Thursday, October 27, 2011

Skate Canada: Pairs Practice LIVE BLOG

2:11 This is shaping up to be a fantastic Pairs competition
2:09 The last lift for V/T is pretty fantastic; the callers are impressed and call them a Grade A team
2:04 V/T are up for their free skate run through; I love their speed and power
2:04 I/M have a fantastic final lift in their free skate
2:03 These commentators no longer have any credibility with me, they just asked if Iliushechkina/Maisuradze were at Skate Canada last year; duh, they won!
2:01 From what I've seen, Michael Bennett would be proud of this choreography
2:00 Iliushechkina/Maisuradze on-ice now, this will automatically be my favorite program of the season because it's A Chorus Line
1:58 Throw a triple salchow late in the program; both throws back to back right after the halfway point to get the 10% bonus, following with the Chinese formula
1:57 Now Yu/Jin aren't doing much at all, just some stroking; and then they throw a triple loop
1:56 Yu/Jin did opening elements, but now they're basically doing  a dance-thru
1:55 The commentators think that the non-Bin Yao teams look "North American-ized"
1:54 Yu/Jin also worked with Zoueva for their free skate
1:52 The commentators are saying that because Sui/Han didn't come from the Bin Yao camp, they are much more expressive; I agree, but Shen & Zhao became more expressive later in their careers
1:51 Interesting that Sui & Han hired Marina Zoueva to choreograph this program; I should have know, it's so nuanced, and Sui really uses her head
1:50 Sui & Han are doing their free skate, their connection is much better this season, nice Quad twist
1:49 Group 2 is done warming up, Sui & Han are the first team to skate
1:42 Still waiting for the 2nd group of pairs to arrive, 2 Russians & 2 Chinese
1:13 Definitely work horses in this session
1:12 Jessica Dube has her boot off and if rubbing the side of her foot, landing foot
1:11 The commentators are saying that we're seeing full run throughs in session 1 because North Americans like to pound it in practice, while the Russians in session 2 likely won't do an intense practice
1:10 Outstanding lift, beautiful choreography, they've really become so much more elegant
1:10 Throw was very close to the wall, she tripped up a bit and crashed
1:09 I hope that since they're only doing Senior and not Junior this season, they'll be a little more consistent
1:08 Takahashi and Tran up next, this is a very tender program to Imagine
1:06 Lawrence & Swiegers are killing it! Outstanding free skate they've just done
1:04 I love their lift entrance and the position changes, Rudi looks like he'd be such a great partner
1:03 Paige Lawrence is so teeny-tiny, even by Pairs standards, she's wearing some kind of tape on her back, hopefully not an injury
1:02 She stumbled out of the throw, but the lift was very strong; I love the athleticism
1:01 Great intricate crossing step sequence
1:00 Only triple salchows in this program; great speed, but Eric looks exhausted
12:59 Duhamel & Radford look good, and they are matching!
12:58 I like Dube & Wolfe, I miss Bryce, but they have a beautiful chemistry and look together
12:57 Really great commentary here on the basics of pairs skating
12:55 Dube/Wolfe have good speed in stroking but some slow entries into their elements; jump timing is off
12:54 Dube/Wolfe are this first team to do a run through
12:52 Takahashi & Tran are also in this group, Mervin is precious!
12:52 We seem to have all 3 Canadian pairs in this 1st practice session

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