Sunday, October 23, 2011

2011 ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating: Skate America Ladies Free Skate [LIVE BLOG]

1) Elene Gedevanishvili (GEO)
     Music: Phantom of the Opera
  • I really like that costume, something about it is very Victorian, yet very modern
  • Solid triple lutz-double toe to start off, great speed in and out
  • Pops the triple flip into a single
  • Really fast rotation on the double axel-double toe-double toe
  • Popped planned triple toe to a double-double toe
  • She is a very mental skater, looks to come out guns ablaze and focused, but melts down much too often
  • She really fought on that second 3lutz
  • Nice catch foot spiral, covering a lot of ice
  • Triple toe, two-footed
  • I really like this program and it has a lot of potential is she can get more consistency on the jumps
  • I really like the footwork sequence
  • Nice flying camel, good position changes
  • She won't be happy with that program, no falls, but so many points given back
FS Score: 48.15 (TES) + 49.46 (PCS) = 97.61
Total Score: 42.51 (SP) + 97.61 (FS) =140.12

2) Valentina Marchei (ITA)
     Music: Big Bad Voo Doo Daddy
  • This is shaping up to be a fun program!
  • Two-footed triple lutz, looked under-rotated
  • Good triple flip
  • The dress would be much better without those gloves
  • This pace is so fast, I wonder if she'll be able to keep the energy up
  • Bent legs on the spins
  • I hate when music changes mid-spin, but that's just me
  • Fall on a triple salchow
  • She is getting very wild, losing some of her control on the program
  • I like her sit spin variations
FS Score: 44.21 (TES) + 48.11 (PCS) - 1.00 (DED) = 91.98
Total Score: 43.19 (SP) + 91.98 (FS) = 135.17

3) Joshi Helgesson (SWE)
     Music: Romeo and Juliet

FS Score: 43.57 (TES) + 45.38 (PCS)  = 88.95
Total Score: 45.03 (SP) + 88.95 (FS) = 133.98

4) Ksenia Makarova (RUS)
     Music: Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend, I Wanna Be Loved By You

FS Score: 45.20 (TES) + 52.52 (PCS) - 1.00 (DED) = 96.72
Total Score: 45.94 (SP) + 96.72 (FS) = 142.67

5) Joelle Forte (USA)
     Music: 13th Warrior

FS Score: 45.43 (TES) + 46.41 (PCS) - 1.00 (DED) = 90.84
Total Score: 48.86 (SP) + 90.84 (FS) = 139.70

6) Viktoria Helgesson (SWE)
     Music: Sunset Boulevard
  • Oh lord Andrew Lloyd Webber, I hope Patti LuPone isn't watching this event
  • Love the costume, very reminiscent of Norma Desmond
  • Hard fall on the triple lutz, legs very wrapped up
  • She is coming out fighting, looks very edgy and unrelaxed
  • This is a lovely program if she can hit the rest of it
  • Hand down on a triple salchow
  • Foot needs to point harder on the fly into the sit spin
FS Score: 44.41 (TES) + 51.21 (PCS) - 1.00 (DED) = 94.62
Total Score: 51.13 (SP) + 94.62 (FS) = 145.74

7) Haruka Imai (JPN)
     Music: My Fair Lady
  • This is an interesting choice of dress for My Fair Lady
  • She is graceful and elegant, but doesn't have the powerful jumps of the top Japanese ladies
  • This is such an odd arrangement
  • Fall on a triple toe, not sure if it was rotated or not
  • Stumble out of a triple loop
  • Stumble out of a triple salchow, her timing is very off today
  • None of her jumps have good flow out of them
  • I wonder why her choreographer put all her spins right in a row here
FS Score: 39.08 (TES) + 50.19 (PCS) - 1.00 (DED) = 88.27
Total Score: 43.67 (SP) + 88.27 (FS) = 143.94

8) Caroline Zhang (USA)
     Music: Allegro, Cello Concerto in B Minor by Dvorak
  • Struggle on the lutz, let's hope she doesn't unravel after this
  • She looks like all the confidence is gone from her face
  • Triple loop-double toe
  • She is losing speed, she really needs to pick it up
  • She could use more stretch in her spiral
  • Very hard fall on the triple flip, she took a very long time to get up
  • Another fall, she struggled to get up again, she seems as if she could be injured
  • She's really having a hard time staying in the program
  • All the energy has been zapped out of her
  • Good double axel to end it on a good note, and of course her signature Pearl spin
FS Score: 38.81 (TES) + 49.84 (PCS) - 3.00 (DED) = 85.65
Total Score: 55.05 (SP) + 85.65 (FS) = 140.71

9) Carolina Kostner (ITA)
     Music: Concerto No. 27 by Mozart
  • So far so good for Caro
  • Very solid double axel
  • I like this costume on her so much better than the short
  • She is not nearly as fast as she usually is
  • Her jumps are rotating very quickly
  • I like this program much better than the short as well, her upper body is much more fluid
  • Triple sal-double toe-single loop
  • Good first free skate for the first event of the season, she'll certainly improve from here
  • This program is classic figure skating
FS Score: 55.45 (TES) + 61.67 (PCS) = 117.12
Total Score: 60.23 (SP) + 117.12 (FS) = 177.35

10) Alissa Czisny (USA)
      Music: Valse Triste
  • Loving this costume and the stark contrast to her short program dress
  • Now that is how you wear illusion fabric, matched to your skin
  • Will we see the triple triple?
  • Her hairstyle from last season looks lovely with this dress
  • I love the intricacies of the choreography off the top and the expression
  • First jump is crucial
  • Triple lutz-triple toe, second jump looked two-footed and under-rotated
  • Stumble on the triple flip, I don't know if it was a fall or not
  • She looks a little unsettled
  • This spiral sequence should calm her down hopefully
  • Just going for the triple-triple hitting it, even with downgrades is a big step in the right direction
  • Great interpretation of the choreography
  • Nice second triple lutz, not great flow out
  • She's turning out of a lot of these jumps
  • Good quick thinking on her feet, adding a 3rd jump to her double axel-double toe combination
  • She doesn't look as confident as she did yesterday, but she'll improve throughout the season
FS Score: 51.37 (TES) + 62.92 (PCS) - 1.00 (DED) = 113.28
Total Score: 64.20 (SP) + (FS) = 177.48

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