Friday, October 7, 2011

2011 World Gymnastics Championships: Qualify Night 2 tweets

So because I'm not in Tokyo and cannot live-tweet the action, I'm going to keep a running list of the tweets from those in the arena. This is the 2nd day of qualifying for the women, notably including the USA, Russia, and China.

3:09 Artistic gymnastics is on display with the Russians on beam. @intoGymnast
3:07 15.733 for Komova @theallaround
3:06 W=Wow, Nabieva got a big score, 14.883, and should in fact make finals. She's in 3rd with that ahead of Americans Douglas & Wieber @Gymnastike
3:05 After 1st rotation; Russia is only 0.033 behind USA, Belgium started strong on beam for 53.832 points. Switzerland not good on floor. @theallaround
3:01 Nobieva--RUS--Another amazing routine with all but one element exactly in handstand---When she's on, she's remarkable--6.4/14.883 @IntlGymnast
2:58 Wow score for Komova is huge! 15.733. Highest score given out so far in Tokyo. Dementyeva of Russia scored 14.200 @Gymnastike
2:57 Komova--RUS--a great routine with a completely stuck full twisting double tuck--Her execution is amazing--6.7/15.733 WOW!!! @IntlGymnast
2:56 Komova UB: shapsoh+pak. pike stalder shapsoh 1/2. jaeger. blind full+tkatchev. full in stick! @gymnastike
2:56 Flawless routine from Komova. What will be her E-score? @IntlGYmnast
2:54 RUS-Dementyeva-jeager, clean hop full+tkatchev+overshoot hand, dbl layout dsmt. Nice form. Really like this little one. @Dmoceanu
2:52 Ishina--RUS--hit a nice routine with a double front dismount--5.9/13.90 @IntlGymnast
2:51 Yulia Inshina, bars: Toe blind to pike Jaeger, toe full to Pak, toe half, stalder, Ray, blind to double front with a hop. @GymExaminer
2:50 LADIES IN RED: We guess red is the leotard to wear as the Russians, Americans, and Chinese are all sporting solid red today. @intlGymnast
2:43 Here come the Russians... @gymExaminer

