Thursday, October 27, 2011

Skate Canada: Ladies Practice LIVE BLOG

11:48 I may not get to watch the rest of the ladies, but I will be back for Pairs at 12:50 EST, just check back on my main blog site
11:45 Feed is back up, hello Canadians in the crowd!
11:43 The 3 Canadians + Hecken & Suzuki are on the ice now, but we don't have the feed
11:36 We've lost the feed, but I"m pretty sure everyone is done anyway
11:33 Ashley is leaving the ice and Reliable Rachael is still working
11:32 Mirai just hit 3 fantastic triple flips in a row
11:31 Wagner, Flatt, Nagasu, Tuktamisheva and Leonova in this session, Phaneuf, DeSanctis, Lacose, Hecken, and Suzuki in session 2
11:30 They commentators just said, "the Russians are off the ice and the Americans are working hard and pounding it"
11:30 Rachael's spins are looking  a little better today, faster and cleaner position changes
11:28 Mirai just ran several jumps again and nailed them, she looks really determined after Frank have her a talking to following the run through
11:28 We have the rest of the ladies coming up in a few minutes
11:24 Very good short from Ashley, and she looks to be in such great shape
11:23 Ashley Wagner looks fantastic, nice spins, and very clean jumps, Mr. Nicks seems to have worked his magic
11:21 I like these commentators, they'retelling us exactly what each skater is doing and what level it would receive
11:20 Mirai seems to have found her footing, really nice step sequence and a gorgeous change of edge camel spin
11:19 Mirai took a hard fall just there, she's not looking her best right now, but I've always heard that a hard practice makes for a great performance
11:15 We're back, Rach is taking a little break in the middle of the program and now she's back, somebody is  doing commentary and they're talking about GOE, not sure in what respect
11:14 Stream just cut back momentarily
11:13 Hand down on a triple lutz for Rachael, looked rotated
11:12 Rachael is not doing her free skate run-through w/ the first triple
11:10 I'm loving Liza's step sequence, very interesting turns, kicks, and flicks
11:09 Now it's Liza's turn to run through, she is really going after, no marking in the opening section, marks the jump combination
11:07 Alena is looking solid in practice today, at least what she's actually doing
11:05 Alena seems to be doing a run-thru of her short program
11:05 Liza and others have made several outfit changes already
11:04 I'm watching on mute because the sound is horrible
11:02 Rachael & Ashley almost run into one another and have a little giggle moment
11:02 Ashley Wagner gets right into some footwork, as does Rachael Flatt (definitely her short program step sequence)
11:01 Mirai is looking very fast, Liza is commanding that ice like an old pro!
11:00 All of the skaters look to be in better shape than when we last saw them
10:59 There are a few crowded sections in the arena, but it's mostly empty
10:58 It looks like a few ladies are missing, I can't tell exactly who is there but I see all three Americans and Liza

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