Thursday, October 28, 2010

2010 ISU Grand Prix Final Predictions

With the 2010-2011 Figure Skating season underway, my friend Skategate (@arlewis1) and I can hardly contain our excitement, so we've decided to make totally uninformed predictions as to who will make the Grand Prix final. If you aren't familiar with the Grand Prix series, each skater is assigned two events and the six skaters or teams in each discipline with the top combined total scores from their events make it to the Grand  Prix Final. With only one Grand Prix event completed, the NHK trophy, we really have no business guessing which skaters/teams will make the final, but here we go anyway!! Our picks are largely the same, but since Skategate did hers first and I saw them before I made mine, I had to differ on a few to mix it up a bit. Hers definitely make more sense and some of mine are a bit off the wall, but in figure skating, you never know who will crash and burn and who will rise to the top.

Skategate                            BackStage Barbie

Daisuke Takahashi                                       Daisuke Takahashi
Jeremy Abbott                                             Jeremy Abbott
Adam Rippon                                              Adam Rippon
Brian Joubert                                               Brian Joubert
Patrick Chan                                                Nobunari Oda
Tokahiko Kozuka                                        Florent Amodio

Carolina Kostner                                         Carolina Kostner
Rachel Flatt                                                 Rachel Flatt
Mirau Nagasu                                              Mirai Nagasu
Agnes Zawadzki                                          Agnes Zawadzki 
Miki Ando                                                   Miki Ando
Fumie Suguri                                                Mao Asada

Pang/Tong                                                   Pang/Tong
Bazarova/Larionov                                      Bazarova/Larionov
Takahashi/Tran                                           Takahashi/Tran
Iliushechkina/Maisuradze                             Iliushechkina/Maisuradze
Savchnko/Szolkowy                                    Savchenko/Szolkowy
Sui/Han                                                       Evora/Ladwig

Ice Dance:
Davis/White                                                  Davis/White                          
Weaver/Poje                                                Weaver/Poje
Faiella/Scali                                                  Faiella/Scali
Kerr/Kerr                                                     Kerr/Kerr
Pechalat/Bourzat                                           Shibutani/Shibutani
Crone/Poirier                                                Chock/Zuerlein

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