1:38 USA about 4 points ahead! 2nd, 3rd and 6th on bars. Who would have thought that this was possible two days ago? @BTOgymblog
1:36 Gabby 14.866, it looks like she's going to finals too. Misses out on AA, but a fantastic performance today on every event. @BTOgymblog
1:36 Wieber finished with a massive 60.032 AA score! Shes in 1st. Raisman 3rd. Vega finished with 56.665 AA, in 5th now. @gymnastike
1:35 UNBELIEVABLE! THE US GOES 20 for 20!!! When is the last time this happened? GO USAAAA!!!! @IntlGymForum
1:34 Douglas UB: jump to hb mount. inbar stalder full, huge tkatchev+ pak! toe shoot. inbar stalder. perfect endo. half turn, full in near stick! @dmoceanu
1:34 14.8 for Wieber so she'll lead AA - 60.032, Yao Jinnan 59.031; Raisman 58.432 @insideGym
1:33 Wieber bars - not the best we've seen, but solid, hit routine, small hop on dismount 14.8 @unisports_gym
1:32 Chsovitina BB: punch pike mount. punch front+back pike. swtich+lay step out. Stuck roundoff double tuck dismount. Age 36. Amazing! @gymnastike
1:31 Wieber (UB) - Weiler kip on lb; saved small form break on high bar; double layout dismount (capable of more difficult dismount) @insidegym
1:30 Vega is up next. stalder half to gienger stalder full nice tkatchev, bail to HS toe hecht nailed tucked full in dismount. Great job!! 14.333 @USAGym
1:29 US-Vega-clean set. Another hit for USA. @dmoceanu
1:28 Maroney bars - strong routine and nice dismount, but small bobble on a transition 13.666 @unisports_gym
1:27 Raisman bars - good for her, she hit 14.0 @USAGym
1:26 Raisman bars - good for her, she hit 14.0 @unisports_gym
1:21 USA has highest team score on FX, VT, and second highest on BB. @InsideGym
1:20 Daiane Dos Santos FX – 1/1 double straight, smallish hop, arabian double pike (huge steps forward), johnson 1/2, (1/2) @theallaround
1:16 Great vault rotation for USA, even without Alicia. Anna Li is still down on the floor with the team, and in a leotard, but will not do bars @gymnastike
1:13 USA is 1st on VT, 2nd & 5th on BB and 1st & 3rd on FX! Bars still to come! @IntlGymForum
1:12 Trying to figure out where exactly they found a whole point to deduct on @McKaylaMaroney amazing vault? @NastiaLiukin
1:12 Maroney--USA--2nd vault--Yurchenko 1/2 on 1/2 off front layout--5.6/14.633 @IntlGym
1:10 Maroney - 15.533 for first vault, setting up for second now @USAGym
1:09 Maroney is going to do a second vault and hopefully make vault finals. @USAGYm
1:09 Maroney hits a super high Amanar with one hop. Must say it is the best I've ever seen. She gets incredible height and block -- WOW @USAGym
1:08 15.433 for Wieber @InsideGym
1:07 Raisman--USA--Yurchenko double twist--almost stuck--5.8/14.666 @intlgymnast
1:05 Raisman (VT) - Yurchenko double nice! @insidegym
1:04 Douglas--USA--Yurchenko double twist--well done with just a small jump back--5.8/14.558 @dmoceanu
1:03 Vega VT: yurchenko 1.5 plenty of power. Opened it up and stepped forward. Form looked good in the air. Douglas next @gymnastike
1:02 nice Amanar warm-up from Wieber @InsideGym
1:00 USA has moved in to first place as a team with a score of 116.064 ahead of Romania with a 115.365. @USAgym
12:58 And a 14.833 for Raisman on FX. That's highest score yet. @nrarmour
12:57 Raisman floor - hit routine! 14.833 @unisports_gym
12:56 US-Raisman-1.5 arabian dbl+fr tuck,arabian dbl pike stag jump, crowd clapping,triple twist Sky high, dbl pike. SOLID set. Nice job. @dmoceanu12:55 13.833 for Maroney. Marta has a tough choice ahead of her. Who would you use in finals? @BTOgymblog
12:53 Maroney floor - out of bounds once, also watered down a pass she was struggling on in warm-ups 13.833 @unisports_gym
12:51 Maroney FX: 3.5 twist PERFECT! 2.5 twist+just a front tuck, played it safe. 1.5 to double tuck hopped oob. Double tuck & delayed split jump @gymnastike
12:51 A 14.566 for Wieber on floor, 2nd only to Sui Lu. @nrarmour
12:50 US-Wieber-dbl dbl (BIG), 1.5 to triple, triple turn, 2.5 fr lay had to bend knees on fr lay-a little off bt made it, dbl pike. Big routine. @dmoceanu
12:48 Wieber FX: double double easy! 1.5 to triple, stick. crowd clapping along. love the music. 2.5+lay tucked at the end. Double pike. great job @gymnastike
12:47 Chuso scores a 15.166! Best vaults I'v seen her do in a while. @dmoceanu
12:47 Vega - 13.9 (5.6 SV) @intlgymnast
12:45 Know what I like most about Vega's floor? She actually uses her music. Most gymnasts may as well be using Muzak for as much they feel it. @nrarmour
12:45 Solid Rudi from Chuso with better leg form than we've seen over the last 9 years! @intlgymnast
12:44 GER-Chuso-up on VT next. Amazing that she's still out there. 20 yrs of World experience. She competed when I was in World's in Japan (1995). @dmoceanu
12:43 Douglas floor - a few small hops on tumbling passes, but overall solid routine 13.833 @unisports_gym
12:42 Douglas' confidence appears to be growing right before our eyes. What a treat to watch her! Crowd responds to her solid performance. @intlgymnast
12:41 FINALLY 14.4 for Douglas! @BTOgymblog
12:36 Goodness, that was stressful! USA made it through beam without a fall and they are heading to floor @gymnastike
12:36 Nice standing full Gabby. She had too much power and had to take a step. Wow. She's rocking this set. front tuck. ff ff double back. NICE @USAGYM
12:34 A 15.233 for Wieber, only Sui Lu higher @nrarmour
12:33 Wieber BB: 15.233 @USAGYm
12:31 US-Wieber-fr aerial one arm bhs lay, switch leap+tuck, side somi, leg up turn, switch side, aerial, full bhs, 2.5 dsmt. Good for her.Strong. @dmoceanu
12:31 A 14.933 for Raisman. Fourth highest score on BB so far. @nrarmour
12:29 Aly Raisman beam - great routine, small hop on dismount 14.933 @Unisports_gym
12:28 Aly BB: front tuck. bhs lay 2ft solid! switch full. front pike+back lay so. switch1/2+back pike. side aerial. Lturn. Excellent Patterson! @gymnastike
12:27 Wow, clutch routine by Raisman. US needs something to steady them. @nrarmour
12:27 I can hear Martha yelling, "Nice. Nice" during Raisman's routine @nrarmour
12:25 Vega - BB, 14.366 @insidegym
12:24 US-Vega-Aerial, fr. aerial bhs lay, nice toe point! fr tuck, switch leap back tuck, switch ring, marta shouting in stands,dbl pike cpl steps @dmoceanu
12:23 Vega hits, a little too much energy on dismount is only real big deduction... @gymexaminer
12:23 Barbosa BRA hits her bar routine too! @intlgymnast
12:22 Maroney BB: 13.300 @USAGym
12:21 Dos Santos from Brazil on bars. Didn't think she was even still competing. Wowza! @dmoceanu

