Thursday, October 27, 2011

Skate Canada: Ice Dance Practice LIVE BLOG

4:53 Scott tries to put his tie on Marina and she rolls her eyes like a Mom
4:52 Cappellini & Lannote seem to have a brand new confidence
4:50 Marina is at the board for Tessa & Scott
4:48 What I saw of the Italians looked very nice!
4:47 Cappellini & Lannote are skating through their short
4:43 Weaver & Poje are on the ice for their Short Dance, but the feed cut out; her costume is trashy
4:41 That final lift from Tessa and Scott is a thing of beauty! They look like 1940s Hollywood stars
4:39 Tessa & Scott have my favorite free dance of the season, I live it even better than Meryl & Charlie
4:39 All teams are in costume on this session, perhaps it's because teams must get used to the costumes for lifts and that's not such and issue in other disciplines
4:38 Scott has a theatre face, he definitely pulls focus
4:37 Huge response from the crowd for the Olympic champs; this Funny Face program is signature Tessa & Scott and I'm obsessed
4:36 I'm really enjoying this musical selection from Harvey & Gagnon, she takes a fall on the twizzle, his blade was uncomfortably close to her hand
4:33 Harvey/Gagon out first, doing their short dance
4:32 Fierce skirt on Cappellini
4:31 Tessa & Scott have completely different costumes from Finlandia
4:31 Boy do the Camerlengo teams love animal print; fierce tiger dress on Katilyn Weaver
4:49 3 Canadian teams plus Cappellini & Lannote on this session

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