Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Countdown to US Figure Skating Championships: 25 Days!

Amanda Evora & Mark Ladwig (Southwest Florida FSC)

  • 2009 US Nationals 4th
  • 2010 US Silver Medalists
  • 2010 Olympics 10th
  • 2010 World Championships 9th
  • 2010 Cup of Russia Bronze Medalists

Amanda and Mark were the surprise of the 2010 Nationals as nobody expected them to make the Olympic team. They are beginning to build a strong reputation for themselves, but I am concerned that at this point they are too old to ever make a big splash internationally. However, they still have a shot at racking up a few more US National medals and they have a legitimate shot of winning this season. Like the other top US pair teams, they struggle with consistency, but if all of our top teams skate clean, I think Amanda & Mark will come out on top based on their program components and the beauty of their programs. 

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