Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dance Moms Live Blog: August 31st Episode

10:58 WHy the shit are they going on a world tour? That doesn't happen in real dance studios when you aren't being supported by lifetime.
10:57 That's awesome that Nia won her category. Good for her!
10:56 Wow Abby is actually smiling during Nia's solo! Aww cute...Maddie hugged her after the piece, precious!
10:54 Abby finally got to Holly...the poor dear
10:48 Holly is laying the smack down!
10:45 Obviously the dance is a mess because Lifetime is making them learn a new piece each week
10:44 Abby is looking so Sue Sylvester lol
10:43 Maddie won because she is a better dancer...much more mature than Juliana
10:42 Haha was that the first time Abby rolled her eyes at Maddie?
10:40 From what I've seen Maddie is better than Julianna.
10:34 OMG Maddie has a rival! Maddie just lied....."I don't care if I win"
10:33 Our little Maddie is more of an indoor girl
10:31 I love that Abby can afford a Florida house. Also it's hysterical that her mom is "a sweet lady to everyone but Abby"
10:30 Could Cathy be gone for good??
10:29 How does missing your flight two days ago affect now?
10:24 I hate Cathy. I wouldn't send anyone I know to Candy Apple Dance Studio if it was the last studio on earth
10:22 "I don't think Abby looks like a model" -Mackenzie lololololol
10:20 OMG Maddie just said "I'd kill myself if I couldn't dance." I so agree dear!
10:16 If Cathy's students are at a competition, why is she not with them?
10:14 Who does Cathy think she is? Like really?
10:09 Abby is putting Brook & Brandon on a date to work on their chemistry....sounds like a move of the famous Russian pairs coach Tamara Moskvina
10:08 Nobody puts Brooke in a corner!
10:06 PS why are they learning a number IN ORLANDO??
10:05 This boy is much older than the little girls...could get awkward
10:04 OMG a boy dancer! Shit is certain to go down! PS there is an AIDA poster in the studio
10:00 Abby Why are you dropping Chloe and not giving her a solo?

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