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The 2011 TONY Awards Live Blog

Now that the Tonys are over I have a few thoughts. The Book of Mormon is clearly the show to see as it won 3 design awards, director, book, score, featured actress, scenic design, and best musical. This was all to be expected. I was 4/4 in the acting in a play categories, but I only correctly predicted 1 of the 4 acting in a musical categories. I think we all knew Sutton Foster would win, but the rest were a surprise to me. How amazing for Norbert Leo Butz!? I am so happy for him, though I doubted he could win because I thought of his role as being more featured than leading. And though I wanted Tony Sheldon to win for Priscilla, I am so happy for Norbert (and that neither of the Mormon boys won). I wanted Laura Benanti to win so badly that I was upset to hear Nikki M. James' name called, but after seeing how genuinely surprised she was and how humble she was, I was happy for her all the same. It seems the featured actresses in musicals always have the best speeches. John Laroquette, winning Best Featured Actor in a Musical, was also a surprise to me because I thought the momentum was in Rory O'Malley's favor. However, I am happy to see How To Succeed recognized in some way shape or form. Though no opening number will match up to 2009 in my opinion, this one was pretty good. It was a great awards night and a great celebration of Broadway.  So that's a wrap up for me, Good Night!

11:00 So then Mormon won best musical....duh we knew that!
10:54 Yay Norbert! We love you so much and we are so happy that you and Sutton won twice!
10:39 I love you Sutton Foster...we knew you'd win! And I just love that you cried
10: 30 Frances McDormand is wearing a dress from Forever 21
10:47 I just die when I see Patti in Compnay
10:07 Patti is dying in her seat when Sutton performed Anything Goes
9:58 Patti is coming up soon! Company!!!!!
9:23 Spider-Man.....this song is underwhelming
9:13 OMG we love Hugh Jackman!!
9:07 Hahah how didn't Mormon win best choreo?
9:00 OMG our first major crier!!!! Nikki M. James!! I wanted Laura Benati but oh well
8:40: Directing awards go to War Horse & Book of Mormon! (I picked War Horse)
8:33 Norbert Leo Butz is KILLING this number! So I know why Norbert was pushed into Leading Actor Category
8:28 I correctly chose John Benjamin Hickey as the winner of Best Featured Actor in a play!! 5/6
8:23 John the illegitimate child of Ahnold. His whole bit was so unecessary
8:21 My first wrong guess of the night....Best Sound Design of a Musical goes to Brian Ronan for Book of Mormon....I predicted Brian Ronan for Anything Goes
8:13 Okay so D-Rads does not sound that bad; very snappy choreography by Rob Ashford
8:12 Aww Daniel Radcliffe, such a cutie patootie to quote Rose O'D
8:10 Ellen gives a very eloquent speech and was on the verge of tears, she does not completely weep until she exits the stage
8:06 Alec Baldwin to announce the Featured Actress in a Play award! I picked Ellen goes to Ellen Barkin; i'm 4/4!
8:05 I love the choreo of this opening number so much! I die!
8:02 Please don't tell me this is the entire opening number?
8:00 Live broadcast....OMG I die! I'm loving this uber-queer opening number!
7:53 So far I'm 3/3 in  my Tony Predictions! Score & Orchestrations to Mormon and Choreography to Anything Goes!

7:16 Wow Vanessa Redgrave is just exquisite. I see shades of Natasha Richardson in her face & hear her in her voice. So phenomenal.
7:13 Vicky Clark is looking like such a diva in her deep V (V for Victoria) and her ruffles. Vicky gives a shout out to God and that is always a good thing.
7:12 OMG Patti & Andrew Lloyd Webber are on the same red carpet at the same time!
7:11 ZOMG Patti I Die! She is looking phenom flanked by both of her men!
7:07 Oh god who let Andrew Lloyd Webber out of his cave and why is that hag wearing all those feathers?
7:05 OMG Tony Sheldon, my pick for Best Actor in a Musical! Love Beth Leavel, but she is in a turn of a show, Baby Its You!
7:00 Sutton is too a "broad" you dumbass host! Sutton looks like she wants to vomit and Bobby Cannavale looks like he is going to murder someone.
6:59 Get it Sutton. I love you doll face and your dress is so out of character for you. Sutton is very nervous and I think that means she's going to win!!
6:54 Here comes the War Horse team. If it wins it will be because of the production, not because of the play itself
6:53 Matthew Broderick is looking old as all get out.
6:51 Who doesn't love David Hyde Pierce? Can't wait to see this new musical he is directing!
6:45 Its funny how Joe Mantello directed Joel Grey in Wicked and Joel Grey just directed Joe Mantello in The Normal Heart. I love them both. I havent seen it but I hear this production of The Normal Heart is simply fantastic. Also George C. Wolfe looks like a nutter with that hair
6:45 Sutton Foster looks divine in her strapless forest green number! Very much a fashion departure for la Sutton
6:40 Susan Stroman is a phenomenal choreographer, truly an idol of mine. I am thrilled that Scottsboro Boys was remembered by the nominators. It is so phenomenal to see John Kander. RIP Fred Ebb. I hope they can pull out a surprise win for best score.
6:38 Shameless name-dropping of Whoopie Goldberg by the team behind Sister Act
6:36 Its weird that Norbert is nominated for something without Sherie Rene Scott :(
6:35 Omg Fiyero & Nessarose! Precious!
6:31 Nikki M. James is and bright-eyed and cute, but she is in a category with some heavy hitters, all of which are previous winners or nominees
6:29 I don't necessarily love Josh Gad as much as everybody else but Rory O'Malley is precious. These two are hilarious together.
6:24 I loved Lombardi and Judith Light was phenomenal in it. She was a front runner back in the fall, but I think the fact that her show closed will hurt her as other actresses have come into the head of the race.
6:22 Judith Light looks like Farah Fawcett in the 1970s. I don't know what she is wearing but I really still love her anyway.
6:19 Its so great to see Bobby Lopez back after winning for Avenue Q in 2004. How exciting for him! Its great to see a completely original musical as the front runner for Best Musical this season. What a nice change!
6:16 It will be so funny all night to listen to announcers and presenters trip over the title of the play "The Motherfu**er with the Hat
6:12 Great plug for Spider-Man (which is finally opening) with a Tony performance. Jen Damiano looks flawless in a classic hairstyle and red lip with a fab gold dress.
6:11 Judith Light I love you sweetheart but what the hell are you wearing?
6:09 This host just mispronounced choreography...shameful! I love Kathleen Marshall and she has huge hits (Anything Goes) and huge misses (Grease) so I think she has a shot at best director and I feel she's a shoe in for choreographer.
6:07 Patina Miller is the Sutton Foster of this season, coming out of the ensemble to play the lead and score a Tony nomination. Ironically, she is a co-front runner with Sutton Foster. Ps I love that Patina and "Vicky" Clark are buddies.
6:06 Andrew Rannells is such a camera whore, is it just me or does he look plastic?
6:03 Andrew Rannels is so cute, if only he weren't gay like the rest of Broadway. Edie looks fab as usual. Ellen Barkin is favored in the Best Featured Actress in a Play category, but then again awards shows love Edie Falco so she certainly has a shot at it. She is a true class act and is so committed to the craft.
6:01 I watched the Tonys live in Times Square two years ago and it was such a fun time, I just loved it! Tovah Feldshuh is so glam, looking dashing in red
6:00 Here we go, Tonys 2011 Red Carpet live on

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