Friday, October 28, 2011

2011 ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating: Skate Canada Ladies Short Program LIVE BLOG

1:55 And we're live, nothing happening yet, but a decent size crowd!
2:04 The Assistant TS has FIERCE hair!
2:05 I love Adriana's hot pink dress! Ashley Wagner got more applause than the hometown girls!
2:06 Liza is wearing a signature Russian long-sleeved dress
2:06 All-out Spanish attire for Hecken
2:07 Ashley Wagner is looking lovely and blond in a red dress accented with a Swarovski neckline and halter-strap
2:08 Basic black with a Swarovski neckline and criss-cross straps for Lacoste
2:10 DeSanctis hasn't competed in years so she'll be a dark horse

1) Adriana DeSanctis (CAN)
     Music: Street Scene by Alfred Neuman
  • Hand down on the triple lutz, didn't catch the rotation
  • I love the dress, but the ponytail looks a little too casual
  • Good triple salchow-double toe
  • Some slight audio issues, just getting the kinks out
  • Slow spin exits but nice positions
  • I really like this piece of music
  • Low landing on the double axel, may have put a hand down
  • Needs more stretch on that I-spin and more toe point on the sit
SP Score: 26.18 (TES) + 20.96 (PCS) = 47.14

2) Elizaveta Tuktamisheva (RUS)
    Music: Tango by Astor Piazzolla
  • A lot of flashy hand movements in the opening sequence
  • Triple lutz-triple toe, very quick rotation
  • Triple loop with nice flow out
  • Double axel, slightly bent free leg on the landing
  • She bangs out the jumps very fast
  • She is an expressive little diva!
  • She looks a like shaky on her legs in her footwork, perhaps a bit of nervous
  • Fly into the sit spin could have been a little higher, needs a bit more speed
  • She is slightly rough around the edges, but there is so much talent there and she'll certainly grow
  • So happy with that, she is thrilled!
SP Score: 33.95 (TES) + 25.62 (PCS) = 59.57

3) Sarah Hecken (GER) 
    Music: Malaguena by Lecuona
  • Hmm, a music selection we've never heard
  • Triple lutz with a wide swinging free leg-popped single toe
  • I want her movements to be so much sharper and more specific with this music
  • That layback is just not pretty, sorry to say
  • She has long limbs, she should use them
  • Really nice double axel with quick rotation speed
  • Good donut spin position, but the transition out was awkward
  • This footwork really lacks speed and needs more knee bend
  • This is a hard piece of music to do because you're compared to all who have done it before you
  • Really slow final spin
  • That won't be a great score, but she held on
SP Score: 22.78 (TES) + 21.72 (PCS) = 44.50

4) Ashley Wagner (USA)
    Music: Pollock by Jeff Beal
  • Come on Ashley!
  • I like this music a lot, she looked great in practice yesterday
  • Good speed, nice choreography
  • Triple flip-double toe in the Rippon variation
  • She looks confident!
  • Short entry on the triple lutz
  • Really good rotation on the double axel
  • I want a little more toe point on her spins, but good position variations
  • She has a very fine layback
  • Great view of John Nicks looking on at his student
  • This foot work is very musical, nice nuance work
  • Spread eagle into a sit spin variation
  • And that is how you do a clean short! So good to see her happy!
SP Score: 30.02 (TES) + 24.48 (PCS) = 54.50

5) Amelie Lacoste (CAN)
     Music:Satin Doll by Duke Ellington
  • This costume is fierce and elegant at the same time, suits the jazz piece so well
  • Really long flowing edge out of that double axel
  • Triple loop-double loop, may be a 3-3 some day
  • Fall on the triple lutz, it didn't look rotated either
  • Really nice low sit spin position and variations
  • She isn't the most naturally expressive skater, but she's really trying
  • Good stretch on the camel
  • I really like the use of levels and the whole body in the step sequence
  • This is a stylish and mature program
  • I look forward to seeing the growth as the season continues
  • Obviously she's not happy with the fall, but I loved the program as a whole
SP Score: 26.71 (TES) + 24.89 (PCS) - 1.00 (DED) = 50.60
6) Cynthia Phaneuf (CAN)
     Music: Spanish Guitar
  • She is the home favorite and National champ so she has a lot of support here
  • Wow, backless much??
  • This is last year's short, and costume #4? #5?
  • It's a sassy piece from what I remember
  • Quick double axel, good ice coverage
  • Popped triple lutz to single, unfortunately that's been the story of her career
  • This is a nicely compose program, but she doesn't look 100% invested
  • Really flexed foot on the beginning phase of the layback
  • I don't like that she's seemingly checked out of the program after the pop
  • She's finally picking up the energy a little for the ending footwork and spin
SP Score: 23.36 (TES) + 25.34 (PCS) = 48.70

