Thursday, January 26, 2012

2012 US Figure Skating Championships: Senior Pairs Short Program LIVE Coverage

1) Tiffany Vise & Don Baldwin
 Music: Pirates of the Caribbean

23.40 (TES) + 22.65 (PCS) = 45.65

2) Kloe Chanel Baustista & Tyler Harris
 Music: Slumdog Millionaire
  • Those costumes are a little loud for me
  • Really slow starting off
  • Only a split double twist
  • Really sloppy form in the throw
  • This music isn't doing anything in terms of pushing them with speed
  • Those were good side by side jumps
  • They're starting to pick up some speed here at the halfway point
  • She is a nice performer
22.28 (TES) + 19.08 (PCS) = 42.16

3) Gretchen Donlan & Andrew Speroff
 Music: O Mio Babbino Caro
  • I love this team, let's hope for a fantastic performance
  • This team has very nice lines, very elegant
  • Really quick triple twist
  • Slight unison issue on the takeoffs of the SBS jumps
  • Really nice positions in the lift, smooth transitions
  • This music really suits them
  • The footwork is a really a little slower than I'd like
  • Really good height and distance on the throw triple salchow
  • Lovely position on that death spiral
  • Great flexibility on her part in the pair spin
  • That will easily put them into first
 32.17 (TES) + 25.60 (PCS) = 57.77

4) Rita Fehr & Peter Biver
 Music: Music from Madagascar
  • This is just a very odd pairing for me, where do they expect to go?
  • This is painfully slow
  • I liked her catch foot position in that lift
  • She needs to straighten out the legs in that death spiral
  • I like this music, but it would be better suited to a novice or junior team
  • That split twist had little to no height
  • Two-foots the throw
  • I feel like I'm watching slow motion here, anybody else?
 15.25 (TES) + 16.12 (PCS) = 31.37

5) Caydee Denney & John Coughlin
 Music: East of Eden
  • That split twist was huge!
  • This middle sequence is a little slow for me, I'd like the program to build more here
  • Looked a little labored getting that lift up, but really nice once she was up there
  • Really pitched forward on that throw, she wiped out hard, I hope she's alright
  • Really slow in that death spiral
 33.90 (TES) + 27.98 (PCS) -1.00 (DED) = 60.88

6) Andrea Poapst & Chris Knierim
 Music: Once Upon a December
  • I love this music
  • That was a huge split twist
  • The colors on her costume are a little strange for me
  • Great throw
  • This is remarkably clean, I didn't know quite what to expect from them
  • She shows great flexibility in her back on that pair spin
 29.42 (TES) + 24.01 (PCS) = 53.43

7) Alexa Scimeca & Ivan Dimitrov
 Music: Leyenda
  • That is an interesting opening pose
  • I'm not loving this crushed velvet look
  • Big old crash landing on the split twist
  • Stumbles out of the SBS jumps
  • Not a lot of distance, but good height on that throw
  • She may have touched the ice on the death spiral, that's a no-no
  • Some nice moments, but not outstanding as a whole piece
29.75 (TES) + 22.18 (PCS) = 51.93

8) Felicia Zhang & Nathan Batholomay
 Music:  Gershwin's Piano Concerton

  • He is a very flashy performer
  • A little crashy on the split twist
  • He was a little two-footed on the SBS jump
  • Nice execution of the throw
  • I love these costumes so much, they fit the music perfectly, globes and all
  • Some silly stumbles and such, but I like their look overal
  • I think Nathan is a better fit for Felicia than Taylor Toth was last year
  • They need a lot more speed
  • A little form break on the death spiral
27.82 (TES) + 21.75 (PCS) = 49.57

9) Cassie Andrews & Timothy LeDuc
 Music: Ancient Lands
  • It's always interesting when they're in identical costumes
  • Oh no, fall from her
  • Lands the throw on two feet, not strong landing
  • They are not skating with the music well at all
  • He caught an edge on that twizzle, little stumble
24.55 (TES) + 21.80 (PCS) -1.00 (DED) = 45.35

10) Mary Beth Marley & Rockne Brubaker
 Music: Singin' in the Fan
  • She is just precious, but she's grown up a lot in the last year
  • Nice side by side triple toes, perfect unison
  • They are skating nice and fast, I love how jazzy this is
  • Very nice choreography
  • Very nice triple twist, that element has improved for her so much this season over last year
  • Good flexibility and speed on the spins
  • Very nice throw, this is a quality short
  • Her lift positions have improved so much this year over last year
  • Oh no he almost lost it on the death spiral, hand down
 36.26 (TES) + 29.54 (PCS) = 65.80

11) Marissa Castelli & Simon Shnapir
 Music: Phantom of the Opera
  • Monster split triple twist, but rough landing
  • Good side by side jumps
  • A little wild on that illusion in the pair spin
  • This music really isn't doing it for me tonight
  • Nice throw triple salchow on the crash in the music
  • I like the choreography and the intensity with which they attacked it tonight
33.83 (TES) + 26.73 (PCS) = 60.56

12) Amanda Evora & Mark Ladwig
 Music: The Man I Love
  • Beautiful stroking
  • Not incredible height on the split twist, but a clean landing
  • She was really tight in the air on that jump, the was no way she was landing that
  • Fantastic throw triple loop
  • This is great choreography
  • This is really a fine example of two skating as one
  • Was it just me or did he seem to slip a little on that lift
  • Great speed on the death spiral
  • Not perfect, but a very fine performance
33.67 (TES) + 28.60 (PCS) -1.00 (DED) = 61.27

13) Ashley Cain & Joshua Reagan
 Music: Moon River
  • She has fantastic presence on the ice, such lovely lines
  • They are in close holds a lot, they remind me of ice dancers a little bit
  • Perfectly synchronized triple salchows
  • Wonderful lift position, good rotational speed and ice clean exit
  • Stumble out of the throw, I am not sure if that was a fall or not
  • The split twist looked a little rushed
28.07 (TES) + 24.97 (PCS) = 53.04

Start No.NameScore
110Mary Beth Marley, DuPage FSC
Rockne Brubaker, All Year FSC
212Amanda Evora, Southwest FL FSC
Mark Ladwig, Red River Valley FSC
35Caydee Denney, Broadmoor SC
John Coughlin, KS City FSC
411Marissa Castelli, SC Of Boston
Simon Shnapir, SC Of Boston
53Gretchen Donlan, SC Of Boston
Andrew Speroff, SC Of Boston
66Andrea Poapst, Broadmoor SC
Christopher Knierim, Broadmoor SC
713Ashley Cain, Stars FSC of TX
Joshua Reagan, Stars FSC of TX
87Alexa Scimeca, DuPage FSC
Ivan Dimitrov, Individual Member
98Felicia Zhang, SC of NY
Nathan Bartholomay, University of DE FSC
101Tiffany Vise, Broadmoor SC
Don Baldwin, Los Angeles FSC
119Cassie Andrews, IN World Sk Acad FSC
Timothy LeDuc, Eastern IA FSC
122Kloe Chanel Bautista, All Year FSC
Tyler Harris, SC Of Boston
134Rita Fehr, Eau Claire FSC
Peter Biver, St. Paul FSC

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