12:20 Maroney BB 2: switch side shy of 180. roundoff double tuck big step back. Shaky set but she stayed on @gymnastike
12:19 Maroney BB: punch front huge wobble, nice save! bhs lay stepout. punch pike+swing down. wobble on leap, visibly nervous. Swtich+back tuck.. @gymnastike
12:18 A very young Team USA. Hoping they can handle the pressure of their World's since for most of them this is first World's except Raisman @dmoceanu
12:17 In this session the USA girls will begin on Beam just like to Romanians and Australians did.... A true test of nerves! @intlgymnast
12:02 One of the most exciting subdivisions next, with teams from the USA, Germany and Brazil and individuals from Columbia. @BTOgymblog
12:01 China averaged about a 14.40 in subdivision 6 to take the lead from Romania. Team USA coming up next! @USAGym
12:00 Huang moves into second place AA behind Yao @theallaround
11:52 CHN-Huang-fr tuck swing down, fr aerial stop bhs pike clean, switch+back tuck, aerial, onodi, switch ring land 2ft,dbl pike step back. NICE. @dmoceanu
11:51 D-score for nearly all CHN in the 6.0 or higher range. @dmoceanu
11:49 CHN-TAN-Fell on series w layout 2ft. high fr tuck, fr aerial+sheep jump, aerial, clean dance poses, bhs+bhs 2.5 twist. Too bad about fall. @dmoceanu
11:47 Tan Sixin fall on layout on beam @Insidegym
11:47 Ponor scored a 15.000 even (on Beam), 15.4 for SUI! @dmoceanu11:39 Yao BB: standing full. bhs+ 2ft bhs+2 ft lay perfect. front aerial+back tuck, stop, sheep jump. punch front. leg up full turn. high dbl pike @gymnastike
11:38 China was only a point ahead of Australia on bars @theallaround
11:37 Jiang, BB - pf; bhs, layout; switch to Rulfova; back tuck; sheep; switch ring (slight bobble); 2 1/2... clean set overall @insidegym
11:36 Yuyuan BB: punch front. perfect bhs 2 ft lay. switch+full twisting swing down. back tuck. sheep, wobble. switch ring slight wobble. 2.5 @gymnastike
11:34 Comparing team rankings after 3 rotations, its Romania 173.53, China 170.663, Australia 166.78, Canada 162.596, Korea 159.631 @gymnastike
11:31 Korean fans pretty excited with Beam, after all. Let's see where their team score puts them. @gymcoaching
11:28 China's high score on UB so far is 14,566; they'll be counting at least one score in the 12s @theallaround
11:27 Kexin is out of World bar finals. All eyes on @bethtweddlenews who has the most exciting routine in the world, in my opinion @gymnastike
11:26 He's score--6.7/12.733 @intlgymnast
11:25 He Kexin repeats and hits layout Yaeger to pak then transitions to high bar and lands in dead hang, total break @insidegym
11:25 Jiang missed Bars big. Then He Kexin went TOO HUGE on releases. Fell on layout Jaeger. ... @gymcoaching
11:24 14.566 for Jinnan on bars. Thats the highest bars score yet at Worlds. Coming up: Qiushuang & Oly Champ Kexin @gymnastike
11:23 Umm, what's going on with the Chinese? Jiang stalls three times on bars, very lackluster. @nrarmour
11:21 Yao leads bars, 14.566. Now the question is if her teammates, Jiang, Huang and He, can knock her out of finals. @BTOgymblog11:19 Yao--CHN--A really great routine with a stalder shopo from low to high and she is very short--6.7/14.566 @intlgymnast
11:16 Tan scores 13.866 with an extra swing. @BTOgymblog
11:15 Sixin UB: tkatchev, intricate pirouette work, jaeger. a little wild on her pak and had to re-kip. shoot to hb. double front dismount, 2 hops @gymnastike
11:11 AA After 2: Yao, Mitchell, Porgras (Bulimar and Ponor didn't do all events) @BTOgymblog
11:11 Team after 2: Romania, China, Australia. Korea drops to 6th. @BTOgymblog
11:09 China has 114.465 after 2 events, less than point behind Romania. And China finishes with its best two events. @nrarmour
11:09 CHN stripping bars & putting their concoction to make it just right for the gripless & talented bar workers! @dmoceanu
11:08 57.766 for CHN on vault @theallaround
11:07 Seon Heo (Korea) UB: shaposh+ free hip+full turn+pak. khorkina transition to HB. blind to khorkina release. stuck double layout!! wow. @gymnastike
11:05 KOR HEO--Threw hard skills on bars, shoposh half khorkina, dbl lay. NICE SET. @dmoceanu
11:03 After 2, China's still behind Romania, but China has competed it's 2 weakest events and Romania competed it's 2 strongest. @BTOgymblog
11:01 Hyunjoo Jo (KOR) UB: blind full+pak. toe full, giant, missed tkatchev. darn. Back up... released too early on DLO dismount and ran forward @gymnastike
11:00 China's Team FX score was 56.699, exact same as Romania! @intlgymnastics
10:55 So China have the top two floor scores, 14.533 for Tan and 14.600 for Sui. @theallaround
10:54 CHN-LU-VT-Yur. full-hop back. Tiny but it's a made vault and safe one too. @dmoceanu
10:49 China scored 56.699 on FX, putting them almost 2 points behind Romania after 1 rotation. @nrarmour