7) Rachael Flatt (USA)
     Music: East of Eden
  • I'm nervous about this because I haven't seen her skate since Worlds 2011 and we all know how that went down
  • I'm not sure if I like this costume change or not, maybe the wrist bands are throwing me off
  • Triple flip-double toe looked clean to me but I caught it at a weird angle
  • Good footwork into the triple lutz, nice smile!
  • Is it just me or have her spins improved?
  • I like that she is just breathing and flowing easily through this program, no rushing about it
  • Good double axel
  • She looks so happy out there, gorgeous Ina Bauer
  • I know many don't, but I happen to LOVE this footwork sequence
  • Camel into illusions is a little wild, but she reigned it in
  • She'll be thrilled with that performance!
SP Score: 29.14 (TES) + 25.09 (PCS) = 54.23

8) Mirai Nagasu (USA)
     Music: Danzarin by Tango Lorca
  • Not loving this costume, it's very Forever 21 Homecoming dress
  • Very clean opening jump
  • I like this new program on Mira, very aggressive and mature
  • Oh lord Mirai, did you really have to go and fall?
  • Good double axel
  • If she holds it together, she could still pull a big number with spins and PCS
  • She really needs more stretch on that split jump
  • Well she won't be leading after the short, so that should quell her nerves going into the free
  • Good stretch on the I-spin, she makes that look easy
SP Score: 27.61 (TES) + 26.12 (PCS) - 1.00 (DED) = 52.73

9) Alena Leonova (RUS)
     Music: Pirates of the Caribbean by Hans Zimmer
  • What is this costume? Pirate wench?
  • Went for the 3-3 and stumbled out of the 2nd with a hand down
  • She is an athlete, that's for sure, but this is clunky at best
  • She's a Morozov skater alright, this looks like a carbon copy of a Miki Ando program
  • This footwork is playfully tacky
  • Sorry for any Alena fans, but I hate this program
  • Can we ever retire this music? I do like this arrangement though
  • reeeeeally slow spins
  • That was so bizarre, no clue how it will score
SP Score: 23.86 (TES) + 25.89 (PCS) = 49.75

10) Akiko Suzuki (JPN)
      Music: Hungarian Rhapsody by Edvin Marton
  • Wonky hop after her opening 3Flip, was that a missed combo?
  • Pretty clean 3lutz
  • Weird costume, I don't get it
  • I like this piece of music and the footwork fits well
  • Double axel
  • She did not do a combination, unless that little hop after the 3Flip was supposed to be a single toe
  • She'll probably fall between Nagasu & Leonova or so it seems as of now
SP Score: 26.14 (TES) + 26.68 (PCS) = 52.82

  Pl.  NameNationTSS
1Elizaveta TUKTAMISHEVARUS59.5733.9525.626.465.966.686.436.500.00#2
2Ashley WAGNERUSA54.5030.0224.486.215.716.
3Rachael FLATTUSA54.2329.1425.096.365.756.546.296.430.00#7
4Akiko SUZUKIJPN52.8226.1426.686.936.396.686.756.610.00#10
5Mirai NAGASUUSA52.7327.6126.126.796.326.546.686.321.00#8
6Amelie LACOSTECAN50.6026.7124.896.325.966.116.546.181.00#5
7Alena LEONOVARUS49.7523.8625.896.546.006.506.576.750.00#9
8Cynthia PHANEUFCAN48.7023.3625.346.436.006.216.546.500.00#6
9Adriana DESANCTISCAN47.1426.1820.965.434.935.435.295.140.00#1
10Sarah HECKENGER44.5022.7821.725.575.115.545.395.540.00#3

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