Friday, December 10, 2010

2010 ISU Grand Prix Final: Mens Short Program

1) Florent Amodio (France)
   Music: Once Upon A Time In Mexico by Robert Rodriguez
  • So powerful
  • Looks very calm out there
  • Oooo you can't pop your triple axel like that, not when you are competing with the big boys
  • SP Score: 28.38  (TES) + 33.26 (PCS) = 61.64 
 2) Nobunari Oda (Japan)
   Music: Storm by Yoshida Brothers
  • Gigantic jumps out of Nobu today
  • I think this short program really suits him well and I wish is long were more like it
  • That quad, triple will get a huge number, as well as the triple axel
  • His speed is just insane here today and so exciting to watch
  • Wow, Nobu just woke me up!
  • He looks thrilled with that short and I'm so happy for him, it will certainly get a monster score
  • SP Score: 48.06 (TES) + 38.53 (PCS) = 86.59
 3) Tomas Verner (Czech Republic)
   Music: Singing in the Rain
  • If I were Verner, I would not want to skate after that program Oda just put up
  • Nice opening jump, but you cannot pop your axel like that, the competition is too good
  • I love the choreography and Tomas' performance quality, but nowhere near Oda technically
  • I think I saw a little stumble in the step sequence, he just doesn't look like he is concentrating enough
  • He seems a little slow out there on the ice, but his spins are lovely 
  • It looked like he had himself psyched out from the very beginning, must have been tough to go after the huge score by Nobu
  • His coach just said "tomorrow is another day," which is one of my favorite quotes from Gone With The Wind, my favorite movie
  • SP Score: 28.76 (TES) + 36.61 (PCS) = 65.37
4) Patrick Chan (Canada)
   Music: Take Five by Paul Desmond
  • Patrick can put up a huge score in this short program to challenge Nobu's if he can just keep his head on straight
  • He has so much charisma and that really comes out here, even in the opening moments of choreography
  • Landed that opening quad, not perfect, but landed
  • Its always a toss up to see if good Patrick or bad Patrick will show up
  • Awesome triple axel
  • If he can get through his combination, he should be right up there with Nobu
  • He just really shines in this footwork sequence, he is such a showman!
  • Good job Patrick, that is what I like to see out of you
  • SP Score: 43.77 (TES) + 41.82 (PCS) = 85.59
5) Daisuke Takahashi (Japan)
   Music: Historia de un Amor/Que Rico Mambo/Mambo no. 5 by Perez Prado & Batucada by DJ Dero
  • Dice brought out his 3rd new short program costume of the year 
  • Huge jumps out of Dice today, he has his game face on and is here to compete!
  • Such a performer, I just love it
  • Everything he is doing out there is spectacular today and he is just flying across teh ice
  • Some technical content is missing without the quad and he won't pass Chan or Oda who landed the quads, but a phenomenal performance nonetheless
  • SP Score: 40.57 (TES) + 42.00 (PCS) = 82.57
6) Takahiko Kozuka (Japan)
   Music: Soul Medly by Orin Isaacs
  • Taka has the highest scores of the season, but he has yet to compete against Takahashi, Chan, or Oda so we'll see how he does in comparison
  • This program seems to take too long to get started and I'm not a huge fan of the opening choreography
  • Huge quad into a triple, but turned out a bit, not sure if it was fully rotated or not
  • Great height on the triple axel, it was landed a little to low to the ice, but still landed
  • All his jump landings look slightly shaky, but that may be nerves
  • Ooo too close to the boards there
  • I don't love this program, for such jazzy music it doesn't really go anywhere for me
  • A decent program for him, but nothing like Oda or Chan
  • SP Score: 39.43 (TES) + 38.47 (PCS) = 77.90
Current Leaderboard:

Nobunari Oda                         86.59
Patrick Chan                           85.59
Daisuke Takahashi                 82.57
Takahiko Kozuka                    77.90
Tomas Verner                         65.37
Florent Amodio                       61.64

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  1. Worried Daisuke's injury after Takehiko crushed into Dai during his pratice run on Wed. It looked very bad. I heard that a conversation between Nagamitsu and Dai at Kiss and Cry after the short that Dai couldn't twist his back at the steps well due to the backpain.