Thursday, August 11, 2011

So You Think You Can Dance: The Finale!

We've been waiting a whole season and the night is here! Who will be crowned America's Favorite Dancer?

10:00 Well that's a wrap for me & this season of SYTYCD. It's been a great season and I've enjoyed throwing out my feedback. Thanks for reading!
9:59 Girlfriend deserved this win in a big way....get it Melanie!
9:58 The winner won by 15%....and that is Melanie!
9:55 Here we go....the final fluff packages
9:51 Each lady will have a phenomenal dance career if she has the guts to go after it....regardless of which one wins
9:41 Marko is a beautiful person inside and out....and the last man standing nonetheless
9:40 And our 3rd place dancer is.....Marko. As they said in the beginning, a girl will win this season
9:37 Get it Mary for picking my favorite routine of the season, the statue piece by Travis Wall from the first night on the big stage. This was the piece that set them up as the front runners and they never dropped from that pedestal
9:32 That piece was soooo not live btw
9:30 Oh hey Pasha, I'll take a little of you to go! I loved that Jesse referred to Caitlynn as the girl with the bangin' bangs
9:26 Sonya picked the top 10 guys routine...great to see all of them back...this is also the 2nd Chris Scott routine tonight
9:21 Nobody could've done this routine like Sasha & Twitch did it
9:19 Yay the Twitch & Sasha routine...that was pretty great, and by great I mean phenomenal
9:17 Obviously Fox had to make a shameless plug for Glee & the 3D movie
9:14 Oh lord why do we need a Spencer Liff routine in the finale?
9:06 And the dancing winning the Courtney Galiano award...aka 4th Tadd, which was pretty obvious, but we still love him! He came so far!
9:03 How many job offers has Melanie gotten this season?
8:58 Tyce picked Sonya's Geisha routine, which was pretty bangin'. 2 routines each for Sonya, Tyce, and Mandy
8:55 Jesse is picking an all star routine....please be Allison Holker!! Marko & Allison doing a Sonya piece....I  DIE!
8:50 People just lost their minds when Melanie took that huge leap!! Girl is phenom!
8:48 And now for Total Eclipse of the Heart....didn't Mary already pick a routine? This is Mandy Moore's 2nd piece tonight
8:45 UK winner tapping with Jess & Nick....obsessed. Now why couldn't America fall in love with tap too?
8:38 Oh yay Cat is picking a routine! This Circus routine from the top 8 was really quite fantastic.Two pieces from Tyce so far. This piece reminds me of the Broadway musical Side Show
8:36 Lil C just chose "Break Ya Neck" aka the Woodpecker routine by NappyTabs for Robert & Miranda.....that was truly Buck
8:35 That Vulture routine was bangin'
8:33 And we're back!
8:27 OMG Robin you dumb hooker....of all the great pieces this season you pick this one? There were much better Mandy Moore routines and many better routines in general
8:24 This piece is cute and I get what Nigel is saying about it solidifying their relationship, but they did many duets that were much better than this
8:23 Nigel is talking Melanie & Marko....I Got You by Nappytabbs.....I was expecting the statue piece
8:22 This Mary-Nigel montage  is so tacky fabulous
8:17 OMG is Sonya wearing a tutu?
8:16 I just can't get over what great shape Sasha is in physically, she has such power!
8:15 Mary picks Tyce's routine for Sasha & Kent.....a routine I'm happy to see again
8:13 Tyce had the quote of the season when he said "we are going to celebrate DANCE this summer", and we did indeed do that
8:12 Like ever season, this one had its share of freaks
8:10 I reamed Nigel for dismissing the boys last night and he just apologized....he is CLEARLY reading my blog
8:08 Sonya is so right in saying that these dancers are all true artists....something we couldn't say about all finalists in other seasons
8:06 Pretty sure Melanie got the most applause of all, but Sasha was close....we'll see if that's reflected
8:05 Amazing panel tonight: Lil C, Robin Anton (not so fab), Tyce, Sonya, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and obviously Mary & Nigel
8:04 The finale is great because it is a true celebration of dance
8:03 Sasha looks like freaking Xena & Cat is looking stunning in red
8:00 Wow I totally forgot about a lot of these top 20 dancers...this is a pretty bomb routine! It's not teh best choreography but it's certainly a great display of tricks and athletic ability

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  1. OMG I loved that Tap routine. Two of my favs Jesse and Nick and the Brit guy was amazing. US needs to getting on the Tap train.