Thursday, October 27, 2011

Skate Canada: Mens Practice LIVE BLOG

4:10 Huge crash from Patrick, a little slow getting up but seems fine
4:08 Chan's edge and blade work is superior to everybody else
4:03 Run-thrus are over, now we'll have the obligatory jump off
4:03 I haven't seen much in Majorov's program on which to comment, but his footwork is very nice and comes right at the end of the program
4:02 It amazes me that these commentators are so experienced yet they aren't doing much
4:00 Majorov up last, not doing a whole lot in this Bolero skate
3:57 I'm so glad Fernandez switched from Morozov to Orser
3:56 This is a new, more gentle look from Fernandez, he's softened his presentation but kept the height of his jumps
3:54 Marked the Quad toe, good ice coverage, very wide strokes, huge jumps
3:53 Fernandez up next, will her do the Quad?
3:50 Strong 3A from Rogozine, he really attacks his footwork, reminds me a bit of Yagudin
3:50 Rogozine out next, stumble on the 3F-3T but recovers; great speed
3:48 Chan takes a bit of a break mid-program
3:46 Patrick skates well to the intricate music, but it doesn't live through him like it does with Takahashi
3:45 Huge opening jump almost into the TV booth, looking fast and strong
3:44 This is my first look at his free skate, so much choreography right off the top, the crowd is silent
3:44 Chan is up next for his run through
3:43 This will be interesting to see how Elladj hits this program
3:42 I like this selection of Michael Jackson pieces
3:40 These attempted Michael Jackson moves take me back to last season, and not in a good way
3:39 Elladj starts us off w/ a Michael Jackson piece
3:37 Patrick looks serious and focused
3:34 Patrick Chan is on the ice and people are going nuts
3:21 Great Men's session, all of them bow to the crowd; Group 2 getting ready to come out including Chan and the rest of the Canadians
3:20 Adam wipes out on a 4lz attempt and nearly takes out Ross Miner, Miner helps him up
3:17 Adam finally hits a nice 3A at the end of practice
3:15 The end of this practice, after the run-throughs, has become a jump off
3:14 Dais is taking some HARD falls working on Quads
3:13 Nice 3A from Ross right then
3:13 Wow Pasquale, the choreographer, is there with Adam as well
3:10 Adam's jumps look more sound now that he's with Jason
3:09 The jumps he is doing look fantastic, really quick rotation
3:08 Adam is doubling and singling a lot of jumps, but I assume that is to conserve energy
3:06 Rippon is up now, looking loverly; and the commentators again get it wrong, Adam has been on the circuit more than 2 seasons
3:04 His Untouchables free skate is very Kenny G esque
3:02 Rough jumping day for Ross, all the landings look unsteady and uneasy
3:01 Ross Miner out now
2:59 Beautiful set for Denis with a Quad Toe followed by a 3A
2:56 Denis Ten had a great free at Skate America, but he is quite the head case
2:54 I just love that most of the skaters wear all black, or at least muted colors
2:53 Dais hears music in a way unlike others, I just love him
2:53 We also have Miner and Rippon up in this group
2:52 Very bluesy program from Takahashi, he is very blank-faced so I can't tell if he's tired or just very serious
2:50 KVDP is doing back to back events so he stayed in the states in the mean time
2:46 KVDP looks like he's wearing a bullet-proof vest, walking thru the beginning of his Free

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