Friday, December 10, 2010

2010 ISU Grand Prix Final: Short Dance

1) Nora Hoffmann & Maxim Zavozin (Hungary)
   Music: Sleeping Beauty by Tchaikovski & Skaters' Waltz by Strauss
  • They really have a lot of speed in this opening sequence
  • I would love to see a little more precision in the positions in the Golden Waltz sequence
  • This program shows great improvement over their short dances earlier this season, particularly in terms of speed
  • SD Score: 30.21 (TES) + 25.77 (PCS) = 55.98 
 2) Kaitlyn Weaver & Andrew Poje (Canada)
    Music: At Last by Etta James & Cheek to Cheek by Irving Berlin
  • This is my favorite short dance of the entire season and I am so happy to be able to see it again
  • I love that side lift where Kaitlyn's  body is completely parallel to the ice
  • They integrate the Golden Waltz seamlessly into the free skating choreography
  • What an elegant and graceful program
  • The second have is so joyful and so free
  • SD Score: 29.50 (TES) + 26.01 (PCS) = 55.51
  • This is about 3 points lower than their season's best short program, so it looks like that twizzle issue really hurt them
 3) Ekaterina Bobrova & Dmitri Soloviev (Russia)
   Music: Delilah by Tom Jones
  • This music is really repetitive and kind of makes me crazy, but I like the program so much
  • Amazing speed going into the start of the program
  • They too have twizzle issues with Dmitiri stumbling out of his
  • They are nice and close on their midline step sequence
  • They look very "Russian" in the Golden Waltz sequence if that makes sense
  • That death drop always scares me, it is amazing but I'm always afraid he'll actually drop her
  • Lovely rotational lift
  • They do a great job of maintaining speed until the end of the program
  • How on earth did a Russian Ice Dance team choose to skate to Tom Jones?
  • SD Score: 27.00 (TES) + 27.33 (PCS) = 54.33
4) Vanessa Crone & Paul Poirier (Canada)
   Music: Fallin' by Alicia Keys
  • Thank the good lord that Vanessa got a new dress, I've been criticizing that white spandex number all season
  • On the subject of costumes, I think I would put Paul in something a little more free updated than a tuxedo, he looks a bit too stuffy
  • They go almost immediately into their Golden Waltz
  • Vanessa's positions always look a little muddy to me and I desperately want her to make them more precise
  • I have criticized Vanessa all season for the tension in her upper body and while it is still there, it is improved
  • This team is really lacking in performance quality in my opinion
  • I want to see more tension between the two of them since they are skating to Fallin'
  • I don't think that will be a season's best score, but it should put them safely into first place for now
  • Their coach looks a little like Cynthia Nixon
  • SD Score: 26.86 (TES) + 27.82 (PCSI ) = 54.82
  • Oh wow that score seemed low, they must have gotten low levels on some of their elements
5) Nathalie Pechalat & Fabian Bourzat (France)
   Music: Main Theme from Dr. Zhivago by Maurice Jarre
  • They are just too beautiful for words in my opinion
  • Amazing flow across the ice, elegance, brilliance
  • Wow Fabian came so close to the boards before the shoot the duck
  • That was such a gorgeous program and they never lost the flow even for a second
  • What a great jump they have made from last season to this
  • This short dance just really suits them well
  • This is one of the most well choreographed short dances of the entire season
  • SD Score: 33.29 (TES) + 32.37 (PCS) = 65.66
  • That was their highest short dance score of the Grand Prix Season so far
6) Meryl Davis & Charlie White (USA)
   Music: La Boheme by Puccini & La Traviata by Verdi
  • I love how they start this program "asleep"
  • No twizzle issues for this team!
  • This is a wonderful elegant program, showing great strides for this team in terms of maturity
  • Nice flow through their Golden Waltz, deep edges, and precise positions
  • Meryl is almost parallel to the ice on the shoot the duck
  • The entrance into that rotational lift is wonderful and the positions and speed they achieve are fantastic
  • What a wonderful short dance, I am so happy for them
  • SD Score: 34.42 (TES) + 34.22 (PCS) = 68.64
Current Leaderboard:

1) Davis/White                                68.64
2) Pechalat/Bourzat                       65.66
3) Hoffman/Zavozin                        55.98
4) Weaver/Poje                              55.51
5) Crone/Poirier                             54.82
6) Bobrova/Soloviev                       54.33

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