Saturday, December 11, 2010

2010 ISU Grand Prix Final: Pairs Free Skate

1) Kirsten Moore-Towers & Dylan Moscovitch (Canada)
   Music: Les Miserables by Boublil & Schonberg
  • I fell in love with this team and this program when I first saw them at Skate Canada, expect a huge score
  • I love how she does a shoot the duck before the split twist as the contrast makes the twist look higher
  • Triple toe-double axel sequence is solid
  • She holds the landing on the throw triple loop
  • They have phenomenal lifts and this lasso is no exception
  • She goes down on a hand and a knee on the triple salchow, but i don't think it was a fall 
  • The lasso lift where he goes onto one foot is great
  • She holds the second throw landing as well, the triple salchow
  • Spins are good
  • And here is the hilight, the hand to hip lift starting with Dylan in a lunge
  • FS Score: 59.21 (TES) + 52.63 (PCS) -1.00 (DED)= 110.84
  • 58.73 (SP) + 110.84 (FS) = 159.67
2) Lubov Iliushechkina & Nodari Maisuradze (Russia)
   Music: Conquest of Paradise by Vangelis
  • Their speed is great right from the start
  • I like that they start with a triple salchow as opposed to the usual split triple twist
  • The triple toe-double toe sequence is very strong, both are great singles skaters
  • Lubov two-foots the landing on the throw triple flip
  • She has a gorgeous arch in her back in the lasso lift
  • She shows off that arch again in the pair spin
  • Wonderful height and solid landing on the throw triple loop and they get a bonus for placing it past the halfway point
  • I really like their choreography and they have some pretty intricate holds
  •  Fantastic unison on the spins, they have really done a lot of work since their less than stellar showing at Cup of China
  • He struggles a bit to get her up on the hand to hip lift but once she is up, her positions are gorgeous
  • She has a very nice death spiral, but finishes after the music
  • Lubov does her signature fist pump after a strong program
  • Ekaterina Bobrova is supporting them from the stands, looks very happy for them
  • This program has grown on me so much since I first saw it at Skate Canada
  • FS Score: 60.99 (TES) + 56.39 (PCS) = 117.38
  • 60.06 (SP) + 117.38 (FS) = 177.44

3) Wenjing Sui & Cong Han (China)
   Music: City Lights by Charlie Chaplin
  • Nice opening sequence with clean jumps and a good split twist
  • She landed really funny falling on the quad salchow throw, almost in a split position, I hope she didn't hurt her knees, not sure if she fully rotated or not
  • That spiral sequence shows off the amazing flexibility in her back
  •  Her throw triple flip was huge and she landed it perfectly
  • I love that position in that combination spin where she is in the needle
  • I want her to point her feet harder in the lift positions
  • Overall a very good showing for them minus the fall on the throw quad salchow
  • They are so young, could easily be juniors, and they have a very bright future ahead of them
  • FS Score: 63.28 (TES) + 55.27 (PCS) -1.00 = 117.55
  • 61.49 (SP) + 117.55 (FS) = 179.04
4) Vera Bazarova & Yuri Larionov (Russia)
   Music: The Man in the Iron Mask by Nick Glennie-Smith
  • I love the drama and commitment to character in the opening sequence
  • Their speed is wonderful right off the bat
  • Vera stumbles out of the triple toe but doesn't fall which is surprising for how tilted she was in the air
  • Nice clean catch on the split triple twist
  • She eeks out a landing on the throw triple flip
  • Vera falls on the first jump of the double axel-double axel combination and doesn't attempt the second; Yuri falls on the second
  • They have nice interesting exits from their lifts
  • They are much stronger artistically than any team thus far, but those incidents on the combination jump will hurt their technical mark
  • Second throw is a good strong landing
  • Their unison is a bit off on their spins
  • I would like more stretch and pointed toes in the lifts
  • FS Score: 57.40 (TES) + 57.54 (PCS)v-2.00(DED) = 112.94
  • 63.86 (SP) + 112.94 (FS) = 176.80
 5) Qing Pang & Jian Tong (China)
   Music: Liebestraum (Dream of Love) by Liszt
  • Great double axel-double axel sequence and the crowd is loving it
  • This press lift isn't the most attractive position, but its strong nonetheless
  • Good unison on the spins
  • They've struggled with jumps and spin unison  this season, but it seems like they've done a lot of work since winning Cup of China
  • Amazing artistry, no pair has them beat in terms of grace, elegance, and expression
  • I love these new costumes! So gorgeous
  • Strong throw triple salchow
  • Throw triple loop gets huge height, but she puts her hand down
  • With their height and long limbs, the lasso lifts look particularly great
  • The crowd seems to love them and they certainly were gorgeous
  • FS Score: 55.20 (TES) + 66.10 (PCS) = 121.30
  • 68.63 (SP) + 121.30 (FS) = 189.93
 6) Aliona Savchenko & Robin Szolkowy (Germany)
   Music: The Pink Panther by Mancini
  • They open with a huge throw triple flip 
  • Then into a triple toe-triple toe sequence with slight unison problems
  • I hate that extended free leg death spiral position
  • Issues on the spins, Aliona does one  extra leg catch revolution and the unison gets off
  • Her flexibility is crazy on that spiral, similar to a Sasha Cohen
  • Triple twist lacked height
  • Landed double axels but Aliona looked shaky
  • I love that bend leg position in the hand to hip lift
  • I always think this program is over before the footwork starts
  • The leg catch position on th overhead lift is amazing
  • Throw triple salchow doesn't travel far but it is a clean landing 
  • FS Score: 67.48 (TES) + 68.84 (PCS) = 136.32
  • 74.40 (SP) + 136.32 (FS) = 210.72
Final Results:
1) Savchenko/Szolkowy                     210.72
2) Pang/Tong                                     189.31
3) Sui/Han                                          179.04
4) Iliushechkina/Maisuradze              177.44
5) Bazarova/Larionov                        176.80
6) Moore-Towers/Moscovitch              159.67

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