10:46 CHN-TAN-FX-1.5 to 2.5, fr dbl twist stag jump, really showing off the Adi dance. Artistry is not dead w CHN! dbl pike hop back, triple twist @dmoceanu
10:46 It's clear China has put heavy emphasis on their landings. So very controlled. @intlgymnast
10:45 Hyunjoo Jo (KOR) VT 2: yurchenko half on layout half off. Came in low, step forward @gymnastike
10:44 Sui has such a tiny frame, but calves like Chinese legend Lou Yun! @intlgymnast
10:44 Lu FX: WOW! whip to huge, perfect triple twist+stag jump. incredible. 2.5+front full. triple turn. Stuck double pike end. That will final. @gymnastike
10:43 Kim KOR got lost on on a tucked Rudi on VT and landed on her side. @intlgymnast
10:43 Yao is leading floor! 14.533 @BTOGymblog
10:42 China doesn't seem to have quite the energy and spark they've shown in training on FX... a little reserved feeling. @insidegym
10:41 Yao Jinnan, gorgeous double layout; beautiful triple full; 1 1/2 through to 2 1/2; switch ring; double pike small @insideGym
10:39 Jiang Yuyuan on FX 13.633 @theallaround
10:39 Big ouch. A 12.766 for Huang on FX. @nrarmour
10:38 Heo (KOR) VT: another nice yurchenko 1.5 twist. @gymnastike
10:38 Quishuang FX: floaty pike full in but bounced out of it and put her hands down. 1.5+front full step oob 3rd pass. Clean 2.5 twist w/ a step @gymnastike
10:37 First up will be Jiang--1 1/2 to 2 1/2, tuck double, triple full, pike double--very nice routine to open their Worlds--5.5/13.633 @intlgymnast10:36 CHN Yuyuan-FX-Cutie pie. Artistry back with CHN.Gorgeous triple twist 3rd pass. Smiling and enjoying herself. Signature Adi routine.Dbl pike @dmoceanu
10:35 Yuyuan FX: 1.5 thru to 2.5 twist clean. double tuck step back. expressive dance. triple twist lunge out. double pike step back. Clean set @gymnastike
10:32 Team China enters the gym in metallic warm-up suits. Red tops with gold bottoms. Looking extra crisp in their... @intlgymnast
10:31 Gymnasts on the floor, taking podium for 1st event. China starts on floor. @nrarmour

10:30 Judges just marching it. Now it's on to the gymnasts…everyone clapping. @Dmoceanu

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