Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dance Moms: Season 2, Episode 2 LIVE BLOG

  • Here we go, Abby is stomping around and getting the girls ready for CANDY APPLES
  • I love that "She" automatically means Cathy
  • Kendall sweetie, don't you get that in Abby's world, your best isn't good enough?
  • These "apple" references are so overdone
  • This new mom needs to get to the program, Jill is it?
  • Oh boy, this mom did NOT just call out Holly, she'll be sorry
  • This group is indeed like a sorority, you got it Christi
  • If Jill walks into the studio in shoes, she's clearly never been in a dance studio before
  • The look on Kelly's face when Jill confronts Abby is priceless, I'm dying!
  • Those shots of Cathy's kids aren't half bad, but Vivvy doesn't belong in that group
  • Do these women work? Or are they just ladies who lunch?
  • I wish they'd let Brooke do something other than acro please!
  • I love that Vivi is just like bopping along in the background while Erica is rehearsing
  • "I cut my finger on my mom's ring, I hope I can still dance" -Vivi #priceless
  • Christi bringing out the program books is just ridiculous, there is no reason to put down a kid dear
  • What is with this "rat" thing?
  • I love that Abby just asked Kelly if she's drinking, haha
  • I love that Maddie and Melissa aren't the enemies this season, that's a refreshing change
  • I actually like the way that Cathy interacts with her dancers, at least from what I can see
  • The way Kelly says "costumes" is so annoying!
  • The whole "gifting Abby" thing is kind of ridiculous
  • And then she just asked for a husband, I'm sure this show has them lining up
  • Cathy is trying to seduce the dance moms to the Candy Apple studio, I die!
  • Who knew there were high rollers in Columbus?!
  • Abby did not get an A in hair design!
  • Abby, dance teacher who want specific hair pieces get the same thing for everybody
  • This choreography is really cute, though the costumes and hair are heinous
  • Way too many crotch shots in that piece
  • Abby has a point, what is she supposed to do about Cathy entering kids in a younger age category?
  • Abby's girls had a right win, they were more polished while Cathy's girls flailed a lot
  • I love Brooke's commitment to the makeup
  • Brooke is old enough to show some expression other than a smile, but that was nice execution of the piece
  • This whole age thing is ridiculous, they're competing against a score anyway
  • Oh boy Cathy is calling out Christi for wearing a cheap dress, this is so typical


  1. You go christi! Bring out that program book and show her who is boss!

  2. Love this blog... It's so funny. And accurate.