Definitely fought to save that landing on the combination jump
  • He looks very tilted in the air on all these jumps, and makes me nervous
  • This guy is very very theatrical, a good performer
  • SP Score: 34.32 (technical) +32.42 (presentation) = 66.74
7) Kevin Reynolds (Canada)
     Music: Moanin, Drum Thunder Suite
  •  Boy, what is happening with your hair?
  • Nice quad-triple, very strong
  • Triple axel was very tilted in the air and landing looked under-rotated
  • That second quad in the short program was huge, and the first time this has ever happened
  • What is with that jazz hand position? Its a little overdone for my liking
  • Foot work is nice and fast, but the arms seem to flail too much for me
  • He may be the reincarnation of "The Quad King" Tim Goebel
  • This boy is going to be somebody to watch
  • SP Score: 46.03 (technical) + 34.06 (presentation) = 80.09
8) Artur Gachinski (Russia)
      Music: Selections from Pink Floyd
  • This boy looks like a young Evgeni Plushenko, which makes sense because he is coached by Alexei Mishin 
  • Stumble out of the first jump but nice recovery on the triple axel
  • This kid's expressions, artistry, and even the execution of his jumps remind me so much of Plushenko its scary
  • His flexibility in his spins is also reminiscent of Plushenko
  • SP Score: 34.14 (technical) + 32.43 (presentation) = 66.57
9) Adam Rippon (USA)
      Music: Romeo and Juliet Overture
  •  I love this boy and he has come a long way, I think its been so good that he has been training with Orser alongside Yu Na Kim
  • Such emotion, even at the top of the program
  • Very strong triple axel
  • Very strong triple-triple
  • This music suits him well
  • Amazing flexibility in his spins
  • Ahmaaaaaazing Rippon triple lutz, which is interestingly enough, modeled after the Tano Lutz made famous by Brian Boitano, the arch-rival of Rippon's coach Brian Orser
  • I'm not commenting on off-ice antics, but in terms of skating quality, Rippon reminds me so much of Johnny Weir
  • SP Score: 41.10 (technical) + 36.43 (presentation) = 77.53
  • I'm not sure why these scores are so low, especially for presentation
10) Alban Preaubert (France) **
       Music: Turtle Shoes
  •  Jump combination looked a little wobbly
  • He is definitely a dynamic jumper, he does not hold back at all
  • I love the theatricality in this footwork, very jazzy
  • SP Score: 35.57 (technical) + 34.14 (presentation) = 69.71 
11) Patrick Chan (Canada) **
       Music: Take Five by Paul Desmond
  •  He is looking very dapper and smooth out there
  • Wow what a huge fall on that opening quad attempt
  • Another huge fall on that triple axel attempt
  • Patrick does not seem himself at all out there, although when I think of him, I always think of inconsistency
  • His spins look amazing though
  • He is surprisingly maintaining composure here despite the falls though which is a true mark of maturity
  • Wow Patrick, a fall on your footwork? That was a tough break to end the program, I really feel for you
  • SP Score: 36.73 (technical) + 39.47(presentation) - 3.00 (deduction) = 73.20
  • I feel bad for Patrick but those scores were way to high; for some reason Patrick has always been a judges' darling
12) Nobunari Oda (Japan) **
       Music: Storm by Yoshida Brothers
  •  Nice triple axel to open; looking strong and composed
  • Nice quad-triple
  • I do not get this costume, why the parachute pants?
  • Traveling a bit on that ending sit spin
  • Good solid program for Oda, he should go easily into 1st
  • SP Score: 43.37 (technical) + 38.00 (presentation) = 81.37

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