Friday, June 17, 2011

So You Think You Can Dance Recap: Top 20 Results Show

So the opening number was bondage themed. What is Fox trying to sell anyway? The movement was very unique and all I could think about was how amazing Mark Kanemura would look in that movement. Sonya Tayeh is the it girl of contemporary and jazz right now and her movement is always interesting and she never recycles her work.

I just love Megan as a judge on the show and I wish they'd keep her around. Hopefully we'll see her again soon! Nigel spoke a lot about national dance die, Cat went on and on about the special performance, blah blah blah. Let's get to the results!

First up were Melanie & Marko and duh they were safe. Missy & Wadi did the Sean Cheeseman Pandora's box jazz routine that I hated...and before we give them their results we had to review Iveta & Nick's quickstep. Both were safe. I disagree because I would've put Missy & Wadi in the bottom, but then again what do I know? I've only been in this business for 20 years.

The next group included Ashley & Chris who had the misfortune of doing that heinous Chris Scott hip hop routine that had no originality and no difficult. We also saw Jordan & Tadd  who did the better of the two Sean Cheeseman routines last night, the afro jazz. And Jordan & Tadd go to the bottom 3 while Ashley & Chris are safe? What was America thinking?? Then poor Caitlynn had to stand there along onstage as her "partner" Mitchell already has to dance for his life. She is safe. And then Clarice & Jess fell to the bottom 3? They did that stunning nuanced Broadway piece but all that did was prove that America likes tricks rather than legit dancing.

Then because of the beauty of tivo I could fast forward through that heinous Kerry Hillson routine.

Ryan & Ricky were up next. Ryan is my girl and they were safe!! Sasha & Alexander were also in this group along with Miranda & Robert. Miranda & Robert to to the bottom 3 while Sasha & Alexander were safe.

Russian dancers have springs in their feet. The Gopak number proved that indeed white men can jump!

Its solo time so get prepared for the tricks! First up we have Mitchell who was injured last night. Doing such an overdone song as Say by John Mayer is not a good idea. Doing such a long devellope was not a good use of his time to dance for his life.

Jordan knows how to work it and show everything she needs to in that short period. That is how you dance for your life and she brought her signature sex appeal.

Tadd comes out breaking to Jump Jive and Wail  which is such a quirky combo and shows his personality and sense of humor in addition to his technical skills. The judges loved it.

Clarice is all about the legs and the hair but she doesn't really who much in the solo other that grande battements and whipping her hair back and forth. She also botched her a la seconde turns which is a huge no no on this show.

Jess came out in a bowler hat and showed of his technical prowess with a very controlled pirouette. He stays true to his style and shows us a great mixture of personality, showmanship and technique.

Miranda comes out swinging and I loved her pirouette arch into layback. She definitely could be more controlled and she showed signs of nerves. She wasn't as clean as some other girls but I think she showed a lot of fight.

Robert didn't show much actually training for me. Everything he did was something I've seen in clubs.

If it were up to me, I would send Robert and Clarice home but who knows what these judges will do.

I loved how Cat thought she was "breaking" the news of Gaga guest judging when I actually heard that a few days ago.

And after deliberations and feelings from the judges.....they asked two of the boys to dance again. Why is this necessary? Oh yeah, its not.

Oh lord and we kept everyone. I am all for giving people second chances, but the name of the game is choosing America's favorite dancer so how are we going to get down to one if we keep them all? So to wrap it up, we didn't eliminate anybody in the elimination show but we are cutting two couples next week. That's it for me guys. Until next Wednesday, Peace Out!

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